Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Soldiers' Holiday Care Package Update

I have not had a chance to send out more Soldiers' Holiday care packages. This is mostly because my car for work is in the shop, has been since Friday night and I have been wasting a lot of time commuting to work by train. So no I have not made it to the post office with the packages. Hopefully I'll get them there tomorrow.

I did order 11 Buck BLW folding knives for the soldiers in Jamie's unit from Smoky Mountain Knife Works today. (I know I think I said I would never buy from them again after a previous experience, but they made up for it today.) They gave me the knives that list on their site at $14.99 for $11.50 each, even less than their current sale price of $11.99 each. In addition they sent them directly to Jamie at his APO address. They probably will not arrive in time for Christmas, but I sought of think whenever they get the packages it will be Christmas for them. The SMKW's order number was 9060177, the total cost was: $146.54 total including priority mail shipping. I do not know if I'll receive an invoice for this because they put the invoice in the box. Maybe Jaime can send it to me or email me a copy. I want to show it on the blog just to make sure you all know this is on the up and up. If need be I'll post my credit card bill for this order.

All the best,
Glenn B