Monday, November 19, 2018

If You Ever Shoot A Deer...

...and it is considered illegal, say because it's antlers are too small to be a legal buck but you never saw them and honestly had thought it was a doe - at least until after you shot it and only then realized it was a spike buck - what would you do once you discovered your mistake? Would you just leave it in the woods to rot and walk away or would you gut it, tag it and call whatever agency in your state handles hunting regulations?

A coworker once told me, should I ever be aiming at a buck and my shot is off and it hits a doe, and I do not have a doe permit, I should just walk away. He spoke from experience based on his own case of self reporting and getting himself into bureaucratic hot water over a similar incident many years ago. He said it was a nightmare. Maybe his advice were words of wisdom! 

I wonder, how many people would do what he said to do or instead would do what they thought was ethically & legally the right thing to do like self reporting.

All the best,
Glenn B