Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Guess What The Mail Lady Just Delivered

 I've been waiting on this little beauty hoping it would arrive none too late because I need to go somewhere this afternoon. Just a few minutes ago there was a knock on my door and when I opened it up - there was my beautiful mail lady. Seeing her is always a pleasure but when she is holding a package for me that I know contains a gun, it makes my smile even bigger when I greet her.
This is another auction gun and it is in excellent condition. It is a Charter Arms Pathfinder in 22 LR. There are a couple of slight wear spots and a very slight cylinder ring that is barely visible. Being it is a C&R gun (over 50 years old having been manufactured in 1971) it shipped directly to me from the auction house.
This is a keeper. It replaces one of the same guns I had back when I was a young Border Patrol Agent. I sold that first one and have regretted it somewhat ever since. Never found another, in really nice shape, to replace it until I found this one. It likely will not look as good after too long because I intend to carry it as a back-up but first a trip to the range to test its function and reliability. Small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket or so I seem to recall from back in the day when I had the other one. 

All the best,
Glenn  B


1chota said...

When and where were you in the BP?

Glenn B said...

1979-1983, Calexico, CA. The Garden Spot of the world, or so they told me when they offered me the job.