Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Story About One Heck of A Man...

...who is married to one heck of a woman.

There are all sorts of stories out in the world of which legends are later made, and this has got to be one of them. If a legend or two does not result from this one, then at least a few darned good stories told by dads, and grand dads, to awe struck little boys and girls who dream of adventure will be told. I imagine this will also make for some animated conversations at the local pubs.

You all know that I am in law enforcement, so you may expect me to be a bit biased toward police officers, though in reality I am not; but when you read this story I think you may agree with all I said above. You probably also will agree that this officer was one lucky guy. What I am talking about is the terrorizing encounter an Australian police officer had with death, and his amazing survival. His survival was apaprently due much to his own efforts, but also to those of his wife, also a police officer. You can read all about it at in the article Wife Rescues Husband from Jaws of a Giant Crocodile @,2933,242501,00.html.

Apparently the officer went for a swim at a beach in Australia. While in the water, he was attacked by a 10 foot crocodile, bitten around the head and shoulders, and dragged under water. Shortly after the attack, they surfaced, and he was able to free himself from the croc's jaws. He was able to swim away from it, and his wife, who was in some sort of a boat, got the boat between her man and the croc. She then pulled him out of the water. That would have been enough for most folks Other people, not police officers, may have thought only of getting out of there after that. Well not the Tanswells (what a name for beach goers - Tanswell). What they did next was to make sure that others in the water got out safely, and Mrs. Tanswell picked up other swimmers in the area.

Was she a hero? I'll bet that Mrs. Tanswell does not think that of herself, but I would bet her husband does. Maybe a few of the other swimmers think likewise. Whatever you think, she was one cool lady, who did what needed to be done when the SHTF; and Mr. Tanswell - well he was one lucky guy.

All the best,
Glenn B