Saturday, March 30, 2024

Not Only Is Biden The Worst President Within My Lifetime...

 ...he is the worst deviant ever to hold that office and is an out and out piece of trash in my estimation. I used to be religious but have not been for decades now; yet, I respect people's religious beliefs as long as their religion does not, in brief,  include repression of other religions or other beliefs beliefs and do not advocate for violence as does Islam. While not religious, I celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter mostly in a nonreligious but somewhat spiritual way. I understand that millions if not billions of people celebrate Easter and it is one of the highest holy days, if not actually the highest, in virtually all Christian religions. I respect that, so I would not try to demean that holy day for those who believe that Jesus Christ was God. Then you have a an apparent pervert President Joe Biden (just look to all the videos of him with women and children when he is sniffing hair, seemingly touching them inappropriately and being creepy as one can be), who claims to be a good Catholic but at the same time supports queers of all sorts, while evidently doing little to nothing for homeless veterans, and also supports transgender delusional wannabe sex changers, while wanting to allow for young children to use puberty blockers and allow your children to become delusional by way of wanting to become a gender they are not and now he has done this - he has named tomorrow Transgender Day of Visibility (more at the source).
He has now become the most disrespectful president of all time by way of naming tomorrow Transgender Day of Visibility! Tomorrow, for those of you who may not know, is that highest of holy days I just wrote about - Easter. Regardless of its religious significance, Joe Biden, the biggest POS president of forever, has decided to make that day special for those whom I (and most others I think) strongly believe are absolutely delusional people who believe they have changed their gender when in reality they are merely male or female impersonators. 
He is a terribly disrespectful & shameless charlatan & hypocrite at best plain and simple. The next time he trips on the stairs while boarding a plane, I almost (but not quite really) hope he is at the top when he stumbles and then he falls over the railing and hits the tarmac head first AND that he pulls that idiot Kamala Harris along with him. He is seemingly a brain dead and definitely a truly disgusting poor excuse for a human being in my opinion. While I cannot bring myself to actually wish a violent fall like that that upon them, if it actually did accidentally happen - I'd probably applaud and jump for joy after the fact and might even go back to being religious so I could thank God properly for excising that tumor of a man from the human race.

All the best,
Glenn B