Friday, October 14, 2022

Seeking A New Blogging Platform

 I am looking for a different site on which to continue my blog. Over the past two days, five5 or six of my posts have either been flagged or removed from my blog altogether. It appears some scumbag informant is reporting my posts, as somehow objectionable or against Google/Blogger guidelines, to Blogger. 
Can you imagine, I had offered a 1911 Mag to one of my readers who could give the closest estimate to my mileage on a trip I took some years ago (the blog post was also posted years ago). That was flagged as spam and removed. Go figure. Maybe someone at Blogger or Google needs to look up the definition of spam. 
Another post, a review of a scope was also flagged as were a post about my opinion of RAP music and the attitude expressed in one song (my opinion was quite supportive of that particular song's lyrics) and another that was a bit about Muhammad Ali (aka: Cassius Clay). This is getting ridiculous; so, I am seeking suggestions for another site on which to continue my blog. Thanks for any helpful suggestions you might make.

All the best,
Glenn B