Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Excellent Dinner...

...was had by me tonight and it was store bought fully prepared. I went to Costco to do some family grocery shopping and went there on an empty stomach. When I passed the area where they keep their roasted chickens and their spareribs, well - I could not resist. I picked up a rack of ribs. Then I passed a refrigerated section that contained all sorts of delectable items and I spotted the smoked whitefish. I have not had one of those in years, many years. I used to get small ones when I was a kid the smaller ones were called chubs, back then. This one was larger than a chub, maybe weighed a few pounds when fresh caught and a couple to a few smoked. When I got home and after unpacking everything, I grabbed 4 ribs and the head and about 5 inches of the tail end of the smoked whitefish. Then I opened a Kirkland India Pale Ale (I have to do a post about Kirkland beers, the India pale ale and some others are pretty darned good). That was my dinner with the only addition being about 8 small Rolled Gold pretzels.

The Whitefish was out of this world delicious. I don't know about you but when I eat something I have not eaten for years, that I used to like very much, the taste all these years later is often a disappointment to me. I cannot say if that is because I remember it tasting differently than it actually did or if I get myself all hyped up expecting it to taster better than it actually could taste or if it is just simply that my sense of taste has changed as I have gotten older. The thing about the Whitefish tonight though was that it tasted just as I remembered it, every scrumptious morsel of it that I put into my mouth. The pieces that I was able to pull of the bones of the head were the most oily and thus the beast. As for the ribs, they were pretty darned good but not quite as good as I have gotten from Costco. Th India Pale Ale was an excellent accompaniment. The pretzels, just something for some crunch and a few more carbs. Truth is that the BBQ sauce on the ribs probably had enough carbs to last a whole day so I only had a few pretzels.

Wow, just writing about it is making my mouth water. Too bad for me, I told my wife about the Whitefish and ribs and told my son about the fish (and he is sure to find the ribs), so the chances are they will disappear tomorrow. I cannot remember that he ever ate smoked whitefish or that I have eaten it since he was born; man, has it been more than 20 years since I have eaten it! Whatever, it was an excellent dinner.

I think I will have to buy some oily fish and smoke it myself - whitefish, salmon, things like that. As for ribs, I make them myself but prefer to make them in a pot instead of smoked or cooked in the BBQ. I brown the ribs, then pour BBQ sauce and a beer into the pot over them, heat it all up and then slow cook it for about 3 to 4 hours. Talk about fall off of the bone ribs - absolutely delicious and not one drop of the delicious fat is lost into the grill or smoker, it all stays in the sauce. I may have to add bacon next time for even more flavor.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thanks To Arsehats Like Biden, I Cannot Stop Blogging... least not as long as he, and others of like mind, keep saying such preposterous things. I also find it hard to leave the Blogosphere while there are videos like this one out there.

Whoever compiled this piece of political satire and gun-sense, has proven himself or herself as a genius. That is, of course, as opposed to Biden proving himself a mental midget (at ever opportunity). So,I guess you are stuck with me much more so than those pants were stuck to that other fat-body at the end I and I am happy he was wearing underpants)! What a classic of political satire that truly hits it's mark.

All I can add is: I wonder if that arsehat, who is the Vice President of the once greatest country in the world, for even one moment thought of the very possible illegality of doing so in many left leaning locations. It would certainly be illegal in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Fransicko, and other liberal Meccas to fire randomly just to scare a threat away as opposed to actually firing at a person who posed a threat to your life or who posed a threat of serious bodily injury.) In addition, it could be reckless behavior. Then there is the potential risk that firing a gun without aiming would cause to innocent bystanders. Is the Vice President of the United States really that out of touch with the consequences of  what he is telling the rest of us to do - and is he that out of touch to not realize that most of us do not live in wooded areas as he said he and his wife do? I guess that the answer to that last question is a definitive yes. 

It just proves him so much more of an asshole. Now, if only the uninformed voter would listen to those who would inform them (like me and other Libertarian and Conservative, and even Liberal, sensible bloggers). But then, isn't that why Biden's boss, President Obama, won the person of the year from Time Magazine? Because he appealed to uninformed voters (AKA: the ignorant who prefer to remain ignorant). What a fucking mess we are in with stooges like this in power  and assholes who wish to remain ignorant, and other assholes who will award prizes to the stooges for having appeal to the ignorant! Now mind you, this is not a Republican or Democrat thing, at least as far as I see it. George W. Bush was not too far removed from either of the current yahoos in office (yes he was much better but was still an arsehat of a liberal, and a poor example of a conservative as far as I am concerned; and keep in mind I am not all that much a supporter of ultra conservatives either. Oh, what I would not give for a staunch Libertarian to win the next election.

Whatever political lean you support, I think you should be able to see the folly of this jerk Biden. I would hope you have at least that much intelligence as an American but maybe I hope for too much.

I owe a large debt of gratitude to Jim McK..., for sending me that video. I don't know if he read my blogpost, immediately previous to this one, about me considering shutting down my blog; yet, he surely turned me around from even considering, for one moment longer, shutting it down. Thanks my friend and a hat tip to you!

All the best,
Glenn B