Monday, November 21, 2022

Proud To Say This Unpatriotic Scumbag Was Already Not On The List of Singers... my collection of music but if he had been, he'd have been taken off it today. I can understand that maybe he is an infirm old man at 71 and that maybe he has a valid medical reason for not standing during the national anthem as was reported he did not do. Yet, to allegedly be stuffing his face with popcorn - while others in the huge crowd stood, hand over hearts, to sing the song that symbolizes the struggle & strength of our nation in the war of 1812 - was, I think, a show of utter disrespect for the land that helped make him rich. So, I think he deserves a good hard fucking down his throat with popcorn balls until it hurts so good. (I say that last part figuratively; of course, I am not suggesting that anyone commit an act of violence against him although he probably, in my opinion, would deserve a good ass kicking if it was legal to do so.) I  suppose boycotting him & his music will have to do. That is my opinion on it.
Don't know to whom I am referring, it's John Melloncramp Mellencamp, more at the source:
All the best,
Glenn B