Monday, January 5, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still...

I went to the movies on this past Saturday night. Saw a movie I have been eager to see, so eager that this is the first time I have seen a movie in a theater in years, I mean that quite literally. The last movie cost me about $7.00, this one cost me $10.25; maybe you can deduct from that about when I went last. (I did go to see one with my daughter last year but it was sold out and we left without seeing anything.)

Several months ago, I started to see billboard ads for this movie. Something about 'they are here, we are gone' and in the fine print the words: The Day The Earth Stood Still. I was thrilled. The original movie from the 50s was part of my childhood in the reruns of the 60s. It was, and remains, one of the all time classic sci-fi movies. I was hoping that the remake would be right up there with it even though I had it on fairly good authority that the new one might stick closer to the book that inspired both in that the alien might not be so beneficent to us.

Here is my review: I was terribly disappointed. Don't waste your hard earned money, wait until it is out on DVD and rent it cheaper, or better yet wait until it comes around on cable for free (or at least as being already included in your cable subscription such as in on demand movies from a subscribed to service).

Keanu Reeves was horrible in my opinion. I mean that, and I like his acting in other movies. There was just something really missing from this one. Even with the plot changes, which I will not divulge just in case you still 'have to' see it, it could have been, but was not, an excellent movie. At best I would classify it as mediocre. At a few points I was wishing I had brought along my watch so I could see how much time was remaining before it ended because I was wishing for it to end quickly. My advice - skip it until out on TV.

I did get to see a trailer for a new Star Trek movie. At first I thought it must be a comedy with a young acne scarred faced James T. Kirk and a young Spock with a huge proboscis, but alas as the trailer unfolded it looks to be a sci-fi adventure film. My guess is that it will be worse, much worse, than The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Outside of the theater there was a poster for a new Terminator movie. That one might be interesting; and it may draw me back inside a theater when it comes out. I may also go back to the theater to see one other movie that looks, on the face of commercials I have seen for it, to be interesting. That would be: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The story line for this one seems vaguely familiar and I'll have to try to see if I can recall reading the book.

All the best,
Glenn B