Thursday, February 7, 2008

Well, Romneys out so it just got a lot sadder!

Those are the words from one of my reader's, Rita, in reply to my earlier post Politics Is Sad. Yes, in my opinion, and the following is my opinion, things certainly have taken a sadder, more somber hue to them since this afternoon when Mitt Romney dropped out of the running for the republican nomination to run for the presidency. I truly don't know which of the two remaining Republican candidates (no I am not including Ron Paul - him getting nominated would be preposterous, almost as much as is he running as a Republican).

My bet is that when the smoke clears, and the mirror have all been broken, we will be left with McCain as the nominee for the Republican Party; and therefore my guess too is that in the next few years a serious movement by the conservative base of the Republican Party will move away and regroup as its own new party. For now though, it looks as if George W. Bush may wind up looking like a conservative Republican (and he certainly is not that) when viewed next to the likes of John McCain if he is eventually elected to the presidency.

I will hand McCain one thing though, he is tenacious; he does not surrender easily, or at all. That could be great for the war on terror, but I sort of doubt it when I think of his views on illegal aliens who have entered our country through a criminal act. If he becomes president and remains as lax on immigration as he is now, our future as a nation with its own culture, its own borders and its own identity will have been lost. He has to realize that the great majority of Americans wants a stop to the flow of illegal aliens across our borders, and the removal of most of them who are here illegally. He does not have to give up, or surrender on this issue, he has to realize that as president he needs to bow to the will of the People. If he does not change on this issue, then no matter how hard he fights against terrorism, we will lose the war, because they will flow across our borders like water in a raging river. Yes I know he pledged today to close down and secure the borders. It will do little if he allows to remain within our borders those criminals who have already entered our nation illegally, because they will only lobby, cajole and arm twist until he someday reopens the borders. What a shame this guy now looks like a shoe in. Just like GWB, he claims to be strong in the war on terrorism, yet he wants to allow all the illegal vermin to remain behind, and claims he will close the borders. They were pledged to have been closed already, but the fence is still not up - now is it. Nope folks it is not, and McCain promises to just be another George W. Bush, a version 2.0. In addition he wants to join hips with the likes of feingold and Kennedy, and it looks as if the Republican Party has slapped its conservative core in the face, heck likewise with its moderates too. What a shame indeed, it is truly sad.

All the best,
Glenn B