Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yikes - Its Midway Through The Summer - Check Your Guns For Rust...

...and check your gun and ammo lockers to make sure your desiccant is up to snuff or that your electric drying rods are working properly. It has been a hit summer up my way with the recent heat wave and has been hotter out in the Midwest for longer than up here. The difference is that while in my area it has not rained much and humidity has not been too bad. Still though, it is summer and the humidity is higher than in winter around here but out in the Midwest the humidity has been at killer levels. That is at least at metal finish killer levels, what with all the flooding they had in the spring. he left over water combined with the recent heat wave must have been like a sauna. I imagine it is normally like that in many places down south too and out in the NW (maybe not as hot but the humidity is up in the warmer weather there too - isn't it). What I am getting at is that now is a good time to make sure the desiccant has been doing its job and that none of your firearms have been rusting, not even a little bit. It is also a good time to take out all of your guns and wipe them down and give them a protective coating of oil, a very fine and light coating.

All the best,
Glenn B