Thursday, February 7, 2019

My Son Just Turned 45...

...and no, I do not mean 45 years old. Heck, he isn't even 30 yet. What I do mean is: He just got his first pistol in 45 AUTO (45 ACP). We have always fooled around saying 'the Glock 45 mitt der long slide' spoofing the scene from The Terminator in which Arnold Schwarzenegger asked for "...45 long slide with laser sighting...". 

Well, this past Saturday, I stopped off at my local FFL and left my Glock 21 there to be shipped to Brendan in AR. His FFL received it yesterday and he picked it up before yesterday was over; I am guessing right after he got off of work. 

Now granted, a Glock 21 is not the Glock 45 mitt der long slide and the one I sent to Brendan does not have laser sighting. The one that does have a long slide is a Glock 41 which has a longer slide because it is a competition pistol and that longer slide, with its longer sight radius and added weight up front, is beneficial to the competition shooter. Still though, the Glock 21 has a longer slide than do my Glock 26, my two Glock 30s, the Glock 17 I sold last year, the Glock 19 I was issued when in LE, or Brendan's Glock 43. So, his newly acquired Glock 21 does - kind of, sort of, almost - have what you could call a long slide and that's not much of a stretch. I mean just compare them - it's pretty long. The Glock slide lengths of the pistols Brendan and I have or have had as compared to the Glock 41, with the true Long Slide, are listed here in order of decreasing slide length:

41 = 8.31"
21 = 7.60"
17 = 7.32"
19 = 6.85"
30 = 6.77
26 = 6.26"
43 = 6.06"

Long Slide or not - he wants to shoot it as soon as he can and was getting ready to order a case of ammo for it until he saw the prices. Those prices are rather long too - so to speak - at least as compared to the price of the 9mm ammo he shoots in his other pistols. Normally, I'd buy him a case to start him off but not this time. You see, I told him he had to pay me for the Glock 21 and all I wanted was what it cost to ship it to him through my FFL (have to ship outbound through an FFL here in NY - at least in my county). That was $80. Then I thought better of it and told him to keep the money and use it to buy ammo, so that should help him shorten the ammo cost burden at least a little bit. 

Not a long slide but not bad for free, even if the ammo is fairly expensive.
Speaking of ammo and shooting it, I sent him all the mags I could fit into the box, which means he now has 4 magazines for it. I am sending another two in just a bit. Right after I complete this blog entry, I will be heading out to the post office with a box containing another two Glock 21 magazines and some other goodies for him.

All the best,
Glenn B