Friday, November 30, 2018

A Duffle Bag Full Of Cash...

...was not found outside of a bank in Westchester County, NY. Instead, a suspicious duffle bag found outside of a Wells Fargo bank reportedly was found to contain the remains one Deshawn Cortez-Seaborne who allegedly had been stabbed.

Someone's dreams of being the next found a bag of cash millionaire came crashing down with that find! More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sending Off A Handgun Is Getting Expensive

It used to be, even in this semi-communista type of a tyrannical armpit called NY, that I could sell a handgun to someone out of state and it was not all that much of an expense to ship it and to do it legally. All that has changed over the years. Now to sell any of my handguns, to an out of state entity, I have to ship it not only to an FFL on their end but have to go through one on my end who is also a registered NY State Dealer in Firearms (or whatever NY calls it). Right there that is about a minimum charge of $30 on my end to go through a dealer, then $10 to get it off of my pistol license at the county PD, then UPS overnight air to wherever it is going (and that can be cost prohibitive for either the seller or the buyer depending on who pays for shipping) and then there is the fee at the buyer's and for his FFL (usually paid by the buyer).

Of course, that all also applies to sending someone a handgun as a gift. I was thinking of sending my son a pistol but I figure to send him  $400 pistol, as a gift and thus have me taking care of the FFL fees, the licensing fee on my end, the shipping and all, it would cost me an additional $125 plus and that, of course, is over and above the cost of the handgun. That is crazy but so to is the rabid manner in which the minds of anti-RKBA politicians work.

NY has made it more and more difficult to not only to purchase a handgun but to sell one as well. You would think that they almost want to keep them here and that would make you wonder why since NY is, overall, such a gun-unfriendly state. My guess would be that once they legislate a law calling for seizure of all handguns, and believe me that day is coming sooner or later in this leftist haven of a state, they figure they will be able to scoop them all up and thus remove them from the hands of the people.

When it comes to gun rights and liberties - NY SUCKS.

All the best,
Glenn B