Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Guess What The Mail Lady Just Delivered

 I've been waiting on this little beauty hoping it would arrive none too late because I need to go somewhere this afternoon. Just a few minutes ago there was a knock on my door and when I opened it up - there was my beautiful mail lady. Seeing her is always a pleasure but when she is holding a package for me that I know contains a gun, it makes my smile even bigger when I greet her.
This is another auction gun and it is in excellent condition. It is a Charter Arms Pathfinder in 22 LR. There are a couple of slight wear spots and a very slight cylinder ring that is barely visible. Being it is a C&R gun (over 50 years old having been manufactured in 1971) it shipped directly to me from the auction house.
This is a keeper. It replaces one of the same guns I had back when I was a young Border Patrol Agent. I sold that first one and have regretted it somewhat ever since. Never found another, in really nice shape, to replace it until I found this one. It likely will not look as good after too long because I intend to carry it as a back-up but first a trip to the range to test its function and reliability. Small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket or so I seem to recall from back in the day when I had the other one. 

All the best,
Glenn  B

Got A Nice One...

 ...from a Hessney auction. It is a Remington 870 Express Magnum, 3" chamber, with a fully rifled barrel with rifle sights. It appears to be in unfired condition. No loss of finish at all on the mag tube is a pretty good indication it has not been shot or at least no shot a lot. Not as pretty as a Remington 870 Wingmaster but it will do for home defense or deer hunting.
Me thinks this one is a keeper. I have two other 870s; one is another Express 2 3/4" chamber, also with a wood stock but not a magnum and the third looks like an Express but does not say so on the receiver, it has a black synthetic stock and also has a 3" chamber. I believe that last one is also unfired. The first one has had the hell shot out of it. I got that in the mid 1980's and have used it for everything from trap shooting, to deer and small game hunting, to home defense to an authorized personal long arm on my job when I was a federal agent. I do like my 870s.
I've got some extra 870 barrels around here someplace, one is a 20" barrel that is fully rifled with rifle sights, another is an 18" smoothbore with bead front sight only, and the third is a 20" smoothbore with rifle sights. Until sabot slugs become available again, at a decent price, I think the 20" smooth bore barrel with rifle sights is going on this new shotgun.
All the best,
Glenn B

I Actually Have Been Dieting...

 ...for about a week now. That is a good thing I suppose, I need to lose 50 pounds or so (70 lbs. would be better) but I'd settle for 45 or 40. So far, I've cut out junk food items like pies, cakes, candies (except for a couple or few Altoids now and then). If I can stick to this another week or two, I may change over to the Atkin's Diet for awhile but for now just cutting out the snacks will have to do. One other thing, I have not had a bier since Christmas, some booze yes (low carbs) and only very little spirits at that but no bier. I do miss a nice bier now and again but they have to wait until I lose some weight.

All the best,
Glenn B