Monday, January 12, 2009

The American Form of Government

The following video has been making the rounds on other blogs I read. I tip my hat to Chris at the Anarchangel and to Kevin at The Smallest Minority. I figure it is worth embedding here too so that the few of you who visit my blog and not the others will get a chance to see it too. Maybe you will show it to your children - I sure plan to have mine watch it. It amazed me, when I thought of it, how often I have referred to our government as a Democracy when indeed as I have known since I was a child, our government was meant to be, and should remain, a Republic. I have not referred to our government as a Democracy because I did not understand the difference, but rather because of continued bad influences over me by the media, the left, television, movies, books and by educators who just never seem to get it right for the most part. I just became desensitized to the difference, but the truth remains the difference is great even though democracy plays a role in our Republic such as when we vote. Yet without the law, fair and just law at that, we would wind up no better off than having mob rule and tyranny. Therefore we who live in a Republic should be aware of the difference between it and a Democracy. With that knowledge we will be able to conserve our form of government, and our rights and freedoms along with it.

One side note, about vocabulary. I am an old timer now. I am familiar with a word used in the video that I guess would not be all that familiar to younger folks. I wonder, if you ask your children to give you the definition of the phrase "on the dole" how many of them would understand it? It is one of the biggest problems of our time, having too many on the dole, and we need to address it and get those who refuse to work to work hard to support themselves instead of sucking the rest of us dry. Having everyone on the dole is the ultimate goal of socialism, and assures that We, the People, will always be under the thumb of the government as opposed to ruling over it by way of law.

All the best,
Glenn B