Monday, April 30, 2007

The Teaching Bug...

...has really bitten me good; and I have been busy sending out letters of inquiry about exactly what I have to do to become a teacher here in New York State. Being somewhat flexible I would be willing to teach grammar school up through high school. I would also be willing to do so in Catholic Schools, or public schools in my area of Long Island, within New York City, and maybe in CT.

Of course, I am still looking at other options for a second career, but I am first to admit I do not have a lot of the specialized skills that employers are seeking especially since law enforcement skillls are specialized to law enforcement; and I do not want to go from one LE job to another if I can avoid it at my age. I am just getting to old for this stuff, not saying I am there quite yet, but within a few years at most I will be.

So finding a s3econd career may wind up being a bit more difficult than I had thought, but I will keep pounding away and looking for one that is suitable. Janitor positions may even be considered if I could get one at a scholl and have off most of the summer.

All the best,
Glenn B