Friday, June 15, 2012

Browning Citori Lightning - Another Gun Off For Repair

Back in April of this year, I bought  Browning Citori Lightning, Grade 1, SxS, 12 gauge shotgun at an auction. I examined it thoroughly before the auction. Not only was everything in excellent functional condition (as in everything worked) the gun was as new, in the box, never fired. well, somehow, somewhere, between the auction house and my hone something happened that I cannot understand. When I got hone, the barrels would not go onto the rest of the gun. No way, no how, many tries - it is just not going together. I tried, my son tried and guys at a local gun shop tried.

I called Browning. The first moron customer service person, at Browning, to whom I spoke, told me to bring it to a gunsmith and he told me with apparent nasty attitude. Maybe he was having a bad day. I called again and explained what the first customer service guy had told me. I was told that would be looked into to. This time, I also was told I could bring it to a Browning Authorized Service center in my state but when the lady in customer service looked up the closest one, she found there were none at all in NY. She then told me I could send it directly to Browning. That was back in early May or so. I am finally getting round to sending it in to them. I have the form filled out to alert them to the problem and give them my info, it is in the box with the gun, and the box is taped and ready to be shipped. I plan to bring it to UPS in a little bit, once my son gets here (we are going to pick up a new BBQ grill too, so I need him along).

I am very hopeful this will be a minor problem, something that falls under a warranty repair or that is inexpensive, as in under a c-note. Even if a bit more than inexpensive, say a couple hundred to a few hundred dollars, it will not be too bad considering the price I paid for this gun. I still would have to pay even more in a gun store. More on that after I get it back from Browning and I can figure the full cost of it to me.

I know I have been complaining about how difficult it is to live off of the partial payments from my pension right now but rest assured the money to buy this came from my savings with the intent of me getting something of lasting value - an investment. If I did not somehow screw it up badly enough, then it will have been well worth the price to purchase it.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Anti-American President

It all depends on for whom you vote. I don't think there is anything that ever could sway me to vote for this guy, whom I believe to be the most anti-American of all communists presidents ever.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glock 26 Sight Repair Update - Still Waiting

Glock got back to me saying this:

"I apologize for the delay. We are currently back ordered on your sights. I expect to have some in next week."

What I do not quite understand is how Glock could have had my slide since April 20th and still have the parts on back order since then. After all, they are standard Glock sights they are supposed to be putting on the slide, not some after market night sights or anything special order. Glock not having standard sights, manufactured by them, in stock for over an eight week period (today marks 8 weeks) seems to me as if that would be pretty indicative of some type of problem with the company.

They say they will have the sights in stock, perhaps, by next week. Then they have to still put them on the slide. My guess would be another few days to a week before they get to that. Then ship it back to me, another few days. My guess is I am looking at at least another ten days to two weeks before I have my Glock 26 slide back on the frame. The long wait certainly is not something that makes me happy.

All the best,
Glenn B
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