Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rampaging Reindeer Batman - Christmas Is Only Two Weeks Away

I had best get my butt in gear and so too had you if you, like me, have not gotten even half of your Christmas shopping done yet! I have made only a few forays out into the wilds of my local shopping centers and somehow have managed to avoid the malls - so far. Sadly, one of my shopping adventures has had to include Walmart. Well, I guess saying had to is a bit of overstatement but I did go there to buy a few gifts. The first time, I was looking for some ammo and did not find any but happened to notice some really terrible Duck Dynasty T-shirts for sale - so I got a couple of them. They are for two very special folks who will either love them or hate them (and maybe hate me too). The next time was just yesterday when I picked up a certain model of coffee maker that was less expensive than anywhere else by a good margin. I like a deal as well as the next guy so I ordered one online for store pick-up. That was a mistake, I waited about 30 minutes to get I and they had them on the shelves. I figured I ordered it for store pick-up so I was responsible to wait for it. Next time, I will just go and pluck it off of the shelf. Walmart was interesting, as it usually is when I visit there. There are certainly a bunch of weirdos who both shop and work there. Nothing special this trip, just your run of the mill people of Walmart.

I have also been to the place where I buy some of the best Christmas gifts that I give each year. No, I did not purchase money orders at the bank. I have twice been to local liquor stores to pick up what I am sure will be some of the most appreciated gifts I give this season. I wonder, why is it that way when it comes to booze - LOL.

Anyway, I got enough so far to make several people rather merry. One of the items I picked up was a Crystal Head Vodka set. Not only should it make someone feel seasonally merry but it is a nice curiosity with the crystal skull and two skull shot glasses. I have seen pics of the empty bottles used as oil lamps to candle holders and likewise with the glasses although I would keep them to drink from if they were mine.

Anyway, much more shopping to go and I think tomorrow I may have to hit the malls.

All the best,
Glenn B

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