Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Weeks And Two Days Of Work...

...ends at quitting time tomorrow. When I retired back in 2011, I did not expect to be working fulltime ever again (unless the job paid very well and was a no brain and no work position - but then I already had retired from the government so that was not about to happen). I have been working part-time, on call mostly with some advanced scheduling now and again, and probably have been averaging about 16 or 24 hours per week, since last August. For just over the past three weeks, I have worked every weekday while covering for a coworker who is on vacation. While having done so will be an okay boost for the pocket-book but I must say, I am happy I am not working fulltime for more than that. Getting up every morning at 0530 is for the birds - not me.

Going back to the part-time, on call, work is better than okay with me. I prefer having at least a couple of days per workweek, in addition to the weekends, to do whatever in Hades I want to do and there is no way to do that working fulltime. Retirement can be fun but not if you wind upon working full time except maybe at a rifle & pistol range, a mountain resort, or a... (I had best not mention my other choice I may get in trouble at home). 

Anyway, I am looking forward to my deliverance that will commence tomorrow at quitting time.

All the best,

Drip Dry

April showers and dips in the pool guarantee to get us all wet but this young lady seemingly has found a way to speed up drip drying when she doesn't have a towel handy:

I realize you probably have not noticed but if you look closely, you can see droplets of water falling as she bounces them.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Been All But Guaranteed I Would Not Vote For Lindsey Graham... a primary (if I could vote in the Republican primary but I have dropped out of the RINO party) and that I would not vote for him for the presidency. Who or what sealed that so nicely, so early, in the running? It was none other than former presidential hopeful (and everlasting super-RINO among RINOs) John McCain when he answered a question on whom he endorses for the presidency and said:

“Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham. First, last and always.” (source)

He also made me think I may have to support Rand Paul whom he vehemently opposes. I look at it this way - virtually anything John McCain says on domestic or foreign policy is absolute bullshit or at least questionable as such. He is, in my estimation, an ardent Obama arse-kisser and supporter who has been subverting the conservative base of the Republican party for a long time. I believe he fooled many by getting them to believe he was a conservative Republican based on his war record and on lots of  fast talk. Yet, I think it has come out in recent years, he is nothing more than a very liberal, leftist leaning, RINO.

All the best,
Glenn B