Thursday, August 30, 2018

No Trespassing

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Dog Years

Damn, that means I have outlived at least two entire generations of dogs.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Someone Pushed The Wrong Button!

An investigative report, dated, dated August 27, 2018, by NPR on the number of school shootings, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education for schools in the USA, is eye opening. Public schools in the US are now required to fill out an annual questionnaire in which there is at least one question about school shootings:

"The Civil Rights Data Collection for 2018 required every public school — more than 96,000 — to answer questions on a wide range of issues.

It asked what sounded like a simple question:

In the 2015-2016 school year, "Has there been at least one incident at your school that involved a shooting (regardless of whether anyone was hurt)?"" (source)

Out of 240 reported shooting incidents, for 2015-2016, at schools throughout the USA - NPR was able to confirm only 11 that actually took place. During their investigation, NPR was able to determine that 161 of the reported shootings either never took place or could not be confirmed!

Furthermore, the ACLU (another stalwart of liberalism) came out with its own findings:

"A separate investigation by the ACLU of Southern California also was able to confirm fewer than a dozen of the incidents in the government's report, while 59 percent were confirmed errors."

So why the over reporting of school shootings. Was it due to computer error, misunderstanding of the question, or maybe to overzealous educators with an anti-gun agenda trying to promote anti-gun sentiment? In today's day and age that  last one would be a distinct possibility or was it due to something else. In most cases we may never know what was the cause of the over reporting of school shootings because most school administrators said they did not have a clue as to why that happened. In the Ventura Unified School District in CA, an administrator there laid blame like this:

"I think someone pushed the wrong button," said Jeff Davis, an assistant superintendent there. The outgoing superintendent, Joe Richards, "has been here for almost 30 years and he doesn't remember any shooting," Davis added. "We are in this weird vortex of what's on this screen and what reality is." (source)

Pushed the wrong button - is that the best that a person qualified (hopefully he is so qualified) to be an assistant school superintendent could come up with? Is there some reason he would not say, give me a while to check into this and let me see if I can discover the cause? Instead of doing the intelligent thing, this so called educator simply decides it must just have been that the wrong button was pushed! 

There were 26 shootings reported in that school district and the outgoing superintendent cannot recall any of them. Was the wrong button then pushed 26 times or was it actually part of the agenda of anti-gun leftist school officials! It has become an everyday occurrence for leftists to push their agendas by way of false reporting, I suspect that such may have been the cause in this case. My bet though is that it will never be looked into deeply enough to determine the cause of all the misleading statistics that led to such an inflated amount of school shootings having been reported.

More at the source.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lanny Davis - Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire... how I see the report that Lanny Davis, attorney for Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, has reportedly "walked back" his earlier claims (as an anonymous source for CNN) that Cohen could provide special counsel Robert Mueller with evidence that then candidate Donald Trump was aware, in advance, of a meeting between his son and others with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower. Now Davis has reportedly said there is no evidence that Trump knew of the meeting in advance!

"Davis started walking back the allegations last week, when during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he was asked whether there was evidence that Trump knew about the meeting before it happened.

“No, there’s not,” Davis said."

More at the source (and the source is not anonymous).

The amount of vile excrement, most of it evidently untrue to date, spewed forth from the opponents of Donald Trump is mind boggling. I suppose the next thing someone on the left will say is that President Trump has paid off Lanny Davis to change his story.

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Glenn B

Monday, August 27, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Really The Catholic Church Has Got To Be Abolished

Let's face it folks, lurid story after lurid story for decade after decade, year after year, month after month of sexual abuse crimes committed by priests and other church officials against children - without a stop in sight of this ongoing travesty of justice and humanity - and what are we doing about it! The latest example in the news is what is going on in Ireland.

Ireland has had one of the worst records of abuse in the world, crimes that were revealed to its 4.8 million deeply Catholic people over the past decade by a series of government-mandated inquiries. They revealed thousands of children raped and molested by priests and physically abused in church-run schools, and bishops who covered up the crimes. (Source)

Absolutely nothing or so it seems because the Catholic Church remains a magnet and a safe haven for pedophiles - mostly homosexual ones. If I were still a Catholic, I would renounce my Catholicism immediately but I already did that decades ago because of the essentially satanic like aura that seemingly is around the church and its priests, bishops, cardinals and daresay now - even its pope.

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Glenn B


Friday, August 24, 2018

A Gazillion Firearms Manuals

I took a bit of a chance this past Sunday and ordered two sets, of the two disc DVD, 3,250 Firearms Manuals from ADV Plans through eBay. I also ordered one DVD (not sure if it a single DVD or a setoff DVDs or a CD) called "4000+ Firearm Manuals DVD Rifle Carbine Pistol Shotgun Revolver Gun CD" (a little confusing as to whether a DVD or CD with that name) from wizardclassicbooksetc, also through eBay. Yeah, I know - not really a gazillion but close enough for me.

I received the two sets, of two DVDs each, of the 3,250 Firearms Manuals today. I am downloading the first disc to my Laptop as we speak as they suggested you download the files to your computer for faster access because they said the files are large PDF file and take a long time to view from the disc. That has been downloading for five or more minutes now and it's about 92% complete. I am hoping that means that these files truly contain not only some basic manuals but many manuals that give full disassembly and assembly instructions with lots of diagrams. I guess I will know fairly soon because I am not about to wait to download the files from second DVD without fist viewing a few to several manuals from disc 1.

There was just a momentary pause and apparent glitch in the download when I got a pop-up window saying one of the files could not be read, something about Japanese markings. When I hit try again, it proceeded downloading again. Hopefully it is reading nd copying all files correctly. Just stopped a second time on a file "JW 2000". Hit try again and once again it continued copy files. Hope there is no problem with the DVD; if so maybe it was a good idea to order two sets (if the other one is okay). That by the way is where I took a little chance, ordering two of them before knowing if they were worth the money. Only a little chance because they were not expensive, the total was a coupe or few cents under $20.

Damn, stuck again, this time on the file "The Koon Snake Charmer" and not continuing to copy when I hit try again so I just hit skip. Got stuck again pretty soon after that on the Kriss Super V Armorer’s Course. Seems to be stuck there! Ended it, took out the disc, reinserted it and began again Second time was a charm or so it seems. Looks like all files were successfully copied.

Here is an example of some of the oddball stuff that is included in these files:




Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
This copy is a reprint which includes current pages from Change 1.

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY                                                                        31 MAY 1991

This manual supersedes TM 9-1340-214-10, January 1986

I don't know about you but I sometimes like what is totally useless information now but that someday might become very useful should one of these just happen to fall from Heaven and into my lap. Most of the other files at which I have given a look are the basic firearm manuals that come with a gun when it is new. The good thing about many of them is they include exploded and annotated parts diagrams. The copies they used for these PDF files are pretty poor for some of them, okay for others and excellent for yet others. That is okay, I was used to that with Steve's pages, especially his page 7B for firearms manuals. I have a sneaking suspicion these files may have been gleaned from Steve's website but that is based on nothing more than a gut feeling.

Despite the poor copy quality on several of the manuals that I have viewed so far, it looks as if I will be able to read everything I have looked at up until now even if it will be with a bit of difficulty for some of them. Since there are 3,250 different manuals and such on these DVDs, I may never get a chance to look at them all to see if they are all complete and readable. Heck to look at all of them in one year I would have to view just over 8.9 of them a day for one year (doesn't that also work out to 8.9 years to read one per day until completion - wow). That's a lot of manuals to look over but it sure is nice to know that if needed I may well have the manual for whatever gun is in question. By the way, the download of the second disc went off without a glitch - all 1,562 files on it copied to the hard drive of my laptop - I hope they all came outright.

Still waiting on the 4,000 Gun Manuals DVD, that one is supposed to include a lot of other things - like U.S. Army Survival Manuals and such along with the gun manuals. Will clue you in about it once I receive it.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Saying My Mother Used - So Appropriate Today

My mom used to tell me some short one sentence sayings of which I did not necessarily understand the meaning at the time. It wasn't that I did not understand them all, it was just one or two the meaning of which evaded me for years. One of the sayings she used quite often was: "Life I cheap". I did not get it when, as I recall, she fist told me that when I was a teenager after watching a news report about some horrendous violent crime committed by worthless thugs - I think the Sharon Tate (et al) murder(s) committed by the 
Manson cult psychos.

She said it again and again and again after seeing or reading news reports about particularly bad violent crimes. For years I had no clue why she was saying it and never asked her to explain. I had always thought life was rather precious - anything but cheap and it befuddled me that she would say it was cheap. Then one day, while watching a news report about some other senselessly terrible and heinous crime of violence - it suddenly dawned on me what she had she meant - life was cheap as far as these lowlife killers were concerned with regard to the lives of their victims.

I guess she was right because you could have read about it, senseless killings where the murderers had little to zero regard for the lives of those they killed, almost every day of every week of every year since she first said it to me. For instance, I read just this morning a news report of three pieces of vile excrement who allegedly killed a pizza delivery man, evidently only for the pizza he was delivering. Is a man's life worth less than a pizza! I guess to these three animals such was the case, they left him dead or to die and went home to eat the pizza. Somehow, as fate had set it, an onlooker reportedly saw the delivery man go to an abandoned house and noted a strange car parked nearby and took down its license number. Another witness reportedly saw the three leave the abandoned house with a rifle and a "pizza bag". It boggles my mind that someone would kill you for a friggin pizza but the suspects reportedly have confessed their crime to the police. More at the source.

Try to be careful out there my friends and go about your daily business while being able to defend yourselves.

All the best,
Glenn B


Some Like It Hot But Some Like It Cold

Some like Cameron Wright, a hospital security guard, seemingly like it cold. That is cold as in stone cold dead when it comes to sex. He reportedly was arrested and charged with abuse of  corpse after allegedly having sex with a corpse inside of a storage area in a hospital. At least two witnesses reportedly caught him in the act. That does not make him a bad person - does it? His sister was reported as saying this about him:

“I think he’s still a good person, he just needs help,” she said. “I mean, because anybody that does something like that, there’s got to be something wrong with them."

Yeah, I too think there is something wrong with him, I think if he did that of which he has been accused he is a sick and evil mother fucker. I cannot not imagine what drove him to allegedly drive it home to a dead woman except for mental illness and/or depravity and I am banking on the latter. More at the source.

I imagine there is no way that the hospital is ever going to make this up to the family of the deceased woman but I certainly hope that the multi-million dollar settlement I imagine the hospital will make with them will at least help a bit. Seeing the alleged corpse abuser wind up with a long prison sentence may help as well but who knows, in today's Bizarro World, if he will serve even a day if he is even convicted.

All he best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Veronica - Sorry I Am Late

Hers birthday was August 10th, her voice was a voice of my youth and all I can say is that it was the voice of an angel. I am writing about Veronica Yvette Bennett maybe better known as Ronnie Bennett, or Ronnie Specter of the Ronettes. She is 75 now and I would still love to meet her and tell her what I think about her voice. God does listening to her songs, those of the Ronettes, bring back memories; it was a different time.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Shittiest Thing About Living Is That...

...there truly are no do-overs. Most of all, I wish I could be granted a do-over for my childhood but it's never going to happen no matter how much I wish for it now. That's a shame for anyone like me who wishes likewise because it's not like you are wishing to change something you did as an adult, something for which you can often make amends if it went wrong. The thing is, you were not responsible for most of what happened in your childhood - it was your parents who were responsible for that. How I wish I could have had it happen a different way than it did, too bad my parents never made it better. Oh well, no use in crying much more over that I suppose, hell I am about to turn 63 but it still hurts thinking of it all and much better it could have been.

Then again, I wish I could go back and make it better for my children than it was but somehow I think I have at least been making the effort all these years now although I am far from perfect. I know I was certainly a better parent than either my father or mother but maybe that is not saying much - they were monsters. I hope my children know though, that I tried to be better than them and was as good as I could be as a parent. I certainly tried to be a better parent than were my parents and that was not easy with my upbringing and I am sure I was better but who knows if that was enough. I do know my children, both adults for quite the while already, turned out much better than I ever would have expected. They are fine upstanding citizens and my daughter is also a super-mom.

I would only hope that, if my grandson could realize what I am talking about, he would understand and appreciate how I treat him. In other words, maybe I was not the best father but I'll be damned if I am not going to be the best grandfather that I can be and I hope that makes amends for wherever I was lacking as a parent! I am going to spoil him rotten but only when no one is watching.

I love my family very much even if that has not always been as obvious as it should have been. Thank goodness for grandkids who can kind of, sort of, almost be that do-over that we have wanted to make amends.

All the best,
Glenn B

Those Were The Days

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Glenn B

God Damn, Well I Declare...

...opportunity knocks! A gun I have wanted for awhile is about to be offered for sale in the not too distant future. If it is in good or better condition, I may bid more than it is worth, by the book, to finally acquire one. Then I may retire from gun purchases for quite awhile, if not forever, because I am broke enough now to now I'd have to be a fool to buy one of them. Then again, they do not come up for sale often and I'd be a bigger fool if I let this one pass me by (if in good or better condition).

Wondering what gun I am talking about? Go fuck yourself if you think I am telling. I am not about to say which maker & model number it is if only because I don't want to completely give away any hope of getting my hands on it but truth be told I have mentioned wanting one before. This particular gun is my holy grail so to speak. Want to compete with me for it, then guess which one is it and where and when it is being sold, and try to out price me. I may leave you spending more than you want. The anticipation is killing me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Trust Or Idiocy

I wouldn't trust you (or my best friend or even my son) with this but if you wanted to give me a million bucks to have you toss those at me like that - well, okay if the money was up front and I was wearing chainmail!

All the best,
Glenn B


At least the flames have been ignited. I opted to permanently delete my Facebook account today. One possibly good thing about Facebook is that they allow you to download all of your posts and photos in the vent you want to use them on another site or come back t Facebook later on; I said possibly because who knows what spyware they attach to the download. Anyway, enough of Facebook for now.

Someone recently wrote about an alternative to Facebook that does not collect user data, that is conservative leaning or at least neutral in that regard and that is used by the likes of folks who would read my blog. I signed up but didn't record user name, password or even the site name. Any suggestions, maybe is someone suggests that site I will recall it as the one for which I signed up.

Glenn B

The Latest Boomers

I promised to show pictures of the latest two rifles I picked up at auction a week and a half ago, then promptly forgot all about them until I took the Winchester 290 to the range two days ago. Got stuck working yesterday so first chance I got to do it was now, that is once I remembered I needed to post pics. So, without further ado, here they are:

The Winchester 290 is pretty good shape. There are some minor dings on the stock and foregrip but nothing that goes all the way through the finish. The blued parts probably have 95% plus of the original finish remaining, the receiver (which I am guessing is aluminum) shows wear and I am guessing has at least about 85% finish remaining. After shooting it at the range to days ago, I can say it is a decent shooter at least as a plinker goes and it might be more than okay for hunting squirrel. If I decide to keep it I will throw a scope onto it to see how much better I can get it to shoot with one in place. It operated okay at the range with two exceptions. When the bolt was allowed to close with a fully loaded magazine, it did not strip a round the first time. I had to pull the bolt back again, let it fly forward again, and then it would load the first round. It would then load properly for each subsequent shot but I had to repeat the process the next time I loaded a fresh compliment of rounds into the mag tube. I am left wondering if that is a safety feature or a glitch. The other thing about it that was not problematic but certainly was not what I would want in any of my firearms, especially a 22, was a horrendous trigger pull. I am guessing that the amount of force needed to pull the trigger was at least 12 pounds and maybe more. Regardless, I was able to pretty much hit what I was shooting at with the target at 15 yards, standing, unsupported hold.

As for the Savage, I have not fired it yet, still do not have any ammo for it. The photo I have of it shows some of its features such as an AccuTrigger, AccuStock, an adjustable cheek piece and an adjustable muzzle brake. That is not a stock photo but the pic used for the auction catalog of the actual gun I purchased.

I also will have to get a scope for the Savage, another reason it has not been fired yet. I am not going to spend an arm & a leg on glass for this rifle but figure to get something of at least decent quality - possibly in the $300 to $400 price range, or less if I find a good bargain; whichever price level though, that has to wait until I am back in the black. In the beginning, I am just going to slap whatever extra scope I have around (I have a couple of real cheapies) on it for its first range trip. I may also slap one or three of my grandson's Huggies on my right shoulder considering what I have heard about the recoil from the 300 WIN MAG cartridge.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Not Three Words - Or Maybe It Should Be

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Glenn B

I Torch

I torched it and up in smoke it went - figuratively anyway. What I in essence lit a match to today was my Facebook account. I deleted it. Deleting an account on FB though is not clear cut, at least not for the 14 days grace period they give you to change your mind. After that, they claim everything you have posted gets deleted.  

I guess time will tell if I can hold off on going back to it, it is a bit addictive. I also have some truly good friends whom I keep in touch with there but there certainly are other ways to do that. My only regret is that I just deleted it without informing anyone, I should have let folks know I was opting out. I may undelete it and do that yet later today then delete it again. No need to leave without a courteous farewell I suppose.

Edited to add: I undeleted the account, gave my spiel about what made me sick of Facebook, will let it stand for a day or three, then delete it again for good. There has to be some type of social media interface that is better!

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Going To The Range Later...

...and might have left already except I am none to sure about what I want to bring along to shoot. Well, that is I'm none to sure about what to bring other than the Winchester 290 that I picked up just a week and a half ago. I cleaned the 290 last night and I must say thank goodness for YouTube and people willing to make and post how to do it videos.

I watched two videos on disassembly - the first was for a Winchester 190 not a 290 but they are essentially the same firearm as only the wood is different. That first video was more complex doing a pretty complete stripping except for trigger group and bolt disassembly (probably best not to disassemble them as per the gunsmith who made that video) but more than enough to give it a very good cleaning.  

I have to say, I liked this guy's style. He may be missing some teeth but he is not lacking in gun smarts from what I could see; well, except maybe that he did not remove the mag before checking to assure it was unloaded. He got the order screwed up there in my opinion. Other than that though, I was impressed. I might have taken my own down the same way he took that one down had he showed how to assemble it afterwards and if I had had an extension as long as the one needed for the socket wrench.

The other disassembly video was much briefer and the disassembly was done in different manner without removing the forestock or stock and also not disassembling the trigger group or bolt. I did it the second way as I essentially want to field strip it for a cleaning.

The same person who made that briefer disassembly video also had an assembly video posted. The only difficult part of assembling it was putting the recoil spring assembly back into place and while the guy in the video manipulated and held it in place with two screwdriver blades, I used my thumbnail and one screwdriver. I tried it his way but the spring kept popping out and then found it was much more manageable with a thumbnail and screw driver. I am guessing though that without his tip on how to manage getting the recoil spring back into place, I might have wound up getting all bent out of shape and doing likewise to the spring.


Now, getting back to other guns to bring to the range: Sure, I also bought a Savage Model 111 in 300 WIN MAG on the same day I picked up that Winchester 290. Thing is, I don't have any ammo for it and really cannot afford to buy any right now due to the amount I spent at the auction and to some unexpected vet bills after that. I am making up for those expenditures, just sold a Remington 870 today that adds a bit of change to my bank account for the next auction in September so I can pay off my bills. Damn, if it was not for the senior citizen discount I get at the range, I would not be putting out any cash for that either.

Regardless of whether or not I have the ammo for the Savage, I am none to sure I am in the mood to have the 300 WIN MAG cartridge's recoil pound away at my shoulder today. I suppose that also leaves out the Browning BLR in 30-06 Springfield. Maybe I should bring along another rifle in 22LR - something like the Voere since I bought a second magazine for it and have not tried out that mag yet. That sounds like a good idea. As for anything else, I'll have to think about it a bit. I think if I do decide on something else, it will probably be another 22.

I guess some would think that shooting only guns chambered in 22 rimfire would make for a boring range day but as far as I am concerned - 22 rimfires are some of the most fun guns I have ever shot. Anyhow, shooting 22LR beats not shooting at all by a longshot.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Missed It

Damn, been blogging since August 15, 2006; did not realize my blogiversary had come and gone on August 15th. Oh well, typical me especially since it is no big deal. I am amazed though that I have kept at it for so long and that anyone ever reads what I write. Thanks all.

All the best,
Glenn B

It Suits Him Perfectly

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 20, 2018


In case you were wondering, FUAC means - FUCK YOU ANDREW CUOMO - it is a common saying among those on the right (and probably in the middle) in New York State. This man  truly is an insufferable piece of shit who in my opinion bends the law to his liking without regard for due process or for our rights. Being a New Yorker and knowing the score, I realize that the only hope for us here is divine intervention. In whatever form it may come to get him out of office and out of New York politics altogether - it likely would be a welcome relief.
All the best,
Glenn B

How Long Will It Take For The Second Reply?

On this day - August 20th in 1911- the first round the world cable was sent by telegraph. It took 16.5 minutes after it as sent from the NY Times Building in New York City for it to travel around the world and be returned to the originating sender. Then 66 years later to the day, Voyager II was launched into space carrying a message about humanity to anyone or anything in the universe who might intercept it and care to listen. More at the source

I am left wondering - how long will it take to receive a reply to that second telegram and in just what form the reply will come. That is, of course, if it has not been replied to already. If there ever is a reply, one can only hope it will be friendly and that we will accept it as such but I tend to think chances are that whoever or whatever answers it may be as crazy as are we and we may have asked for more than which we bargained when advertising our whereabouts.

I suppose time will tell, could be this year, could be the next or maybe a couple to a few decades or even centuries from now but I am guessing that sooner or later someone is going to come looking 
for us. I can only hope their mission is not To Serve Man

All the best,
Glenn B

Ingenuity At Its Finest Almost

If it had a TP roll it would be perfect; I hate using sand.

A hat tip to Huntington Guy.

All the best,

An Air of Romance

A hat tip to Karpteach.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Do You Think The Judge Believed The Cops...

...when they told him the perp ate the evidence. Thank technology for dash cams.

All the best,
Glenn B

Note To Self: When Selling On

...remember to not only take photos and a video of every visible part of any firearms I am selling but also to take a video showing the gun is fully operational. That way - when a buyer says I sent him a broken gun and claims a part is broken that is not even listed on the parts list for this gun (could be a nomenclature error on his behalf) but I still offer to allow him to return it at my expense (even though it took him one day short of two weeks to pick it up from his dealer) and fully refund money he paid to me as well as the money he would have to lay out for return shipping - I will not have to go through the pain in the arse I am going through now. Next time, with a video showing it in full working order, I will just produce the video and leave it at that.

I sold a Winchester Model 37 recently that was 100% functional when I sold it. Its action opened easily & locked up tight, it fired, it extracted and ejected spent shell casings. The buyer took 13 days to pick it up from his dealer - much longer than any normal inspection period if one is even offered in a auction. I do not offer a return policy in my terms, my terms are "sold as is" to attract serious buyers only.

Regardless, I made three offers for him to return the shotgun - the last one being I would give a 100% refund of the purchase price & his initial shipping fee, I would pay the FFL fee on his end, I would pay for the return shipping fee to me so long as everything about the shotgun (with the possible exception of the so called ejector spring - it is actually an extractor spring) would be the same as when I sent it to him. Of course, that would also mean when and if I got it back - the problem he was claiming would have to be evident. I figured better to offer redress to anyone who honestly thinks an item was not as I described (or who was trying to dishonestly finagle me into giving a partial refund). I have 100% positive feedback at GunBroker and want to keep it that way.

Funny thing is he has not accepted my offer as of yet but maybe I am being too impatient but maybe not since the auction ended well over a month ago. Maybe he will and maybe he won't take my but regardless of that, I will be damned to spend the rest of my days as a horse's derriere if I do not make a video of each gun I sell, from now on, showing it t be 100% functional if I claim such to be the case as I did with his one. There is an old saying - "Buyer Beware" but today, the ways things have changed, we also should be thinking "Seller Beware".

Now mind you, I am not saying this guy is being dishonest, I am just not happy about him claiming the gun was broken when I sent it. I know it was working just fine when I shipped it because I fully tested it. I also gave it a pretty good cleaning and figure maybe I dislodged some fouling, grit or grime (and there was about 60 or 70 years worth of gunk in it) that fouled the extractor spring - a common problem with this model that effects extraction & ejection. Either that or it broke as he was checking it out or fucking with it but I will say I am going to assume (for now) it probably was the fouling issue. He has not told me if he checked on that yet, in fact he said he would not read any further emails from me so I am fairly certain he likes the gun after all. He did remember to threaten me with bad feedback but he has not left any as of yet either. I imagine that is because I will ream him a new asshole with the feedback I would leave for him and offer anyone considering bidding on my items in the future the chance to see my and his emails to figure who was being honest or not.

At this point, if he told me he wanted to take me up on my offer, I think I would quite frankly tell him to go fuck himself bugger off.

All the best,
Glenn B


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Abolishing The Catholic Church - Not A Bad Idea

300 catholic priests alleged to have committed sexual assaults against 1,000 children!!! That in a single state - Pennsylvania and I think in just a small part of PA - since the 1950s! Read about it at the source but make sure to read the whole thing and the list of priests who are alleged to have sexually abused children (mostly boys but some girls too) and read about the cover-up too. Really, I mean that, it is important to look at he complete article to which I linked - it is truly mind boggling but not really shocking at all what with the record of the Catholic Church.

I think it is long past due that the Catholic Church becomes: defunct - out of business - forbidden - banned - extinct - no more - nevermore - nonexistent - or just totally frigging destroyed - however it can be achieved. If it means crucifying every last pedophile priest, then maybe that would be the way to do it; although, I would rather throw them all into the meanest maximum security prison on earth and give all of the other prisoners copious quantities of booze and Viagra... and give all of the guards off for the weekend.

Mind you: I am certain it was not just the priests but brothers and nuns who were also pedophiles that committed heinously vile acts on children under there care. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt.
The demonic pedophile religious and the purveyors of Satan's evil who covered up their crimes and protected these demons are among the most despicably evil people who have ever walked on the face of the earth. May they eternally suffer unbearably while burning in hell - each and every one of them who were/are guilty of these horrendous acts!

Anyone who supports the Catholic Church after this is out of their ever loving mind and just as bad, in my opinion, as the rest who covered up for these demonic child abusers and they are just as bad as the pedophiles. I think the Church itself, on the whole, is as guilty as the pedophiles and those who covered up for them because the Church was in essence their sanctuary and let's face it - this has been going on for centuries.You want to believe in God, in Jesus and all that - fine by me - but if you continue to do it as a Catholic you are, in my opinion, as bad as the rest of them. Catholicism is a terribly ugly scourge on the planet. Of course, you could correct that by purging the church now of all of its clergy - everyone of them and then starting over. Purging by fire, as in burning them at the stake, comes to mind.

All the best,
Glenn B 

I Think Poe Might Have Had Humor Like This

All the best,
Glenn B

She's Gone

Mimi's gone. Had to have vet put our Mimi down last night. The diagnosis was a very large mass in the abdomen believed to be splenic cancer or a benign tumor; either way with a lot of abdominal bleeding and suffering. Regardless of which was the actual type of tumor - it was a very poor prognosis with a lot of suffering already & a lot to come and surgery was not likely to be successful. Tough decision to make but Linda and I decided it best she not suffer any more.

Man this came on fast - a week at most since the first signs we saw that something was wrong. She seemed to be feeling lousy, then better the next day, then lousy a day or two later then bam she was obvioulsy very sick. We did not realize maybe some earlier slowing down a bit now and then was also possibly a symptom - we thought she was just feeling her age as she seemed fine otherwise but even that only started within last month or so.

The love between Mimi & Linda was unfathomable.
Mimi was only 11 years old. That's her getting her last lick of one of her favorite snacks, peanut butter, from Linda at the vet's office. Linda has that big smile because after several failed attempts at getting Mimi to have some, she finally took a lick. Lots of love there. Lots of tears followed a few minutes later. Mimi is and will be missed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Holy Horsefeathers... seems I have not blogged even a single post since Tuesday last until this very moment. Cannot say I have been too busy, well not as far as I recall, but I was somewhat preoccupied with other things. I had planned to go upstate to the Cascade Valley State Forest on early Thursday to get in a partial day of deer scouting on that day and then some more on Friday before heading further north to Geneva, NY. Yes there was another Hessney Rod & Gun auction on Saturday with the preview from 3-6PM on Friday. I was busy all day Wednesday getting ready for my planned departure on Thursday.

Then my boss called me on Thursday morning and asked me to cover for someone who had a family emergency. So, I went to work and lost Thursday. I did get away fairly early, about 620 AM on Friday. Great ride to Geneva - nope I did not stop to do any deer scouting since I was driving the whole 300 plus miles that day. I got there plenty early and went exploring in Auburn, NY a town about 30 miles east of Geneva but where my motel was located. Most of the damn hotels in Geneva were booked and the few with rooms were just was too expensive with their summertime rates. I am a sort of a Motel Six kind of a guy for overnight stays - cheap and clean with hot water is usually fine with me but no chance of that near the Finger Lakes in the summer. Anyway, I had a good time in Auburn and then stopped at Bass Pro Shops, on the outskirts of town, as I headed to the auction preview in Geneva.

I won't bore you with the details and will just say they had a higher ration of new guns than used and older ones at this auction than usual. That was to be expected as a dealer had shut down shop, in anticipation of moving to a new location in about 6 months or so, and was selling off stock by way of the auction. I got a few new acquisitions. A Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter in 300 WIN MAG (what a steal at about 33% lower than the lowest price I could find on it), a Glock 30 45 ACP pistol (another great bargain price close to the same as above percentage-wise), a Winchester Model 290 semi-auto rifle in 22LR and a Mossberg Model 395T 12 gauge bolt action shotgun; it's similar to my recently purchased Mossberg 395SA but while the 395SA is a slug gun, the 395T has a 28" barrel full choke. I also picked up a pistol case and some ammo. Expensive couple of days for me and once again will need to sell some guns to recoup the cash I used to pay for these.

I think that the Savage Model 111 may become a keeper. I have a fairly limited knowledge of different caliber ammunition, especially when it comes to rifles and pretty much had never really known anything about 300 WIN MAG before looking it up prior to the auction as I was doing my homework on the auction items on which I was planning to bid. I was impressed by the few things I read about it. Funny, I never heard almost anything about it before; yet, all the articles I read said it is one of the, if not the, most popular big game caliber(s) in the USA. If what the author of this article says is true - I have no clue why I never heard more about it before except that I just wasn't listening. I looked up the ammo on some dealer's sites to see how much it goes for and I was happily surprised to see it can be had at fairly inexpensive prices as compared to something like 35 Remington. Shooting it will have to wait a bit though. I am not only going to have to buy ammo for it but also a decent scope and right now I am broke. Having to work all of this week will help with that though.

Back to the weekend - the drive home after the auction was a good one. I made a stop at cascade Valley Forest, not to deer hunt but to fish for a little bit. Then I was off to home and had a fairly good drive.  except for a slowdown on the Tappan Zee bridge, looked like a pick-up tuck's engine had been on fire - foam all over the front end when I passed it. After that clear sailing, amazing for NY - especially the part of the trip through NYC.

As for the new guns, I'll take some photos of them sometime this week or next weekend as my schedule allows and then post them here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Decisions, Decisions - Which Internet Browser To Use

I have been using Internet Explorer as my default Internet browser. I've been apprehensive of changing to another just because I was happy with IE and am quite familiar with it by now and don't need any problems in switching to a new one. However, it seems that changes in browsers have caught up with me as I have noticed that certain web pages no longer load properly with IE. So, out of necessity, I will be changing my default browser. Now the question is to which one do I switch. The choices of which I am aware are: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. 

I already have Firefox on my laptop and use it now and then. It's okay but my fingerprint reader application for logging onto websites does not work with it. Then again, I am not sure if it will work with anything other than IE. I have tried it with MS Edge and when I swipe my finger to select a site to open it goes right to IE to open what site I am seeking. Maybe if I reset my default browser it will work with one of the other browsers and then again maybe not. If I lose that function, I will miss it sorely, hell I may have to start trying to actually remember passwords and logon IDs.

Anyway, I am hoping some of my readers can be helpful in guiding me toward my selection of a new Internet browser. What are you folks using and why do you prefer it over the others?

Glenn B

Monday, August 6, 2018

I'm Smoking Again

I quit smoking on August 18, 1989 - right around 6 months before my son was born. Being a stage 4 throat cancer survivor - you would think I would not go back to it. Well, I started smoking again today.

This time though it's not cigarettes but a pork shoulder (actually half of a boned one) on Brendan's smoker. When he moved to AR, his smoker stayed here. Since he left, I think I used it once, maybe twice at most, other than today. Anyway, I have had a 3.5 pound or so chunk of pork on the damned thing at about 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit since 530 this evening. That makes it 5 1/2 hours as I type. Its internal temp is supposed to hit 180 to be done, or 190 to be fall apart done. It was just under 160 last time I looked.

Darned thing is taking forever but I am enjoying my burning eyes, my toasted knuckles, the hacking as if I was smoking cigarettes again and smelling like I just crawled out of the cellar of burned down log cabin after surviving the fire there. I am praying it will be done by the witching hour. Whenever it is done though, I know what I am having with my eggs tomorrow morning.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 5, 2018

False Advertising?

All the best,

Is The Phone Still In His Left Hand

I had to enlarge the screen size to see it and yes it still is in his hand. I guess that woman is pretty lucky he hit the post and not her.
All the best,

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Have You Had One Of Those...

days lives?

All the best,
Glenn B

Walk In My Shoes - Nope I Have A Better Idea

All the best,

No Animals Harmed In The Production Of This Meat

All the best,
Glenn B

Ladies - Men Don't Have X-Ray Vision

All the best,
Glenn B

Have Gestapo Tactics Been Unleashed in California???

I have not confirmed the veracity of this video but it is the second time today that I have learned about these alleged Gestapo like actions by the police within the state of California. Note, the Gestapo and the rest of Nazi Germany did not start off as vicious thugs but once they got rolling it sure morphed into such very quickly. The government of California is really out of bounds if the claims in these videos are true:

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, August 3, 2018

Mossberg 395SA Facelift

Every now and then I get the urge to do a little dabbling with one of my guns. Last month, at the Hessney Rod & Gun Auction, I picked up a Mossberg 395SA, a 12 gauge bolt action shotgun with 3" chamber and a 2 round box magazine. I had bid on it virtually sight unseen, saw a picture of it up on the viewing screen but never looked it over while in my hands during the auction preview. Figured if it was a clunker, I could test my skill at fixing it up and chances were, due to its place in the progression of items up for bids, it would not be in very good condition.

The truth be told it certainly was not in perfect condition, in fact it was missing one part. Still though, I was okay with that since it was in pretty darned nice condition for an old shooter. The metal has a bit of freckling here and there but retains, in my estimation, 92-95% of its finish. The wood was not at all cracked and looked fairly decent with several minor scratches and dings to the finish. Everything worked even though a part was missing and that was a plus. The part that was missing was the safety switch. All of the other parts of the safety were intact and worked properly as far as I could tell then and have since tested over and over again and the safety has worked properly each time. Buying a new replacement safety switch from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. set me back  about $8.95 for the part with shipping bringing it to a total of $15.00. Considering I paid relatively little for the shotgun that was not a bad additional amount to pay to make it complete.

After putting the safety together properly by adding the safety switch, I decided I would refinish the stock. As I said, it was scratched and dinged in several places - not that bad really but I wanted to play with it to get it looking nicer. I was not and remain not all that concerned about the possibility of it losing any value due to refinishing it since this is not, in the true essence of the word, a collectible.

Here is what it looked like when I got it:

The dings & scratches are barely visible in this pic of the right side of the gun.
Most of the dings and scratches were on the left side. Funny, in the auction
catalog photo of this gun it is almost impossible to see any scratches or dings.
I know, its a terrible photograph of it but that is all I have of what it looked like when I purchased it. It was not that bad but yet refinishing it was something I wanted to do nonetheless. I guess just for the sake of giving it a facelift to look more pleasing to me and to give me something to do. Here is what it looks like now:
As I suppose you can tell, if you saw the Voere rifle that I also refinished,
I like a more natural look for the wood than the original dark finish.
I just think it looks so much better like this than it did before.

I have a lot of other photos of it the way it looks now, just in case I decide to sell it. Not soo sure if I want to keep it or get rid of it. I had fun refinishing it. Besides refinishing the wood I also cleaned up the recoil pad spacer and replaced the swivel stud spacers. Of course, I had just as much fun shooting it to test fire it. Everything works as it should including the original magazine and a second one I picked up via of
By the way, I have to give a free plug to Joe R. Lowe Clips And Mags somewhere down in Texas. They had the mags up on GunBroker and their service was excellent and courteous and the used mag they sold to me was in fine condition. They have been in the business many years and by what they told me they have quite the inventory of magazines . The price on the one I bought was quite reasonable. There website address is, phone: (972) 986-8158.
Back to the Mossberg: I had been thinking I might take this gun hunting with me but have decided against it since I plan to do some bear hunting or may run into a hungry bear during deer season and have to defend myself with it. I cannot see being out in the woods with only three rounds in the gun - one in the chamber and two in the magazine. Five rounds or more is so much more comforting. Yes, I do have that extra magazine but I must say that trying to reload this gun quickly is not all that easy. Then again, being a bolt action, the trigger finger hand has to come off of the grip to reload - not good if a bear is charging or just advancing on you. I've seen enough bears in the woods to know they are there when I am there and three times now have been within 20 yards or less of them - one maybe as close as 25 or 30 feet. I'd much rather have my Marlin 336 in 35 REM or my Remington 870 12 gauge with me should I ever run into one that is fearless either because it is protecting cubs or because it is hungry and I look like the biggest easy to run down meal it has seen in years. Anyway, it was fun to shoot and now I have to decide keep it for a fun gun or sell it and try to make a small profit to use toward the purchase of some other gun at an upcoming auction. Decisions, decisions!
All the best,
Glenn B

Maybe He Could Shoot The Balls Off Of A Gnat At 100 Yards...

...and not kill the gnat. Even if Mike Wilson could not do that, he sure is one heck of a  excellent shot. He just set the world record with a 1.068" group and no it was not at 100 yards - it was at 1,000 yards! Very impressive to say the least! Congratulations to him. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Just In Case - Allow Me To Say It Now...'s been a blast blogging for y'all. I should also say, it seems as if my mother may have been right way back in the mid or late sixties (as in 1960s) when she said that tornadoes were becoming ever more common and the range they occurred in seemed to be spreading. She said then, and said I over and over again throughout least the mid 1980s that she believed tornadoes would happen in the NY City area within 25 or 30 so years. She may have been off a little timewise but there have been some in recent years in this neck of the concrete jungle and the National Weather Service has put out a tornado warning for Queens (eastern NYC) and Nassau County (the county just east of Queens). The storm is supposed to be here about now although I just looked outside and the skies are kind of clear to the south but cloudy to the north and to the east. It's getting windy too.

Right now, I am in the basement. Woke the wife, told her to come down to the basement, but she stayed upstairs. I'll take the advice of the NWS and stay down here awhile. After all, the booze is down here with me.

Here is what the NWS put out, I hope it is nothing more than a false alarm:

Tornado Warning for Nassau Co, NY

Active for next 2 minutes ·
This alert has been updated.
Posted 11 minutes ago
At 1032 PM EDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado
was located over Sands Point, or near Great Neck, moving east at 20
SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation.
IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without
shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed. Damage
to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur. Tree damage is
This dangerous storm will be near...
Manhasset and Sands Point around 1035 PM EDT.
Port Washington around 1040 PM EDT.
Glen Cove and Oyster Bay around 1045 PM EDT.
TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest
floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors or in
a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect
yourself from flying debris.

Ways to prepare and stay safe now

Hope to still be here tomorrow but if not, it's been grand.
All the best,
Glenn B