Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kindness From Around The World - On The Wings Of An Eagle

Today, a friend of mine, Jen from Double Nickel Farm, left a comment on one of my posts. The comment had nothing to do with the post, so I did not publish it under that post, not right away anyway. The comment was, in essence, Jen letting me know that a friend of her's in the far off land of Australia had me and my family in her prayers. Since receiving the comment, Jen has also sent me an email with an attached photograph. It was a photo that accompanied the email she had received from her friend in Australia. As you can see here , it is a picture of three candles. One of them was lit for me and my family.

I have just got to say, I am touched by that kindness from over half a world away, kindness that came unexpectedly, without any expectation of it being returned, and on the wings of an angel. Maybe I should say, it came by way of the wings of an eagle. The more I think about the candles being lit, the emails being exchanged, the thoughts of kindness and prayers offered from all the way round the world, and me being a total stranger to the person who sent those thoughts - well the more it made me think about my post The Wings of an Eagle - 09/11/2001. It made  me think of that man fighting his own battle on 09/11/2001and about the thoughts and prayers I and others, who did not know him, have offered up for him and his family since. It made me think of all the others who suffered senselessly on 09/11/2001 and how we prayed for them. And then there was that comment bringing it all home to me, making me think about my own upcoming battle and making me think of everyone who has been kind enough to think kind thoughts for me and my family.

So, me posting the pic of those candles here not only is my way of saying thank you to Marie, in Australia, who has me in her prayers and who lit a candle for me, but is my way of saying thanks to folks like her and like Jen, to all of you who have wished me and my family well as I face my own battle. I feel humbled when I think that all of you could even think of me when the world has been faced by such trials as those of the folks who suffered because of 9/11.

So I promise, I am going to rage, rage against the dying of the light. Nope, I am not saying I think I am dying. Don't get that wrong, I have a really great chance of getting well again according to the docs. I am saying that the candle and its light, give me hope, maybe more hope than I deserve, maybe more hope than that poor man had on 09/11/2001 (but yet he hoped - of that I am sure) and maybe even more hope than those that saw him fall had for him. What I am trying to say is that I have hope not only because of what the doctors tell me, not only because of the love and support I get from my family, not only because I get well wishes and prayers from friends and strangers alike, but because I just had hope delivered to me On The Wings Of An Eagle. How can I not be awestruck by the wonder of that. How can I not be inspired by that particular coincidence to be hopeful.

I am saying thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you, you have given me my wings to soar above it.

All the best,
Glenn B