Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday The 14th

As it is plain to see, I have not been doing a lot of blogging lately. My personal health battle has been taking its toll on my time, my ability to do anything because of fatigue and all the other lousy feelings I have been experiencing. For example, I spent the last 3 days in the hospital for my second round of chemo. This time around, much to my surprise, they gave me a double dose on the first day and nothing on the second day. I only found out on the second evening when I asked when they would be giving me my chemo treatment for the day. Called the chemo doc today to make darned sure they had gotten it right and he apologized for not letting me know ahead of time. I was concerned maybe they got my order screwed up because when they started chemo on Wednesday, they had the wrong date of birth on my labels for the meds. They actually sent an admin person from Admissions up to interview me to see if I was who  claimed to be and she checked my driver's license for my DOB. Funny they had to do that because when I checked in they took a copy of it. So that, with the surprise of not having a second day of chemo got me concerned enough to call the doc. I was told by his receptionist that he was out of the office on a Physician;s Day (early weekend would be my guess) and they would send him an email but did not know if he had email service (can you imagine). Then I asked the receptionist to call him and she said that they do not have phone numbers for the doctors when they are not in the office (can you imagine that, she must have thought I was born last night). So I told her that if she did not call him, I would just check myself out of the hospital. He called back within about 20 minutes or so. He was quite apologetic.

Shortly after he called, another doctor came by and she told me I could go home today. I was beginning to think that this Friday the 14th had somehow become a Friday the 13th but nope, it was a lucky day after all and lucky 14 came through for me. Check was rapid, my son was there within a half hour to get me, and they rolled me down to the exit pretty much just a minute before he rolled up outside with out chihuahua Pepe (named after Pepe le Pew). We had a nice ride home. Even though I was still feeling kind of miserable from the chemo, the effects so far are nowhere as bad as the first time and my spirits are up because of it. I hope the effects do not go in a downward direction but really do not know what to expect. For now, as I said, nowhere nearly as bad as the first time around.

Well, enough of boring you to tears with my personal crisis. If I am feeling better this weekend, I will try to give you something more enjoyable to read.

All the best,
Glenn B