Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama Cannot Even Tell The Truth About Smoking

I Lie, You Have Lied, We All Lie, If You Say You Have Never Lied - Chances Are You Are Lying - let's face it that is the truth. Obama lies too, in fact it almost seems as if he cannot tell the truth even about something as simple as to when he supposedly quit smoking. According to this report, he recently said he has not had a smoke for 6 years. Yet, facts in that same report seem to indicate otherwise.

Don't think he said he quit six years ago, maybe you are technically right since he said he "probably" quit 6 years ago - but come on now. Watch the video:

Just in case it does not play, here is the link:


What a sack of shit when it has been clear that such was not the case.

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Being Hated As Much As Obama Has Got To Suck, Even If It's A Monkey That Hates You

And apparently, this guy is hated that much. The guy walks into a room and even the monkeys clam up. Sounds familiar doesn't it! See:


It's just like the rest of the world once everyone found out Obama has had the NSA spying on them. See:


Fuck Obama and the neo-Fascist government of the USA.

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Glenn B

A Couple of Growlers of McKenzies Seasonal Reserve Apple Cider

Stopped at the beer distributor this evening and was looking or a couple of six pack of McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Apple Cider. They were out. Then looked for it in the fairly large bottles in which my son sometimes brought it home, thought he called them grollers. I did not find any of it and the clerk told me they only had what was on the shelves (which was zero). As I was about to leave with something else, there walked a guy, right past me, with a groller in his hands. I asked: "Where did you get that" and he said: "Over there" pointing to some beer taps on the wall and then said "You have to ask for them". So, I took a look and yes they had McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider on tap (never noticed the taps there before but when I thought of it, yes I had seen them before, that is instead of noticed them). I bought two 64 ounce groller bottles of it on tap (actually called growlers). Now I know why the store clerk ad gotten on the PA system, twice while I was there, and called out: "Growlers, growlers". Another store employee came up and would fill the bottles of either 32 or 64 ounce size. Me, I opted for two of the larger ones.

Thus, I wound up happy, and so too my son, when I got home with them. We had one of them betwixt us and the other remains in my mini-fridge in the basement until whenever, but not too far, in the future. I do not want it to go bad so it will not be all that long. The guy in the store said they will last 3 days after being opened and 30 days if left unopened but I cannot see them lasting that long either way. Once opened, I would be amazed if one lasted and hour, let alone 3 days. If we stored it unopened there is no way a bottle of carbonated hard cider will stay fresh for 30 days that has not been vacuum sealed. They pour it from the tap into a bottle and they screw a lid on it and that is far from sealed properly to last even a week. Anyway, there is no way this stuff is getting to be stored for anywhere near a week, let alone 30 days, in my house; it is just too good to go without imbibing in that long.

I must repeat myself, from my recent prior post about it, this stuff is absolutely delicious, it tastes like the insides of one of my apple pies an it gets you buzzed (which is a big plus over one of my pies). Anyway, it was nice to enjoy the contents of one of the growlers with Brendan tonight.

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Glenn B

This Suspended Student Is Going To Wind Up Rich...

...after suing the school, it administrators and whatever entity runs the school. See:


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Glenn B

Austrian Poacher Goes Berserk - Kills 3 LEOs and A Paramedic

Law enforcement can be a dangerous profession. Those in LE who track down poachers face danger at every encounter with every suspect because it is almost a certainty that the poachers they are hunting down are armed. It is not just that way here in the USA but around the world. Take for instance the case of Alois Huber in Austria. Hard working truck driver, nice guy, well respected neighbor, friend of many by day - only to turn into a ruthless trophy seeking poacher by night. Well, as reported here, police in Austria found out about his illegal hunts and tracked him down on Wednesday morning when he allegedly shot and killed three officers and one paramedic. The he set his place afire and shot and killed himself.
While that may be the main point of the story to which I linked, I have a challenge for you. Take a few minutes and go to the linked article and read the whole thing. It is pretty brief. Then after reading it, tell me, which one ingle sentence in the whole article is a dead giveaway that the reporter who wrote it is a dyed in the wool ultra liberal. Yes, there is one particular sentence, in that article, that depicts the left's whole concept of crime and punishment.
If the above link does not work try this one or cut and paste the address into your browser.
If you cannot figure it, or if you want to check to see if what you found agrees with how I read it, then hold down your left mouse key and scroll over the yellow highlighted area with your cursor to see what I meant. "Poaching is severely punished in this tightly regulated country where it can draw up to three years in prison." If he thinks three years for poaching = severe punishment - the author of that article has to be an ultra-leftist to think so.  

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Glenn B