Tuesday, February 21, 2023

It's A Sick, Perverted, Weirder And Much More Dangerous World...

 ...than it has been in over 8.5 decades - you know since the mid 1930s when the societies of the world were depraved enough to permit men like Hitler, Stalin and Tojo to come to power and to twist the minds of the masses to believe and follow those demonic bastards and their perverse hatred based manifest destinies.

What is more likely the cause of the state of the world? Is it all the perversions and societal craziness in the world today caused by the lack of any secular or religious brand, flavor, style or type of morality among seemingly at least half (and it may be more) of the world's population? Or is it that the rapidly decay causing obscene desire for an immoral Dystopian society and the breaking down of and denial of societal norms is an actual omen of evil incarnate about to come down hard upon us and thus a sure sign that the end times are near indeed?

Either way I look at it, it comes down to the same thing - way too many people are severely mentally ill and total whackos or in other words are simply plain evil. As for the rest of us, too many others either do not give a damn or are in denial that the whole world is in a very bad place right now. As usual - when terribly bad times are almost certainly imminently going to befall us - many folks like to remain in denial. That's  because denial is a seemingly safe place to hide from reality & is definitely a comfortable state in which to exist. That is though only until the SHTF big-time and TEOTWAWKI kicks in (look to WW II for a prime example of a the most recent example of true planet-wide TEOTWAWKI). Looking back on history, it seems it is times like these, that we have been experiencing over the past few years, that inevitably lead to multiple consecutive or sometimes concurrent disastrous life changing events such as: unemployment, inflation, depression as in total economic collapse, followed or accompanied by near complete societal breakdown, possibly followed or accompanied by famine, all followed inevitably by massive calamities such as multiple smaller scale but yet major military conflicts and even to a world war.  

Truth be told, and I see no denying it, it is all due to the goings on of people - nothing more or less - at least as I see it. People's behaviors have been becoming extreme to the point of being psychotic as if half the population of the world, or more, have developed sociopathic behavior or anti-social psychoses. In other words people have become mentally sicker, much stranger in thought patterns & behavior and actually crave to commit acts of violence. It is as if they desire more than anything to lash out against anyone who disagrees with them about anything they can make up to find disagreeable or by which they can claim they were insulted although no insult was intended or evident. Even the most benign or trivial issues can make their blood boil and send them into a rage. That is not to say that they only are affected by minor things but rather that they have become so contrarian that even the tiniest of matters, in their minds, require the most extreme types of oppositional response, especially of an antagonistic and all too often of a violent nature.  

This change from more or less a state of brief but mutually tolerated normalcy among the masses to the abject hatred of one group to another - such as the left versus the right - has been brought about in leaps and bounds over the past several years. It's almost as if something keeps getting put in the water like an evil scientist's formula of a mind altering & destroying concoction. Just look at our society and the direction it has taken: nonbinary people (really); marriages of men to women, the so called women of the pairs who used to be (and in actual fact still are) males but are now considered women under the law becasue they have been mutilated by so called medical professionals; teaching very young children about sexual perversions as normal and even as preferred behavior as taught by our school personnel; the replacement of parental rights by the intrusion of tyrannical and obviously immoral bullies, so called educators, into the personal realms of the family; the wish of many in extremist groups to defund law enforcement to the point they are becoming close to being mainstream while the cities and states in which they live are being destroyed by criminals; the release of prisoners without bail who have committed serious and violent offenses repeatedly; minor sentences given to those who have committed heinous crimes when and if they are even tried & convicted; the absolute surrender of the sanctity of our nation's borders to illegal aliens whose ranks most assuredly include pedophiles, terrorists, human traffickers & they who amount to their slaves; slavery existing within our borders; drug smuggling of drug including one of the most dangerous of all - fentanyl - in huge amounts on a regular basis that has undoubtedly be greatly aided by the Biden administration's failure to secure the border or to even make an honest attempt to do so; the cries of racism for the most ridiculous of things that never had anything to do with racism in the first place; the actual racism committed by those of all races het blamed only on one by those on the left;accusing those on the right of the offenses that those on the left are actually committing (not that those on the right are guiltless but those on the left excel in carrying out this type of transference); the cancellation or attempts at canceling actual recorded and proven history only to be replaced with absolute and feckless fiction. (Just look back at history - before is is cancelled & disappears totally - to see what likely is coming  our way next.) The list of the causes of our current state of being goes on and on as we spiral toward what seems to be our self-inflicted  & dismal destiny.

The thing is though, even if it seems like someone must have doped the water, the truth is people do not need any help from evil scientists' or any mind altering concoctions to bring about such twisted idealism, the actual accompanying failures of society and what worse & unavoidable catastrophes may yet be to come. We (as humanity) do fine at twisting up each others minds & ruining the good things in life on a grand and too often worldwide scale. We seem to do so in predictable & repetitive cycles, phases that are not so much time based but are rather event and societal based repetitions. 

With all due respect to the religious, this is worse than an anticipated but elusive and as of yet to occur Apocalypse.Why is that? It is because this is really happening right now and we seem to be full steam ahead toward the conclusion of another end of a cycle and it will quite possibly another train wreck, so to speak, that will culminate in the deaths of many of our own kind & the destruction of much of what we have had that has been good. Hell, it may result in a sort of Apocalypse as in the end of us all what with the weapons we have in the armories,  missile silos, nuclear submarines, on the underbellies of fighter jets, in the bomb bays of strategic bombers and on the rocket launchers of too many of the nations on this earth.

I fear WW III is a lot closer than we think. If  the economy keeps heading in the same direction & if it gets as bad as some predict (it appears almost inevitable it will collapse), if the sociopaths keep growing exponentially in numbers, if more and more countries develop nuclear weapons, if terrorists obtain the same (do you doubt they have them already, I do not), we may be doomed to suffering as we - the human race - have never before suffered. If WW III does erupt, I can only hope it is over swiftly and with minimal damage but I fear what Albert Einstein said about it and about the next one -  WW IV. This quotation has been attributed to him: 

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”    

I place much of the blame on national leaders. In the U.S., I blame President Joe Biden, his administration and the leftist/democrat politicians who have pushed for this evident mass hysteria. Their allies in the media are also to blame but most of the blame must go to the masses who support them. Of course, there are many on the right who add to this. Much of the blame also goes to leaders, politicians &  military commanders in other counties like Russia, Red China, North Korea, many countries in the Middle East, some in the European Union and others in South American. In other words the blame is shared by many tyrannical governments of the world and to the masses of those countries in addition to the current ones in the United States.

End of my philosophical ranting for the moment.

I almost feel as if I'll be a hypocrite to say what I am about to say after having spewed out all of those fears and all that negativity but I'll both say it and mean it regardless; so, here goes:

All the best,
Glenn B