Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Junction of the Pine Creek Loop Trail...

...and the Ballantine Trail - reason enough to take up hiking. Places that look as beautiful as this, or even nicer, are why I go hiking when I get the chance. Besides that, I may lose a few pounds while at it. This shot was taken last weekend on a hike north of Phoenix. I only hiked 3 miles that day but it was awesome nonetheless. You just gotta love places that look like this - tha is as long as you have enough water with you. Mine is in my pack all the way to the left side in the photo as you look at it.

Click on the pic to enlarge.

All the best,
Glenn B

Starbucks Appreciation Day - Sunday February 21st

If you are a law abiding firearms owner within the USA, I urge you to visit your local Starbucks this coming Sunday, February 21, 2010. While there, if the counter clerk is not too busy, chat them up briefly along these lines:

'Hi how ya doing? I just wanted to let you know that American firearms owners appreciate Starbucks policy on legal carry of firearms in their stores and that is why I am spending my money here. Can I get a medium black coffee with no room please.'

You might also ask to speak to the manager if he has a moment so that you can let him know how much you appreciate Starbucks policy.

Why am I urging you to do so. Well Starbucks recently told the Brady Campaign to basically sit on a stick when the BC tried to shove a petition against firearms carry in Starbucks down the throat of Starbucks Corporate HQ. Starbucks reply was basically that they are neutral and will continue to allow people to legally carry firearms into their stores.

I also suggest sending a letter or email to Starbucks corporate to let them know you appreciate this policy. While letters and emails are great, please remember that Starbucks is a business and if you give them your business and let them know why you are spending your money there, they will take notice. So I urge you to at least spend some money there this coming Sunday and let them know why you are doing it.

I was not a regular Starbcuks customer having gone there only infrequently for a pick me upper cup of coffee but now I will shop there more frequently and I ill let them know why I am doing so.

The hat tip goes to Another Gun Blog for the heads up on this one.

All the best,
Glenn B