Sunday, September 2, 2012


Here it is, 4:08 AM and I am not the least bit sleepy even after having imbibed about 6 to 8 ounces of decent Irish whiskey (Bushmills) in the past couple of hours. I am going to try to get some sleep but something tells me that sleep and I are far apart right now. Then again, the infomercials are on right now, so I have little to keep me awake, or at least will have little once I shut off the laptop.

All the best,

A LOOK THAT COULD KILL probably the look that I gave a dude at Gander Mountain yesterday. I was in the firearms department and was walking by a rack of used rifles. Another customer picked one up, and was checking it out. I thought nothing of it and checked out some ammo on the shelves. When I turned away from the shelves, I saw the guy was operating the bolt, with the rifle pointed directly at me, I guessed he had been aiming it at my back when I had my back turned toward him. I can only imagine that the look on my face was enough to scare the shit out of him because he actually paled, put the rifle back into the rack quickly, and walked away at a brisk pace with his head bowed. Oh yeah, he also had a look on his face - one of total embarrassment as if he had just screwed up big and realized it. That also seemed mixed in with a look of an edge of fear.

I did not say a word to him. I did chuckle out loud and maybe whispered the word "asshole". What an arsehat was he, he seemingly knew it too. At least, in his knowing it and in his putting the rifle down and walking away like that, he displayed that he had some sense of how to handle firearms correctly even though he had not done it right just then.

There is a chance that I read him all wrong but we made eye contact and he gave a lot of tells and I am pretty sure I read him right. Then again, maybe he was the Walter Mitty type and was fantasizing about how it could have been if the gun did not have a trigger lock on it and had he had some ammo for it. I prefer to believe the former.

All the best,
Glenn B

Long Leisurely Drive Home

I left Binghamton, NY at about 1115 AM yesterday morning. I arrived home at 820 PM. Why a 9 hour drive for one that normally takes me about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. No, there  was not any road construction to speak of nor was there a lot of traffic. In fact some roads I drove on were almost devoid of other cars. I just decided to stop here there and almost anywhere. So, I stopped at a couple of flea markets and garage/yard sales and at a couple of antiques stores among other places. At one yard sale, I had my eye on a semi-auto rifle in .22LR. I think it was a Savage but regardless the guy wanted $175 for it. He had a similar price on a bolt action shotgun that I have seen go for $75. I just left without look at any of the other 8 or so rifles he had for sale.

I did pick up 12 old bottles at an antiques/junk store in Walton, NY. I got all 12 for $10, figured it was worth it. I am thinking of starting a bottle collection. That is mostly because I found about 8 or so bottles while doing my deer scouting on top f a mountain in a state forest. At first I thought I had come upon an old still out in the woods, there were also lots of metal pots, buckets, some metal  tubing and such besides the bottles. Then when I looked further, I saw there was an old foundation, stone without mortar, just a short distance away. maybe the bottles were from that house but I wonder. The bottles actually seemed to recent (probably from the early to mid 1900's) and I would think that foundation was older and the house missing from it for a long time judging by its condition. Who knows though. The house may have still been there and in use much more recently than I imagine.

The bottles I found include an old Coca Cola bottle, a few Certo bottles (something one used to jell preserves and jam), and other bottles without names on them. The bottles I bought include a couple of small Listerine bottles, a couple of ink bottles and some others with local company names from NY and a druggist's bottle or two. I am going to clean em all up and put em up on a shelf or ledge where they can be eyesores and collect dust.

I also stopped at the Little Store in Roscoe, NY. They changed around the insides quite a bit. I was going to ask when the changes were made but just wound up leaving after two morons on line ahead of me were moronic and holding things up for everyone. One thing I noticed was their ammo prices. Wow - a box of Remington Core-Lokt .35 Remington was going for around $39.99 (could have been $39.95) and a box of Remington 7.62x39 for $24.99. Talk about expensive ammo. Well, maybe the Remington 7.62x39 was about right for that higher end 7.62x39 but I'll settle for the steel cased Wolf or TulaAmmo for my SKS and AK any day. The .35 Remington was another story, that was way overpriced.

After that, I also stopped at Gander Mountain in Middletown, NY. I picked up a few things - a portable battery operated aerator, some deer scent for the upcoming hunting season, a pack of pine scented air fresheners for the car, and some Cajun something or other BBQ sauce for tomorrow's BBQ. I checked on their ammo when I saw they had CCI Blazer Brass centerfire pistol ammo on sale, various calibers, in various sized boxes. I needed some .45 Auto ammo and was thinking of getting it until I saw that the various calibers all had the same price. So, 300 rounds of FMJ 9mm, was the same as 200 rounds of .45 ACP, and the same as however many rounds of .40S&W. The prohibitive thing was that they were asking $99.00 for all of them. When I last bought CCI Blazer Brass ammo in .45ACP, it was only $16.69 a box of 50 at I bought 5 boxes of it or 250 rounds back then. Of course, I also had to pay for shipping but that was only $24 and it included shipping for an additional 250 rounds of .45 ACP Federal Classic Hi-Shok JHP 185 Grain 50 Round Box 950 FPS Law Enforcement Ammunition. Even if I had just gotten the 250 rounds of CCI Blazer Brass and paid the same $24 in shipping fees, it would have been cheaper than only 200 rounds of the same ammo from Gander Mountain. For a single box of 50 rounds, they wanted $24.99 or there about. Man, Gander Mountain is very expensive when it comes to ammunition, more than 6 cents per round more expensive and that is when I include CTD's shipping fees in the price! I also checked the price on the Remington Core-Lokt in .35 Remington. They wanted $34.95 a box, I usually see it for about $24 a box lately online. Again, even with shipping, that would be less expensive than gander Mountain's price for it. I don't think I have ever seen a bargain on ammo there. Oh well, they had decent prices on the other things  got.

After that, it was off to home. 

By the way. I really like the CCI Blazer Brass .45ACP ammo. It shot just fine and was pretty clean shooting too. While I do need to replenish my supply after Brendan shot most of the .45 Auto that I had, at the Northeast Bloggershoot, last month, I think I will buy it from someplace other than Gander Mountain.

All the best,
Glenn B