Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hey Bro, I Think Mom & Dad Are Asleep...'s PARTY TIME!

So it seems were the thoughts of two year old twin boys who spent the night galavanting in their room. More here:

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"Dear Parents"...

...begins a letter from Portuguese teachers and or  school administrators to parents of school children. It essentially is a letter in which teachers allegedly point out what are the parents' responsibilities in raising their children so that their upbringing falls in line with the ideals of the teachers. While reportedly scribed in Portugal, it addresses something that has bee happening for decades in this country as well. That is teachers trying to place the parents of school children under their thumbs. As far as I see it, such is virtually all wrong. Source:

My reaction to that letter follows:

I realize the above indexed letter, to parents from teachers, was reportedly sent out by Portuguese school administrators to parents. Yet, it has a lot to do with how things are done in schools within the USA today and seems to be the mindset of teachers here in this country to some great degree. Last I recalled, it seemed our educators (people we pay) were attempting to teach kids that religion is bad, gender change to a third nonexistent gender is wonderful, self-identity outweighs nature and all else in importance and how to use condoms.
When I was young, you can bet your sweet bippy that we learned good manners both at home and in school. In school, we also learned things like: common courtesy, ethics, good hygiene, that we as a people were united under one nation, good citizenship (without politics injected), to stand for the pledge and national anthems with our right hand over our hearts, the words of the pledge of allegiance and national anthem and the meanings of both, to be responsible for our actions (by way of rewards for doing good things and punishment for doing bad things - but the bottom line for punishment was with the parents), how to pay attention, how to plan, schedule and organize our work by doing homework and projects.
We also learned: English grammar, spelling, reading, printed as well as cursive writing, history (of the United States and of the world - the unabridged version and political correctness had nothing to do with it), mathematics (by the simplest methods available - not by a common core of convoluted algorithms), sciences (without political correctness interfering), that exercise was good for our health, that teams sports were good, that competition was more than acceptable, that we should all strive to do our best, that not everyone can be as good at something as someone who is better at it yet we can strive to succeed - and a lot of other things including respect for the law, for one another and for our elders. Also, when I was a youngster, there was rarely (and I do mean rarely) ever a teacher getting busted for using drugs, distributing drugs, distributing or possessing kiddie porn, sexting students, having sex with underage students, having sex with other teachers or school administrators in the school, using the classroom as a political soapbox for their one sided beliefs, bashing our presidents and political system, or teaching our kids that their religious beliefs were bad. Nowadays, such behavior in schools seems to be rampant.
Any teachers who think they have the right, liberty or responsibility to tell us parents how to bring up our children (other than them asking us to help with homework and tell them to act respectful in school) are way out of line and striving to be a petty-tyrants in the lives of our children. If it was legal and ethical, I would give a good swift kick, or three, to the arse of any teacher who tried to tell me how to raise my kids and thus maybe knock some sense into their brains (and please notice where I said  I think they need to be kicked because many have their brains located therein). It is not legal so I would only be able to do so figuratively but maybe that would be enough if a large enough group of parents did so to a sufficiently sized group of renegade teachers. Yes, sometimes a good swift kick in the pants is what it takes to wake someone up and make things better even if not a physical kick. Thus, if a figurative kick in their arses is what they need, I think that is what we should give them. The them to whom I am referring are any teachers who try to control us and our children beyond the scope of what was and still should be the norm regarding the scope of their duties as educators. Their duties do not include intruding into, or interfering with, how we choose to bring up our children.
All the best,
Glenn B