Monday, April 18, 2022

If It Was Legal... just go out and shoot a contemporary person of your choosing without any just cause but doing so merely because you want to shoot someone (with absolutely no chance of criminal or civil repercussions) do you think you would or could do it? Is there anyone in particular you'd pick as your target/prey? (You don't need to name a name, you can just tell us the type of person or his/her title if you choose to answer that.)
I can assure you, when I have fantasized about such a scenario - something I have done only rarely - there are several types of folks (even some specific people) who come to mind each time I think it over. For me, that makes the hardest part of this mental exercise choosing one from among the many. Of course, I am not saying I'd really do it even if legal nor am I advocating such behavior from anyone; this is after all merely a hypothetical thought exercise that came to mind after I first saw the movie - The Purge.
The thing is, while it would be completely legal in this suppositional situation, I am none to sure I would be comfortable with the stormy aftermath that would be taking place between the imaginary little angel and his counterpart little devil who reside and often argue with one another within my conscience. 
If I was to choose though, I am thinking that right now I'd choose a president of one of the world's super powers. I am not going to say which one but my bet is many others would choose him as well, I think he is an evil doer. I am thinking it would save his country's citizens and the rest of world a lot of grief if someone could just walk up to him and put two to his chest and one to his head. 
Let me reiterate though, this is not a question to be considered seriously nor am I advocating such behavior, this is a purely hypothetical question and while the situation calls for me to ask if you'd do it, it also requires me to point out it would have to be completely legal to do so.
All the best,
Glenn B