Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lack of Blog Posts...

As you can see, I sure as hell have not been blogging a lot lately. My laptop is on the fritz again, still working but needs repair as a lot of things are going screwy. Once again, HP has told me to ship it to them and will not do an in home repair even though I purchased the friggin expensive additional In Home Warranty.

Besides that, I just have had very little that has been of interest to me lately to blog about. Maybe I should not say that I have not had anything of interest but rather that nothing of interest to me has inspired me to write about it. In others words, while each day may be another day, most of what is going on has been the same old shit and I am not getting a rise out of it.

I am going to guess my laptop will not be fully functional for at least 10 days to two weeks since I have not even received a shipping box from HP yet (screw them, next time I'll probably buy a Dell). More blogging in between now and then but probably not much; more will follow a successful repair when I again have a laptop that is not a pain in the neck to use.

Oh well, I still keep checking on others' blogs and am enjoying many of them very much.

All the best,
Glenn B