Friday, December 9, 2011

A Decent Deal On Knives...

...Is Being Offered At Smokey Mountain Knife Works (

They are offering 10% off the price and shipping and handling for only $1.00 on purchases of $50.00 or more, the offfer is shown as good until December 12th. When ordering, you must use the savings code that they supply (it was on their home page when I placed my order). That was not a bad deal and since I have been wanting to order a 2011 Case Christmas Trapper and a Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility Knife with straight edged blade, I jumped on it.

Christmas, for someone in my house, is going to be very nice this year. That 2011 Case Christmas Trapper is beautiful. They had another Case Christmas knife called T'was The Night Before Christmas but it was on back order so I passed it up. I would have ordered that one instead of the 2011 Christmas Trapper but there really was no assurance that I would receive it in time to get it in the stocking over the fireplace in time for Christmas.

As far as the Ka-Bar goes, I don't know if that is a give away or if I will keep it. I may just throw it into the emergency gear and leave it there in case of emergency. It surely is one heck of a good knife to have when you need a knife for just about anything from gutting a deer to chopping down a tree for firewood (I only use dead trees). I have carried one afield with me for many years. Nowadays, I sometimes carry the shortened version instead of the full sized one. I must admit, I like them both, but I do like the full sized one the best.

So, if you need a knife, or accessories related to knives such as sharpeners, check out Smokey Mountain Knife Works for a good deal but bear in mind that it expires on December 12th.

All the best,
Glenn B

I've Been Shopping For Ammo And The Best Prices...

...require some looking if you want to find them. For instance, today, I was interested in picking up about 500 rounds of .223 ammo as a Christmas gift for my son (he never reads my blog so it is a safe bet this will still be a seKrit come Christmas). While doing my search for a good price, what caught my eye was a deal I received in an email for 420 rounds of Federal XM855 5.56 NATO Ammo 62 Grain FMJBT in a steel ammo can, all the ammo on stripper clips. The price was $169.97 at I could settle for 420 rounds instead of 500. This ammo had a few things going for it. It is made to NATO specs, it is 62 grain (which shoots very well out of both of my son's ARs) and it came in an ammo can on stripper clips (a gimmick to get you to buy it but I like it). I am no longer a member of The Sportsman's Guide Buyer's Club so the discount down to $161.47 would not apply unless I joined again which will be a distinct possibility on my next order from them since they have good deals that usually are only made better by joining for $29.99 for the year. Regardless, they are offering free shipping, on items above $99, for a limited time. That was not a bad deal but I would shop around first.

I found the same ammo on about 4 other websites. Some were close in price, maybe one or two were better in price of the ammo but none offered free shipping so the deal at The Sports Mans Guide was looking good. That was until I went to Cheaper Than Dirt had the exact same ammo (ammo can and stripper clips included) for $139.97 but shipping had to be paid. With shipping and handling, the total price worked out to $159.97. BINGO, that was the best deal I could find on this ammo so, I bought it!

I have noticed, that lately you often can get better prices at Cheaper Than Dirt than you can at The Sportsman's Guide. The thing is though, The Sportsman's Guide usually has a better selection of ammo in bulk. Cheaper Than Dirt, for some reason, does not carry as many ammo items in bulk. By bulk,  I mean ammo that is sold in at least 200 round lots,  half cases, full cases or larger lots. Why they do not usually sell it, at Cheaper Than Dirt, in bulk is beyond me. Since buying it in bulk is most often the better deal, I usually shop at places like Sportsman's Guide, Ammo To Go, Military Shooters, or SG Ammo. Today though, the better deal was at Cheaper Than Dirt.

All the best,
Glenn B