Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Felony Body Armor May Become A New Charge in NY

New York politics & politicians suck. Happy I got out when I had the chance to escape it.
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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Wrong - What Do You Mean It's Wrong!



Really now, who says it's wrong!
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Never Forget To Honor Them...

An unidentified visitor wearing a U.S. military nurse uniform walks past graves at the American cemetery, in Colleville-sur-Mer, western France, on June 6, 2007, marking the 63rd anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. (Associated Press) **FILE** 

...they who gave their lives fighting for this country during war time. Take some time this Memorial Day weekend to think of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and other free nations around the world.

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Glenn B

Thursday, May 26, 2022

I Would Not Want To Be That LEO...

 ..not for all the money in the world. If what a 9 year old survivor, of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, said is correct then all I can say is that the law enforcement officer who called out "yell if you need help" will live with his or her decision to have said that for the rest of his or her life. More at the source.

Do not get me wrong - I am not second-guessing  the decision of the officer to do so but I can only imagine because it essentially wound up resulting in an additional child being shot, that officer will have this on his or her conscience for his or her forever; that is if the officer has a conscience and my bet is he or she does have one. 

So why no feedback from me as to whether or not I think that was the right thing to say at that particular time. Well, for all I know, that could be what the officer was trained to do -  thus no Monday morning quarterbacking from me. Then again, it was a tough call to make in a tough situation when the whole world seems to be spinning out of control and rapidly changing from one Bizarro World to another as each moment passes. Therefor, all I am saying is, all I am commenting on, if what the survivor said is correct, is that the officer calling out like that definitely is in part what led to the girl being shot. Of that, I have no doubt (again dependent on the testimony of the 9 year old survivor which on the face of it seems highly credible) and the officer (sadly) will likely arrive at that same conclusion sooner or later along with many other conclusions about what was the result of his or her own words and actions during that intensely horrendous and time critical situation.

It is simply a fact, if the kid recounted things correctly (and on that point all of this pivots), that the result of the officer saying those words, no matter how you look at this, while unintended truly was a horrific one in that those words in part resulted in the death (or at least the shooting of) another young girl, someone's cherished child. Also without a doubt, so long as the officer has a conscience, that is going to weigh heavily upon the LEO's psyche in everlasting perpetuity. It is not to say that the officer will not be able to cope with it but more so that coping with it will be a life long challenge. That stands even if the officer who said it is one and the same as the Border Patrol Agent who terminated the evil dirtbag who had perpetrated this horrendous crime by murdering 19 children, two teachers and his own grandma. Again, I am not faulting the officer in any way shape or form but stating what I believe to be the factual result of those words being uttered.

From what I understand according to a report on Fox News today - the Border patrol Agent, a member of BORTAC, (the Border Patrol's equivalent of SWAT) ran into the fray without backup (more at the source - but it is confusing if he entered alone or with a team, either way he got the bastard). Regardless as to whether or not he had backup, if he is the one who shouted that out, he also has to keep something else in mind for the rest of his life - that he is the ONE who stopped the attack and prevented the loss of any other lives and he did so at great risk to himself. Of course, that will not likely be enough to erase the fact, if he actually was the one who said those words, that those words led to a little girl being shot (and my guess is killed).

What a terrible day for the victims, a sad & miserable day for the families & survivors to live through & live with for the remainder of their lives, and what a truly sad day for all Americans was that one. My sincerest condolences to the families, loved ones and friends of the victims, and my wishes for speedy and complete physical recovery for the gunshot or other injured victims who made it through alive and for all the children who will have nightmares for some time to come. Mental recovery most assuredly will not be speedy for any of them and may never fully take place but one can hope they find some peace sooner than later. As for the officer who said those words, damn it, I would not want to be that LEO (even if he was the one who shot the bad guy) but I sure hope he or she has the support that will be needed because that psychological counseling and moral support from those close to him will in fact be needed is an absolute certainty. 

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Glenn B

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Guns & Ammo Keep Rolling In...

 ...not only to the Ukraine but to my humble abode. Why? Well, because I keep buying them. If you think it is not coming - and by the it I mean The End Of The World As We Know It - then you are much more the optimist than ever I shall become. See my post immediately prior to this one in which I voice some concerns about WW III possibly being upon us in a short time. Even if that my fears of that catastrophe taking place prove baseless in the future, then what about a civil war right here in the U.S. of A. Think of the violence that is almost certain to erupt if the Supreme Court overrules Roe versus Wade. (An amazing note - I have brought up Roe v Wade in discussions I have had with liberals as of late and several of them have had absolutely zero clue as to what was Roe V Wade but if I mentioned something against abortion they'd go ape shit or walk away because they were unable to make an intelligent point about it.)
Anyway, what with commodity shortages here, our economy in the worst slump in decades, inflation at very high rates and promising to gt worse, crime rates soaring as criminals are running rampant, politicians who seemingly are hoping for the worst (they certainly are contributing if not actually causing most of the bad stuff going on), and so on - we are headed toward a bad place at a high rate of speed.
So with all that in mind, I am kind of, sort of, almost certainly making at least a feeble attempt to prep for a bad moon rising. 
My latest purchases: 250 rds of 380 auto, 500 rounds of subsonic 22 LR, an AR-15 upper with a lower kit included and two (2) AR-15 muli-caliber Ghost Gun lowers
PSA AR-15 "GHOSTGUN-15" Stripped Lower Receiver
You gotta that last product with the FUJB (aka: Let's Go Brandon) select fire full auto position (80% = safe and 100% = semi-auto but note it is a completely ready stripped lower it is not an 80% lower). 
Besides buying guns & ammo, I also just, a moment ago, ordered some gold bullion (damned expensive at any size coin but more so when buying 1/4 ounce coins). In addition, I soon will be headed out to buy some spam and other long lasting food items. Some wise person once coined the phrase: Better to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it. I fully agree.
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Venezuela - Post WW I Germany - Soviet Era Satellite States - North Korea - Zimbabwe...

...take your pick but their economic problems soon all may be reborn in a country near you. Now, the experts are predicting not only hyperinflation in our near future but that there will be a massive worldwide food shortage within 10 weeks. More at the source

Ten weeks would be fast for such shortages to hit but they should not be unexpected what with the current world situation. Heck, here in the U.S.A. alone we have shortages of many things, most notably of late the shortage in the value of our currency thanks to Joe Biden's inflation and a shortage of infant formula (makes me wonder if the libs are hoping for post-birth abortions of a sort). Then there have been shortages of general food stuffs, toilet paper, paper towels, pet foods, computer chips, new cars, ammunition, building materials and on and on and on.
Why? Well some claim because laden ships are sitting in ports with no one to offload them. Just ask yourself why ships are not offloaded at ports - the answer has to do with who runs the labor force there. It is I think due to the unions - apparently 100% leftist commie sympathizers as far as I am concerned. They all seem hopeful to bring us to our knees as a nation - to bring about that fundamental change Obama talked about. Then there are the politicians who hope over and over again for a crisis and probably cause many more problems than would ever come about without those hacks getting involved in the first place. Why - just so they can blame it on the other guy and gain more political power.
My guess is if the Biden Admin either pushes the panic button over the predicted food shortages or ignores it (either way they certainly are the ones who can make it worse), and the media plays it for all it is worth, then food stuffs soon will be flying off the shelves at supermarkets (like Walmart, Kroeger, Edwards, etc.), warehouse stores (like Costco & Sam's Club) and at your local market places in a slew of panic buying. Of course the same will be happening all around the world to one extent or another.
Nothing will bring on a world war as will the combination of hyper-inflation and a massive food shortage - each one in great part causing the escalation of the other. Just look to Germany in the early 1920s when their currency went from about 4 marks to one U.S. dollar to 4.2 trillion marks to a single U.S. dollar! The devaluation of the German mark began during WWI when the German government started putting more and more unbacked paper money into the economy (just like sleepy Joe Biden has been doing with the dollar lately). Then in 1922 hyperinflation struck and the inflation rate by 1923 had skyrocketed to "...3,250,000 per cent a month" and a single loaf of bread had a price tag of over 4 million marks! More at the source. Super high inflation was rampant throughout much of Europe but Germany was one of the worst if not the absolute worst hit by it.
The year 1923 was infamous for one other thing in Germany other than hyperinflation. Guess who made his first attempt at taking control of the German government in 1923. Although it failed, Adolf Hitler and his crew of madmen attempted the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich that year. Their next attempts, some year later, at controlling Germany would not fail as the memories of the most terrible economy in the western world was still fresh in the minds of Germans. Hitler played that to his advantage along with several other factors and almost conquered the world. So as you should be aware, that terrible German economy in great part led to WWII and the destruction of much of Europe & Asia and the deaths of an estimated 75-80 million people (source).
With what is going on in the Ukraine, with the commodity shortages around the world, with inflation at its highest rate in a long long time, with the military buildup of China, North Korea, Iran and other non-western-friendly countries - let's hope it is not about to happen again!
I don't know about you but as for me, I've got some food shopping to do. This stuff I can highly recommend and it will be high on my list (although I do prefer the reduced sodium version, this one is also excellent and has a fairly long "Best By" shelf life):
Spam Classic, 12 Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Lots Going On In The World...

 ...but there ain't shit I want to write about. Everything is much the same as it was a a year ago, a month ago, last week, and yesterday. They will only get worse as each day goes by just as they have been doing. Let's Go Brandon Fuck Joe Biden - I am a realist and prefer to say what I mean.
Hopefully, I'll feel like writing a piece by the weekend. Until whenever, stay safe and be prepared. In the words of Mr. Lahey - shit storms are coming. (Thing is, Mr. Lahey had no clue as top how bad they can and they will be. Think Venezuela bad or worse.)

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Glenn B

Sunday, May 8, 2022

What Is Very Wrong With The Witness' Statement

 Go here and read the article about 3 scumbags alleged criminals (at least one a 14 year old) trying to rob a 60 year old retired police officer. Pay careful attention to the statement by the witness. Oh hell, let me quote it here:
"We got off the bus – that's when we were walking," the woman told CBS. "We noticed these gentlemen were robbing this man, because he was taking his wallet and stuff out his pocket." (source).
What in Hades is wrong with people today??? I don't care if you are a scum slime sucking libtard, a RINO who kisses leftist arse, a staunch right wing wacko conservative or a middle of the road libertarian - if you do not see what is very wrong with that statement then there is something wrong with you.
To call the alleged robbers "gentlemen" and the victim "this man" when talking about an attempted robbery in which the VICTIM of the alleged crime shot one of the alleged criminals (the 14 year old) is not only asinine but is abhorrent and intolerable in my opinion. I do not care that the guy who got shot was 14, that does not make it right nor give anyone a valid reason to describe him or his alleged criminal associates as "gentlemen" and then in the same breath refer to the victim as "this man". If not actually meant to be degrading, to the retired officer, it certainly could be interpreted that way. 
Let's stop coddling evil doers for a change and support the good guys instead.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Mothers' Day...

 ...to all mothers.
I say that even to those of you who brought up the scum who prefer to kill babies in the womb as a form of correcting: whoops I spread my legs because I am a slut and got preggers, or whoops I did not use the pill or other form of woman's birth control, or whoops I forgot to make sure the arse hat screwing me used a condom. I can see exceptions for rape, incest, protecting the life of the woman, and some other instances but cannot and never will condone killing a fetus/baby for the sake of not being responsible enough to suffer the consequences of getting laid by choice.  
I have to wonder., as a responsible parent, have you thought of telling your abortion supporting offspring that it is not to late for him or her to abort the rest of their own lives? Just asking, not suggesting or condoning suicide or those abortionists killing off one another; although, I imagine it might somehow help show that those who support abortion support it completely by performing it on their own twisted lives. They would never do that though.
Remember, these are the same folks who say abortion is a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases but they are the same ones who fully supported the government mandating vaccinations, vaccination boosters, masks, vax passports and other restrictions on the people of this once great nation - or in other words total government control of our bodies and our lives!
Oh well, I think it truly is ironic that they angrily & vehemently support, in a frenzy of extremism, the one thing that they have not experienced, and probably never will experience, happening to themselves. That is unless of course they decide to abort the rest of their own lives. As I said though, I am neither suggesting they do so nor condoning they do so. Yet somehow, a small part of me feels it a pity that they themselves were not aborted. Oh the irony, admittedly even in my own thinking.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Wouldn't It Be Hot Stuff...

 ...if it was revealed that a Supreme Court Justice was the one who leaked the draft document relative to possibly overturning Roe versus Wade! Right now, many on the left are praising the leaker; however, at least one democrat, Senator Mark Warner, is calling for the prosecution of the person who leaked the draft. More at the source
I find myself surprised that the demoncrats have not done what they usually do in as much as they have not tried to frame someone on the right for the leak - particularly that they have not tried to frame a conservative Supreme Court Justice. It does not even seem like they've had that idea yet (hope they do not read this). 
Imagine though, if you will, that it was a justice who leaked the document. What would happen to that justice. That justice would no longer be able to take on any other Supreme Court cases - not one without there being a whirlwind of opposition to the justice remaining on the bench. I am guessin the justice would resign if outed. That would be terrible if a conservative as far as I am concerned but the left would be overjoyed if such was the case. Thus back to my surprise that no one on the left, to my knowledge anyway, has accused a right wing Justice of being the leaker. Maybe such an accusation is yet to come.
It would make for some outrageous sensational news reporting if it were even suggested as a possibility let alone if such a theory was pushed by the demoncrats or the rebooblikans. Either side could try to benefit from such accusations. If actually true that it was a Justice  - which is not all that far fetched considering the current state of politics & our society - holy cow!
Now, you may wonder why a justice might take the risk to release it. Well, I suppose with the elections coming up in the not too distant future, that justice would be hoping to garner votes for his or her party. It is obviously driving the loons on the left more bonkers than anything before, or so it seems to me. My guess is that if it comes to fruition and RvW is overturned they will come out in droves to vote. Even if it does not come about, just the threat of it ever possibly happening might make them cast 10 votes each if they can get away with it. Thing is though, the timing seems off but who knows when the decision will come down, could be it was leaked now because a decision is forthcoming very soon. 
Then again, maybe the person who let it out (Justice, law clerk, maintenance  man - whoever) is just hoping a right wing judge on the SC bench will be assassinated leaving an opening to which Biden can appoint someone other lefty. 

The possibilities of the outcome of the leak appear almost endless. No matter what actually happens, it still would be one hell of a story to break if it was in fact a Supreme Court Justice who leaked it no matter on which side of the political aisle he or she sits.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Swiss Cheese Comes To Mind...

 ...and I mean no disrespect to the victim when I say that. A carjacking victim was shot 18 times as he attempted to protect himself with a bladed weapon. Bad guy was caught soon afterward. More at the source.
Back in the day - not all that long ago although long enough to know I was young back then - he probably would not have been caught due to his resisting arrest while armed! Things have changed, some for the worse, some for the better - you decide which it would be in this case.

All the best,
Glenn B

Not The Best Idea For Sure...

 ...would it be to enter a concealed carry class and try to steal a weapon, then go outside and attack the cops - with a screwdriver - when they show up. Guns - Screwdrivers - Hands. well the cop found out hands do not beat a screwdriver but the bad guy found out that a screwdriver just does not cut the steel of a gun barrel so to speak!

Just to be clear, this was not a recent incident. First time I saw it though so thought I should share for others who also had not yet seen it. Leave it to Bonjingo to post old news. There is another video about it from last year in March but because of the narrator on that one, I will only post this link. I cannot stand to watch or listen to the guy, he is a horse's arse in my opinion. Yeah I know many folks think he is a firearms tactics demigod but as I said - horse's arse befits him better in my opinion.
All the best, 
Glenn B

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

If The Supremes Overturn Roe vs Wade (RvW)...

 ...watching the result while consuming a weiss bier or cocktail (or three) could be quite the amusing thing to do as the libs lose it and go berserk and their heads explode. No, it would not be fun to see them hurting anyone - just to see their heads explode (figuratively of course). Sadly, such a decision just may be what is needed to spark the seemingly long brewing civil war between the left & right in this country; if not then certainly mass civil unrest. Now, that could be something to watch too or maybe even to legally join in to protect freedom, justice, our Constitution, America and Americans' lives (including unborn babies in the womb). 
Now don't get me wrong. I am no big opponent of abortion but nor am I a big proponent - at least in most cases. I can see allowing abortions to protect the life of the mother or in cases of rape, incest, pedophilia and also in some other limited cases. I cannot see allowing abortions as a method of birth control because some neanderthal was too stupid to use a condom, to pull out, to get a BJ or go anal instead or because some woman was so eager to spread her legs she dropped the pin between her knees (a Catholic nun thing in grammar school, they made girls who spread em while sitting in class hold a pin between their knees for a long time), or because a woman did not care to take female measures to prevent pregnancy (like the pill or use a diaphragm or some other form of birth control). 
What I am totally against is the federal government having gotten itself involved in the first place. I believe there is zero legal authority, within the Constitution (the basis of all federal authority), for the feds to be providing funding for abortions or to be allowing them or banning them - the issue of abortion should be up to each state to determine. If there is such legality specifically spelled out within that document - show it to me.

Some things I think you can expect though, if it does work out that the Supremes actually overturn Roe versus Wade are:
Huge protest marches consisting of a lot of woe is me types,

Protest marches that quickly become violent,
Outright riots by pro-abortion folks as if the protest marches will not disrupt things enough,
Riots by BLM types who undoubtedly will say such a decision is racist because they seem to do nothing else except race bait and  do not care about black peoples' lives,
Riots by ANTIFA types just for the sake of rioting and of course they likely will claim, ironically, that preventing the killing of as of yet unborn, but yet living, children is fascism at its height,
Riots by far right groups opposing the above groups,
Lots of police officers and National Guardsmen being wounded and some killed in the rioting,
Lots of arson to include of government buildings, political offices, police stations, abortion clinics, and so on,

Lots of other types of property destruction,

Churches & other houses of worship being defiled,
Lots of looting (after all, lefties will need diapers & formula for all those kids they will be having),
Several autonomous zones being formed by wacko lefties,
Governors of so called blue states doing almost nothing to put down rioters,
RINO's kissing the arse of lefties,
Possibly some assassinations, or attempts at such, of justices and politicians, and other pro-life supporters - maybe even some attempts at assassinating pro-abortion types,

Lots of innocent bystanders being injured,
Lots of arrests with very few lefties being held for a long term as have been the arrested folks of January 6 fame still being held without trial,

Lots of arsehat politicians whining, gnashing their teeth, wailing woe is our country and giving truly unbelievable vile speeches opposing such a decision,
Outright civil war on a large scale because abortion was essentially the mantra of the leftists - it really is one of the driving principles of being a lefty in this country,

Attempts at packing of the Supreme Court with as many lefty justices as is possible (before this coming November),

Calls for the Supreme Court to be dismantled and for the Constitution to be torn apart with hopes of anarchy reigning until the commies can take over,
The media loving every minute and stirring the embers until they burst into flames of civil war while blaming it all (or most of it) on Trump should the overturning of RvW become reality,
Zero chance of any calls by leftist politicians to label any civil unrest by abortion supporters as being an insurrection, 

And I guess there is an outside chance that the person or persons responsible for the leak of the draft will actually be discovered and prosecuted to the full extent of the law now that the Chief Justice has made the seriousness of the offense clear (source).
I may be wrong about all of that but those are what I think are quite possible outcomes, even likely ones (except maybe for the last one), should RVW be overturned. 
I have to say, it will be amazing to see how the left turns on the Supreme Court should RvW be overturned; heck they thought the Supreme Court was the cat's meow so long as it upheld what they say is a woman's right - one that amounts to the killing of unborn babies. if it really happens, then I also cannot wait to see how they attempt to trash Trump over this. As for me, whatever influence Trump may have had in such a decision only raises his pedestal higher as I see it. The federal government needs to get its nose out f business where it does no belong. Maybe next, and I know this is truly wishful thinking on my part, the Supremes can declare the departments of education & energy as unconstitutional and declare the 2nd Amendment and our RKBA as an unalienable right that rally cannot be infringed.

Edited On may 4, 2022, To Add: I forgot to mention, if this comes about there will be not only riots but armed insurgency from the left. Of course, the left will not call it an insurgency but probably will say it was a peaceful protest by folks armed only to defend themselves and they had to shoot down the evil folks who support life.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Don't F-CK With A Mama Bear

 A woman in San Antonio, TX reportedly protected her children and herself from an alleged intruder who reportedly broke into their home. She reportedly shot him twice in the chest. I guess she never heard: "Two in the chest, one in the head, we like em alive but we'll take em dead". No matter, the alleged intruder died on the way to the hospital. Sounds like a darned good and justified shooting based on what is said at the source. Bad guy - 0, Mama Bear - +1.

All the best,
Glenn B

Many Liberals Truly Are Idiots...

 ...of the type who seek out and are only happy once they find something they believe is offensive. They love being pissed off - at anything - no matter how trivial or ridiculous.  Take for example that the state of Washington reportedly has banned the use of the word marijuana in official documents. They say it is racist and the governor supposedly has signed a bill into law banning the use of a word that has zero racial connotations except in the minds of leftist morons. More at the source. Unfrigging-believable!
All the best,
Glenn B