Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hitler's Suicide - 156 Years To The Day...

... After George Washington was sworn in as president in the USA.

Not only was today an great day for this nation because George Washington was sworn in as president in 1789, but 156 years later in 1945, this day was a great day for us and the entire world. On this day in 1945, Adolf Hitler allegedly committed murder/suicide. He killed his wife of only one day, Eva Braun, and then himself. Although there have been statements, by those who were in the bunker (but not in the same room) with the Hitlers when they died, saying Hitler committed murder/suicide and that he was then cremated by his guards and his remains buried, his alleged death is still questioned by some skeptics today as they believe he either fled by U-Boat to Spain or to Argentina.

Me, I think either way it turned out back then, he is almost assuredly dead by now. Sadly, his memory will live on throughout the ages as one of the most heinous and evil individuals ever to have lived.

All the best,
Glenn B

April 30, 1789 - 230 Years Ago Today...

...the first president of the United States of America - George Washington - was sworn into office at Federal Hall in our nation's first capital Philadelphia, PA,  Washington, DC New York, NY. 

As I recall, my son was aware that New York City was our country's first capital but was unaware that Federal Hall was in essence our first White House (so to speak) nor that Washington was sworn in as president on the balcony of that building in NYC in 1789. Brendan and I visited the spot during his surprise Christmas visit to see us in December 2017; I figured it was worth a trip to see it (actually now the Federal Hall National Memorial) and to visit Fraunce's Tavern and raise a glass in memory of our Founding Fathers, many who drank there ever so long before us. 

I have to wonder - how many other American citizens or legal resident aliens (let alone illegal scum) realize that NYC was our first capital, that out first president was sworn in there at Federal Hall in 1789, that the stone upon which he stood while taking the oath of office still exists and is on display in the Federal Hall National Memorial, that the original Federal Hall was demolished and the building now called the Federal Hall National Memorial was in fact built as the Custom House (which came as a surprise to me even though most of my career was with U.S. Customs Office of Investigations) for the Port of NY.

Regardless of who knows it or not, I think today is a worthy day for a celebration of the anniversary of the swearing in of our first President - George Washington - the father of our nation.

All the best,
Glenn B