Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arizona Bound Again

It's been confirmed, I am again going to Arizona for my job. This time I'll be in Phoenix. I had hoped to get Tucson again but it does not look like that is about to happen. I am still keeping my fingers crossed on that one though since I like Tucson so much better.

I'll be leaving home right after Christmas and be out there for 3 months. Since I'll be staying in an apartment complex this time around I suppose there will be no blogging by me for up to the whole three months unless I can find access to a public computer at a library or someplace like that. An apartment setup will be nice for such an extended stay but it will be lacking some of the amenities of a hotel such as daily maid service, free breakfasts, premium cable channels, and a guest PC. I suppose that having a fully stocked kitchen will make up for that. By fully stocked I imagine they only mean with pots, pans and utensils but that will do. I have not cooked in quite some time but used to enjoy it and I like to eat my own cooking so it should be a plus over lots of eating out.

Maybe, eating my own cooking, will help me lose weight. One can hope.

All the best,