Thursday, August 24, 2017

As Opposed To Enjoying August...

...and my retirent during this month, I have been working the past three weeks and was busy the first  few days of the month. So as far as having to work goes, good for me and mine because we need the money. Then again, bad for me in a way because I wanted to scout hunting areas this month. 

Since I have had little free time yet this month, I had made plans for trips for next week and the following one. Then, earlier tofay, I found out they need me to work for the next two weeks and a day after tomorrow. I said I'd do it, we need the money and will have some left over for our savings. That is a good thing but it still sucks as I will miss the first week of early bear season. I planned to do deer scouting and if lucky stumble across and bag a bear. I suppose that will have to wait until Septrmber 12, my first day with  no work scheduled.

I'd much rather have won at Poweball and then have been able to quit work but as it is I'll make the best of what work I can get.

All the best, 
Glenn B