Saturday, May 28, 2011

Buy Guns, Buy Ammo, Buy Gun Parts, Buy Reloading Equipment & Supplies...

...BUY NOW! You may not be able to buy them as freely, as you can now, in the near future.

Our leader, the one who bowed to the Saudi King (and others) yet apparently has repeatedly insulted many of our other allies, the one under whom we have seen sky-high gasoline prices for longer than any other period, the one who has caused more debt than through the presidencies of over 40 presidents before him combined, the one who has socialized our medical system and caused prices to sky rocket before it even has been implemented fully, the one who has refused to support our allies in the Middle-East and watched them be overthrown by Islamic Extremists as he seemingly dawdles, the one who wants to implement Cap & Trade and continues to hammer us with apparently false claims of man made global warming, the one who will be responsible for a huge increase in our electric rates should he implement cap & trade, the one who is responsible for the worst economy we have seen since the 1930s, the one who hired an accused tax cheat as the head of the Dept. of Treasury, the one who hired an alleged radical as head of the Dept. of Justice, the one who followed a pastor who said God Damn America, the one who promised to end two wars but started a third while escalating at least one of the others, the one under whose administration guns were sold to gun runners an those gun runners then were allowed to smuggle them to drug cartels in Mexico resulting in the death(s) of U.S. Agent(s), did you get that - that this administration is in essence allegedly responsible for gun running to Mexico and now he wants to pass a law making it tougher for regular citizens to run guns to Mexico( what hypocrisy), the one who... do I really need to go on other than to say he is now the one who now wants to start restricting our right to keep and bear arms and to do so under the radar. Under the radar - heck, wasn't he the one who promised the most transparent government in our history! I guess though doing it under the radar should come as no surprise since when passing health care reform, not one Senator or Congressman had time to read the actual bill before voting on it. Sneakiness in passing laws or legal restrictions seems to be nothing new for this president, so why be different with an attempt to violate the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

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It seems to me, we are headed toward nothing short of a violence prone tyranny and in fact are probably under a soft tyranny right now. I wonder, how much further he can push onward in his destruction of our rights by ignoring the basis of our law and the guarantee of our rights found within the U.S. Constitution? If this goes unabated, if the Republican party does not trounce him on this, and if he is not politically defeated in 2012 or sooner, then I am afraid a revolution, probably a violent one at that, cannot be all that far in our future. I do not advocate violent revolution (except as was seen necessary within the Declaration of Independence) but I cannot imagine it not happening at the rate the current president seems, to me, to be destroying our rights and our country.

The above was my personal opinion.

All the best,
Glenn B