Sunday, August 20, 2023

When Will You (You Being Democrats) Get It?

When are democrats (aka: liberals, progressives or leftists) going to realize that the dystopian chaos currently in existence in places like Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; San Fransicko Francisco, CA, New York, NY have been created almost exclusively by the very same people and types of people they keep electing to political office in states wherein there is an overwhelming democrat majority of voters. In other words - it is your fault this is happening if you vote democrat. Those on the middle and on the right have been saying the same for years; yet, democrats have not and still do not heed those warnings! So you keep voting for the same type of virtual anarchy allowing criminals to run free and do as they please such as: rampant mobs running wild as they burglarize businesses and steal tens of or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise and do tens of thousands of dollars in physical damage to stores without consequence to them; businesses closing one after another; junkies shooting up anywhere they please and leaving contaminated needles behind that have been infected with HIV, hepatitis, sexual or other diseases; human wastes lining your sidewalks; filth & disease ridden tents cities to pop up almost anywhere; violent attacks by the homeless upon law abiding citizens;  mass emigration away from your states and on and on. Nationwide you also have unleashed a tsunami of potentially disease ridden illegal aliens, drug & other contraband smugglers, human traffickers & their victims, terrorists and their weapons across our borders who are going to be taxing our economy to the point of collapse, and some outright trying to destroys us almost without doubt, after millions entered our country illegally (at the same time preventing or delaying the legal immigration of millions). 
While millions entered through our four southern border states illegally, only thousands were sent by states like Texas to places like the self-proclaimed sanctuary city of New York. What happened there: The two faced hypocritical liberal political leaders there, such as the mayor of NYC, start whining about how terrible it is that those cities and states must pay for these dregs of society whose first act on U.S. soil was to commit a crime (yes illegal entry is still a crime). They think it unfair yet it is they, other democrats and even RINOs (they are effectively democrats) who created the problems, in fact welcomed the problems, in the first place probably without one iota of thought given to the outcome of their having done so. It is apparent, they never dreamed it would in any way, shape or form become their city's or state's problem. What idiots and fools are repeatedly elected by democrats is amazing; although, many republicans are much the same if at all any better.

If you - a democrat, liberal, progressive, leftist or whatever you identify as nowadays - have not yet awakened maybe you still have time to save yourselves and your states. I beg you though - don't just move away from the problem and abandon your home state only to bring your ridiculous and dangerous lunatic fringe ideals, the same ideals that created all of the above problems and many others, with you to other states. The people in those other states, in which you want to seek asylum, do not need you to spread the plagues you have unleashed in your home states to them or any other areas of our nation. The funny thing is though, when you - you meaning democrats, liberals, progressives, leftists and such - have had too much to stand of the destructive mayhem that you and only you yourselves have created - what do you do all too often but decide to move away from states you have ruined to states where there are no such problems or at least much less of them. The states to which you all too often decide to move are states that are at least moderately to strongly conservative, states like: Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and so forth. They truly don't need you garbage politics and the horrible results of liberalism that you spawn - really they do not. Just as you are sick of your abhorrent creations - so are they sick of the same.

Do you think by moving to these other much freer states from shitholes states like CA, MI, NY, OR or WA (among others) things will suddenly change for the better? Things are only going to change for the worse in any states to which you flee in masses so long as you keep voting for the leftists, liberals, progressives, communists, socialists, gender freaks and dimwits (among others) whom you keep voting into political office. If you want to move to another state where there are less problems, then change your attitudes, ideals & politics drastically first because if you do not you will only create those same problems to wherever you move. Those problems, created by you, have already destroyed several states, cities and communities and made our once great nation the cesspool of the world. 
So if you seriously are considering changing your state of residence to flee the carnage of liberalism - change your political spots first! You are not a leopard and thus can change your spots politics easily enough. Need some incentive: Just think of how you and your politics have ruined things already and about the reason(s) for you wanting to flee from one state to another in the first place.
All the best,
Glenn B