Monday, September 18, 2017

You May Have Noticed, I Have Not Been Blogging As Much About...

...what the mud slinging media or anyone else like One America News Network (slowly but surely becoming my favorite media outlet) has to say about world events lately. That is mostly because I am sick of all the psycho shot that is going on - not only on the whackadoo left but also by those who claim to be on the right but are little more than RINOs (if they even qualify for that). The world has become a sick, sick place and I am beginning to think that if it's not going to be a true zombie apocalypse that befalls us then it is going to be the rapture in the form of idiots rising up and trying to destroy the world. Wait a moment, what am I saying, it is not like they are going to try to do it - the fact is they are already doing it. It truly is time to prepare for the end because even if it is not on September 23rd as some religious nincompoops are claiming, it is sure to hit us and hit us hard sooner than later.

That is all except to say:

All the best,
Glenn B

Getting Away... go hunting during the early bear season has been impossible so far and there are only six days left in the season after today. I was all set to go tomorrow but now it seems the electrician wants to come by to undo a screw-up on some prior work they did for us. They left me a message and I tried getting back to them but it seems they close early since I called them at 345 and they were gone for the day. Hopefully they will call me very early tomorrow and tell me they will be there by 9 or so. Otherwise it will be next week for them. I am leaving to go hunting tomorrow by hook, by crook or by way of a later appointment for the electrician. If they do not call me by about 830 in the morn, I will be gone and worry about it after the coming weekend.

This early season bear trip is more of a deer scouting trip than a bear hunt but since I will be exploring new woods in the area open for the early season bear hunt, I figured why not bring a bear gun or two. So, along comes the Ruger Redhawk in 44 magnum and probably my Remington 870. The 870 being quite the versatile gun, I can bear with one barrel and slugs or hunt squirrels with it too but only of course if I change barrels and ammo.

A day or two of that, Wednesday and Thursday (I hope), while camping out if the weather is good, and then off to Geneva, NY on Friday for the preview of the Hessney Auction. If the weather is not agreeable, I will hunt one day and then probably head to up to my brothers-in-law if they are home and amenable to be stopping over. I have a bottle of Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey somewhere and it is for just such a trip to see them. Regardless, I need to be in Geneva by Friday at 3PM.

This time around, the Hessney Auction Co. is not their typical rod  gun auction but an Early Gun & Military Auction. While they have some new stuff up for sale there is going to be a good amount of military hardware & memorabilia, military weapons, older non-military firearms, collectible ammo and so forth. I cannot recall the last time, if ever there was a time, when I saw as many M1 Carbines for sale at one time in one place. They have 13 of them listed and also have about 5 Garands as well. I have always fancied picking up an M1 Carbine and a Garand but now they are pretty much out of the question since the prices have soared on them over the years. Who knows though - it is an auction and I might get lucky. The thing is, I would have to get very lucky to have the high bid on any of them. I probably would not bid more than $500 on each because I know very little about them or their values. As I said, I fancied doing it but I never really studied up on them. I will do as much as I can this evening into to late tonight in between 
packing my gear and guns & ammo for the trip.

I don't know how consecutive is the numbering of the auction items for this particular auction, sometimes this miss some numbers or have gaps in the numbering and at other times they add something between numbers such as adding Lot 141A between 141 and 142. Right now though, they start at number 1, skip # 2 and go through to 1,187. If they truly have that many lots up for sale, this will be one heck of an auction.

I really am not going with the goal of buying any guns. I have my sights set on some ammo they have for sale and if I can get it for a good price, it will be mine. Of course, if it just so happens I see a gun that really catches my eye, I will bid on it and may come home with yet another one. They do have one Remington Model 81, in 35 Remington, and I would love to bid on it when the time comes except for the fact that some arsehat someone did this to it:

Sometimes I cannot believe what people do to firearms
that were destined to, or already had, become classics.
I may bid on it and if I can get it at a low enough price, something where the cost of a replacement stock would not make the overall cost prohibitive, I may bring it home with me. 
Anyway, those are the plans for the rest of the week. Now, I need to get cracking if I ever expect to get out of here by sometime later tomorrow morning.
All the best,
Glenn B