Saturday, February 22, 2020

Target Sports USA Asked Me For A Rating...

...after I ordered some 380 Auto ammo from them tonight. This was the narrative of my rating:

"Let me put it this way, if by some chance of astronomically unbelievable proportions - from another dimension that is One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits, of The Twilight Zone - it looks like a demoncrat will be elected on election day in November 2020 (as our president), I will place a multi thousand dollar order with Target Sports USA for various calibers of ammo because: they have excellent prices, I am a member of TSUSA Prime, shipping will be free, and they have an outstanding inventory with speedy shipping and they are reliable with regard to all of those aspects of an absolutely excellent ammo dealer.

Besides that, even though I live in TX now, when I lived in NY: they would ship directly to the buyer when NY realized the requirement of the NY SAFE Act to ship only through FFL dealers or through NY State registered ammo dealers was not legal nor workable under the law; yet, many other ammo dealers told New Yorkers "screw you" and refused to ship to us even through an FFL as the SAFE Act had required beforehand! Thank you Target Sports USA for standing by we gun owners in NY who needed ammo from a reputable and loyal dealer!"

I think folks will be able to tell, I like them - a lot! As for my promise to place a multi-thousand dollar order with them if it looks like a demoncrat will take the White House - you can bet on it safely. Screw those commies and socialists, screw that extreme wanna-be fascist tyrant Bloomberg and screw the gun grabbing skags among them (and that means everyone of them).

All the best,
Glenn B

Newly Found Freinds

Years ago, at least 10 and maybe 15 or more, I came across this magazine and decided to hang onto it.

I'll be damned if I can remember how, where or exactly when I got it. Did someone give it to me, did I find it left at a range, did I pick it up at a tag or estate sale? The truth is I do not know and may never remember but I have a very hazy recollection that someone at work gave it to me but unless someone can confirm that, it will remain a mystery. Anyhow and as I said, I decided to hang onto it. I do recall that over the years I have tried to sell it with no success. I also remember that a good friend of mine from work told me it was a 380 magazine for a Browning pistol. I wondered if maybe it was a Beretta mag since at one time Beretta made a 380 pistol for Browning but was assured it was Browning made mag because no markings indicated such whereas a Beretta would have PB or the Beretta name on them. Suffice to say I have had it for a long time and had no use for it.

Jump to the present. Today it found friends, two of them in the form of its exact duplicates. They all have the exact same markings on the base plate and all are 13 round mags. They arrived in the mail at my local FFL along with the Beretta 84B on which I had the high bid during their last Sportsman's Auction (formerly Rod & Gun Auctions).

I guess the first of the three mags I had was a Beretta after all!
I must say, it is a very nice used pistol with minimal wear. It should give a lifetime plus of shooty goodness and I am looking forward to shooting it. About the only downside, if you can call it that, is that now I need to stock up on a new to me caliber - .380 Auto (also known as 9mm Short and 9mm Kurz). The addiction never seems to end!

Nope, I never got rid of that magazine even though I tried to sell it or trade it a couple of times and was disappointed when it did not sell. I also am pretty sure I even tried to give it away once with no takers. Now though, as can be seen by it gaining friends, the truth is you just never know when you are going to need something like that. Of course, it could be looked at in another way - because I had that mag, I was compelled to buy the gun that it goes with and thus will also be compelled to by the ammo to use in it. Then again, that has already been accomplished to a small degree, getting some of the new ammo that is, as I stopped at Academy Sports (ammo there is much less expensive than at the gun shop) right after picking up the pistol, and bought a few boxes to hold me over until I can make an online ammo purchase.

Yes folks, I am one happy shootist in as much as that I held onto that mag throughout all those years.

All the best,
Glenn B


I Fell To Temptation...

...those girls on the side of the road made it look all too appealing and I went for one then decided on getting myself two. 

Nothing like a box of Samoas or two to satiate that sweet tooth

All the best,
Glenn B

I Know A Little Bit About Being A Survivor...

...having battled for my life against adversaries a few times and winning my battle against stage 4 throat cancer several years ago. Here though, at this link, is an amazing story about survival and recovery and damned fate or in this case damned on one hand but not damned the way the balls bounce. Since the video is posted in an article from September 2015, it leaves me wondering if they ever made the film.

Edited to add: In answer to my own question, the film is available on YouTube to rent or buy for a fee @

All the best,
Glenn B