Friday, May 9, 2008

Shark Surfing

There go I but for the grace of God having allowed me to stand in line when they handed out the brains. If this is for real, and who knows it could be, I think the name of the website from whence came this video says it all: The only thing I cannot figure is how he threw the pole off of the pier then retrieved it. To the best of my knowledge fishing poles with reels attached do not float - but who knows. As for the shark in close to the pier like that - I remember my visits to Pacific Beach in San Diego when I lived in CA while in the Border Patrol. There were always surfers, and always guys fishing for sharks from the pier. In fact I saw quite a few sharks swimming by under the pier, and a few caught by the fishermen. Never saw a surfer do something like this though.

All the best,

Glenn B