Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Took The Courts 30 Years?

I will never quite understand why it is that Justice is not only blind but also as slow as molasses trying to flow uphill on a bitter cold day in January. It seems there must have been a good amount of evidence, over those years, so that Stanly Wrice - convicted of a 1982 rape and sentenced 30 years ago - should have had his case reexamined by the courts. Wrice alleged that police beat a confession out of him. That may be with or without merit; however, others have been freed who made the same allegations against the same cops who worked under the Lt. John Burge. Now he is free and it will be up to the prosecutor to determine if they will attempt to retry him.

If Wrice remains free, and is not retried and convicted again, one has to wonder how he will adjust to life on the outside after having missed the developments of the past three decades. A lot has changed sine he went inside. Of course, he could have to face a new trial and could still be convicted all over again if the prosecutor's and police have a lot of physical evidence pointing to him as the rapist but it is difficult for me to fathom why police allegedly would have bothered trying to beat a confession out of him if such had been the case. If he ultimately remains free, let us hope it is because he actually did not do the crime as opposed to because of two police officers beating a confession out of a guilty guy to get him convicted; thus not only leaving Justice blind and slow but with dirty hands as well.

All the best,
Glenn  B

Illegal Immigrant Working As AZ State Police Detective

An illegal alien reportedly managed to get jobs in the federal court system and then later as a state trooper and then detective with the Arizona State Police. See:

She supposedly was unaware of the fact that she was here illegally, always having believed what her mother had told her, that she had been born in the USA. That reportedly came unglued during an argument during which her mother told her the truth. The detective has since resigned. I feel bad for her if she truthfully did not know she was an illegal alien but that is as far as I will go with sympathy for her - feeling bad.

While officials are saying this will not have an impact on any cases she worked, I can only think that would be the case if at least one of two things happened. Either she never worked any investigative cases resulting in arrests and convictions or seizures or all of the ones she worked were dismissed with the defendants found not guilty. Otherwise, I would say that any defendants prosecuted as a result of her case work have a darned good chance of having their cases reviewed and possibly dismissed. After all, at least as I see it, she was in no way shape or form legally qualified to enforce the laws of this country or one of its states and every person she ever arrested can make such a case in court. As her being a law enforcement officer was not legal, then it should follow that none of the arrests or seizures she ever made, testimony she ever gave, or anything else she did to enforce the law, has any legal standing.

Only in America folks, only in America! How did the song go:

I like to be in America
Okay by me in America
Everything free in America...

Heavens help us otherwise, the next thing you know, we will vote an illegal immigrant into political office. Hey, wait a minute...

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Glenn B

Rampaging Reindeer Batman - Christmas Is Only Two Weeks Away

I had best get my butt in gear and so too had you if you, like me, have not gotten even half of your Christmas shopping done yet! I have made only a few forays out into the wilds of my local shopping centers and somehow have managed to avoid the malls - so far. Sadly, one of my shopping adventures has had to include Walmart. Well, I guess saying had to is a bit of overstatement but I did go there to buy a few gifts. The first time, I was looking for some ammo and did not find any but happened to notice some really terrible Duck Dynasty T-shirts for sale - so I got a couple of them. They are for two very special folks who will either love them or hate them (and maybe hate me too). The next time was just yesterday when I picked up a certain model of coffee maker that was less expensive than anywhere else by a good margin. I like a deal as well as the next guy so I ordered one online for store pick-up. That was a mistake, I waited about 30 minutes to get I and they had them on the shelves. I figured I ordered it for store pick-up so I was responsible to wait for it. Next time, I will just go and pluck it off of the shelf. Walmart was interesting, as it usually is when I visit there. There are certainly a bunch of weirdos who both shop and work there. Nothing special this trip, just your run of the mill people of Walmart.

I have also been to the place where I buy some of the best Christmas gifts that I give each year. No, I did not purchase money orders at the bank. I have twice been to local liquor stores to pick up what I am sure will be some of the most appreciated gifts I give this season. I wonder, why is it that way when it comes to booze - LOL.

Anyway, I got enough so far to make several people rather merry. One of the items I picked up was a Crystal Head Vodka set. Not only should it make someone feel seasonally merry but it is a nice curiosity with the crystal skull and two skull shot glasses. I have seen pics of the empty bottles used as oil lamps to candle holders and likewise with the glasses although I would keep them to drink from if they were mine.

Anyway, much more shopping to go and I think tomorrow I may have to hit the malls.

All the best,
Glenn B