Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maybe, If You Sleepwalk... should lock up your guns or at least unload them before you hit the hay. I am willing to bet at least one guy will feel that way from now on.

All the best,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience - The Video - A Must Watch

This video is pretty amazing (using the word literally). I don't remember seeing it before now, and it came out almost two years ago. Of course, when it came out, I may have seen it and forgotten it as I was bogged down by chemo brain shortly after it first aired on YouTube. Still though, it made such an impression on me tonight that, I think I would remember this video even if I was in the ending stages of Alzheimer's. Trust me, it is worth the watch about a 9/11 story of which little was told in the media. 

A hat tip to mein zuverlässiger Freund, Rich M., with whom I worked at 6 WTC.

All the best,
Glenn B

Fruit of the Week (Midweek Edition Because I Missed The Weekend)

Tonight's ambrosia consists of three pineapple spears, two bananas, a peach, a nectarine and about 1/2 cup of apple juice with the juice of one whole lemon added to the mix. I must say it was mmmmm-mmm delicious - even before I added the Vodka (which for some unknown but sad reason was the only hard spirit I had on hand that was worth mixing). Now that it has a decent proportioned dollop of vodka in it, it is even tastier.

I even used the mix for my crested Geckos, my Mossy Gecko and my blpaitca roaches - that is of course - without Vodka. I think they will love it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh Yeah, Before I Forget...

...another, what was it, four long guns cleaned tonight. I did the New England Fireams Pardner, single barreled, 12 gauge shotgun - the Mossberg M44 bolt action 22 rimfire (marked U.S. Property) - my Ruger 10/22 (as opposed to my son's) and the Remington 513T Matchmaster. The Remington and the NEF Pardner were, in essence, clean and just needed a maintenance cleaning. The Mossberg M44 was a little bit fouled, I guess I must have shot it a bit and put it away dirty.

On the other hand, the Ruger 10/22 looked as if I had put away in the midst of trying to figure out exactly how many rounds I could fire through it, without cleaning it, before it jammed. It was a dirty, filthy, fouled, unwholesome disgrace. I am willing to bet it would have functioned, if not flawlessly in that state, then at least excellently. I cleaned it regardless. I must say, it was a pain in the arse. Why it is that Old Man Ruger put out a few to several firearms that are a pain in the posterior to disassemble for proper cleaning, and then to reassemble to ever shoot again, is way beyond me. Maybe Old Man Ruger was a wee bit of a Sadist. He sure had a captive audience in Ruger fans.

Luckily for me, I had the manual for the Ruger 10/22. No, let me correct that: I had the manual and consulted it but it didn't help one fucking iota. My real luck was that I remembered how to do it, sort of, and remembered that even when I had been doing it on a pretty regular basis, it was a pain in the ass. So, I kept at it, knowing I would get it right sooner or later. The problem was not getting it apart but getting it back together. Aligning the recoil spring, recoil spring guide rod and bolt handle - so as to get the bolt back in place over them - is a tediously painful procedure (not forgetting to get the ejector in the right position). I must have tried at least 10 times before I got the bolt seated properly. It did not help that the pins, holding things in place, kept falling out (they are loose as greased pig shit in an over stretched gay pigs ass) but are held in place by the stock once the rifle is completely assembled. Nor did it help that I had done this probably hundreds of times before. Since I had not done it in what I am guessing had to have been at least a year, maybe and probably more than two years (pre-cancer), I was out of practice and one sure needs lots of recent practice, or one heck of a foolproof memory (and we know that ain't mine) to get it done right when it comes to certain Ruger firearms. Of course, maybe it was not Old Man Ruger who was to blame but his predeceased partner Sturm although I think they both played a part. Either way, who can fault them all that much since they manufactured some of the most affordable and fun guns to shoot in all of the universe, throughout all of time to date - the Ruger 10/22 being just one of them. For guns like it, and the Ruger MKI and MKII, I can put up with a lot of pain in the behind shit taking them apart and putting them back together if only because I had fun with them before needing to take them apart and because I know the end result is going to be one hell of a good time all over again. A wise man, Supervisory Borer Patrol Agent F.J. Danforth (I'll be damned if I can remember his first name or initials for sure), once told me that every time I shoot a gun, I need to take it down and clean it, then test fire it. (Do you understand what I just said, what he told me, the subtle implication of it? It makes for lots and lots of shooting fun.) God bless Sturm and Ruger and God bless the younger Ruger who took over after both Sturm and his old man passed on and God bless F.J. Danforth (who I am sure most likely has passed on by now).

I still have more to clean, I am still a little surprised at how many. Of course, I also have to re-clean those that my son took upstate this weekend. They would be a Mosin Nagant 91/30, Mosin Nagant M44 and the Winchester model 37 shotgun. I was hoping he would have cleaned them but he got home just as I started to write this blog post. He put two gun cases on the floor and then left for an overnighter at work (not at his regular job but where he used to work in the kennel). Go figure, he doesn't have time to clean the guns tonight (which, since he is working, I can understand) nor does he have the time off to go to the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot with me next week. He told me he had asked off for this weekend months ago and his boss gave him off. I only told him about the Bloggershoot a couple of weeks ago, and he has not been able to get next weekend off when it takes place, I guess because he got this weekend off and he usually has split weekdays off. Still though, those guns that he had upstate this weekend need to be cleaned so I can shoot em next weekend! I bet I get stuck cleaning em but if I have even a little bit of luck, he will volunteer to do it. Oh well, no use complaining if he does not, I just won't let him borrow them again and judging by how much fun he said he and Haylie (his girlfriend) had shooting the Mosin Nagant 91/30, MN M44 and the Winchester Model 37, I am willing to bet he gets the job done if  I make future use of them conditional on it.

I just realized, I need to get more shooting, more gun cleaning, more gun fiddling and more gun anything done; I haven't been doing as much as I used to and now that I have been catching up - it sure has been a lot of fun.

All the best,
Glenn B

Have You Ever Forgotten You Owned A Gun?

I have, at least as of tonight. I decided to continue with my gun cleaning this evening, well after my one and only beer that I had with dinner hours before. So, I was not under he influence, nor was I feeling tired, or out of it, or confused, nor was I under any stress or anxiety - I just plumb forgot all about a gun I owned and was rather surprised, just a bit, when I reached into my gun vault and pulled it out. You see, I had just gone over, in my mind, all the guns I still had that needed cleaning and it was definitely not one that came to mind in that mental inventory. Even when I had it in hand, I did a bit of a double take, giving it another look and then for the briefest of moments wondered to myself: "Is that mine! " Virtually as soon as I had that thought, memory of it, how long I have had it, where and when I got it, flooded my neural pathways with what I can only call a refreshing spate of remembering. It was then and only then that I remembered yet another one I had not thought about in my minds accounting of the guns that yet needed to be cleaned. It is not as much that I absent mindedly forgot about owning the other one, it is more that it was one that was not worth much more than forgetting because it is pretty much a basket case. Funny coincidence, they are both shotguns. The first is a single barrel, single shot,  New England Firearms 12 gauge Pardner - still a fairly decent and very useful gun. The second, the almost useless one (except maybe as a club or anchor) an Iver Johnson, Hercules grade, side by side shotgun. That one is probably better forgotten about, it is  a piece of junk, most likely the product of some one's lack of proper maintenance and subsequent inept fiddling at trying to get it back to working condition.

I can easily understand how I would rather forget that second one and the mistake I made when I bought it. I bid on it at an auction. Shame on me, I thought it was another lot on which I was making the bid (or at lest thought this one was in better shape). Well, I bid on it, had the high bid and wound up paying for it and regretting it. As for the first one, that I forgot I owned, that New England Firearms 12 gauge Pardner, I got that at an auction too, run by the same auction house. It was not a bad deal. It was not what I thought I was bidding on, I got it confused, as I recall, with another of the same model and bid on the wrong lot.As it turned out, the one for which I had the winning bid was somewhat rusted on the barrel but otherwise was in good shape. I got it at a good price and cannot complain; so how in Hades did I forget I owned that one. I am guessing it was just a brain fart and nothing like Al Z. Heimer visiting me. he has not been around since several months after my chemo therapy back in 2011.

Okay, here I am writing about memory and about guns, listening to music on, and what song comes on but one of my all time favorites, by a sex goddess of my youth, Bang Bang (my baby Shot me Down) by Nancy Sinatra. I feel better, that song, her voice, me hearing it now in 2013, evoked memories of two sex goddesses of my youth. The first: Nancy Sinatra who sang that song in 1966 and of course it reminded me of Cher, another sex goddess of my youth (I was 10 or 11 depending on what time of the year that song was released) who first sang that song after it was written by her then husband Sony. Fuck Al Z. Heimer, he ain't got me yet even if I forgot, only momentarily, about two of my most recently purchased shotguns that I bought and shoved into the darkness of the my gun vault and the deeper recesses of my memory.

All the best,
Glenn B

Yet More Gun Cleaning...

...with another 5 guns cleaned and out of the way. I cleaned up the old rust rod, my Steven's Model 66-B 22 rimfire rifle. Yes, it is in only fair looking shape on the outside, had a good amount of surface rust (at least not pitted like my Winchester Model 37 shotgun) and still has a fair amount of rust but its bore is still shiny with strong lands and grooves and it is a tack driver.

Three of my favorite pistols, all have fired more rounds than I can remember.
The Beretta 92SB, topmost, is the gun that gave me the Ballseye moniker.
I was going to clean more rifles after that but for some reason, that I have not figured out, I grabbed a few pistols instead. I cleaned my second Beretta 92FS, the Beretta 92SB (the gun responsible for my Ballseye moniker) and the Beretta 70S. I gave them all good cleaning although most were clean already. Regular maintenance is a good way to prevent rust. After cleaning them, I debated on cleaning my Ortgies pocket pistol, High Standard Duramatic and Ruger MKII but decided against them and just finished up with my Glock 26. It too was pretty clean but since it is my primary carry pistol, it gets regular cleanings after firing and about once every month if it needs it or not.

I have those other three pistols and several rifles still to go but right now I have to get outside to fire up the grill and throw some Hebrew National dogs on it. A nice icy cold beer or three does not sound bad either. Now that I am done handling the firearms the alcohol is okay to go. Remember - don't handle firearms when you have imbibed alcohol or have taken any mind altering drugs. It is a sure shot way to shoot yourself, someone else whom, or something else that, you did not intend to shoot. Alcohol and mind altering drugs do not mix with gunpowder!

All the best,
Glenn B

Cleaning, Cleaning and More Cleaning...

...but its not so bad, even sort of fun. Got home from a full day at work yesterday, sat down went online for a short while, watched a little TV too. There really wasn't anything worthwhile on to watch so I decided to start cleaning my guns; I picked up where I left off last week. I started around 2330 last night and probably got done around 0200. What can I say, I was enjoying myself. In that time though, I only managed to clean one pistol and three rifles.

The pistol took me the longest of all four to complete. I will admit, I as negligent in that I had not cleaned it after the last time I shot it; which was too long ago - I've got to get to the range soon. The pistol in question is my Remington R1 1911. I am none to familiar with cleaning it yet, I still have to use the manual to do it. I maybe could figure it out without the directions but I prefer using them for now instead of possibly screwing something up and not being able to use the pistol when I want to shoot it - which for sure will be next weekend at the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot, if not sooner at a local range. So, it took me a good hour to get it done. Not only because I had to follow the directions but more so because it was just that fouled from when I shot it last.

Next, I cleaned up the Marlin 25MN in .22 WMR. That one also looked like it had not been cleaned since it was last shot. I'll have to talk to my son about that since he was the one who shot it most recently; I don't want him to develop my bad habits of shooting a gun and putting it away dirty (not that I usually do that but I do it all too often in recent years). That was an easy and pretty quick clean and lubrication, even though it was fouled a bit, it was not that bad.

I pulled out the Yugoslavian 24/47 Mauser after the Marlin and gave it a good going over. That one was just about clean as a whistle, no rust from storage either. The desiccant packs I put in with the guns go a long way to prevent rust on the metal and mold on the wood - both of which can be a problem is areas with moderate to high humidity - especially in the warmer months as here in NY. I have to give some strong consideration to bringing this one with me to the Bloggershoot. I have more than enough milsurp ammo to burn through to have a very good time with it and to let others have fun shooting it too.

Then I fished around in the gun vault and came up with the Yugo SKS. I thought for sure there would be some rust on it or that the barrel would be fouled because I had forgotten to clean it after shooting it or that my son maybe shot I and conveniently forgot to clean it. I was pretty surprised to look down the bore and see only shiny chrome goodness. (I think the bore is chromed but if not it sure shines like it is when you illuminate it with a bore light.) Same for that one as with the Mauser, it was clean, but I gave it a quick once over anyway. I guess I did some regular maintenance on the rifles not all that long ago since these were so clean but not after my son took that Marlin to shoot at his girlfriend's place upstate a couple of months ago. Anyway, me having cleaned them before putting them away last time just made last night's work all that much easier for me.

Lately I have been using Gunzilla to clean all of my guns. I have got to give them a plug, the stuff works really well from what I can tell. For example, even though the Yugo SKS looked to be spotless with absolutely no fouling down the bore, a few quick passes with a patch soaked with Gunzilla had the patch come out slightly green. That means there was still some residual copper fouling in the bore. This stuff gets it out as opposed to my old standby Hoppes No. 9, which as far as I am aware did not remove copper fouling. I like Hoppe's products but have to say I cannot stand the odor of their copper solvent - Hoppe's Bench rest 9 Copper Cleaner. It works well enough but the odor is foul and the chemicals in it are harsher, I think, than those in Gunzilla. Of course, speaking of odors, their is nothing quite like the aroma of original Hoppe's No. 9, they even make an air freshener in that scent.

Once I finish up here, on the blog, I am going to pull out a few more and give them a cleaning too. Sooner or later I will get all of them done - probably tomorrow for the rifles anyway and who knows when for the pistols (which are probably all clean except maybe for the Ruger MKII). Oh well, no reason to fritter away the afternoon on the Internet - I have to get the lead out.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Pitfalls of Socialized Medicine...

...are no better illustrated by the case of the Canadian man who was born blind and after 68 years of blindness is finally able to see because of an operation given to him under socialized medicine in Canada. What was that I just said - am I faulting socialized medicine for performing an operation on this man that allowed him to see the world for the first time in his 68 years of existence? You be I am doing just that.

You see, as reported:

"When Pierre-Paul Thomas was born blind 68 years ago, there was nothing medical science could do for him. Two years ago, the Montreal man fell down a flight of stairs, fracturing facial bones, including those around his eye sockets. During the recuperation process at Montreal General Hospital, plastic surgeon Lucie Lessard asked a casual question: "Do you want us to fix your eyes, too?" Two simple cataract removal operations later, Thomas could see." (Source:

Did you get that, do you understand it. Help to resolve his blindness was not available 68 years ago but all it took were two "simple cataract removal operations" to grant him his sight. You can rest assured that cataract operations have been available for many years of those 68 years that he was blind. Why did no one in the socialist medical system of Canada ever ask him before his recent bone fracture injuries if he wanted to have an operation that would allow him to see. Treatment or lack of it, just like this, is what you can expect under Obama- care. Imagine, it took whatever period of time in those 68 years that they ran the medical system for the government to offer him the cure for his blindness. You see, cataract surgery has been performed since way back in ancient India and has been improved repeatedly up through current times, so it is not like the corrective surgery was unavailable. What a shame it took socialized medicine so long to offer him a cure and his vision.

More of the story here:

All he best,
Glenn B

So My Son Asked To Borrow A Few Long Arms Tonight...

...and of all the ones we have, which did he just borrow? He took the Winchester model 37 (shotgun), one of our Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles and my Mosin Nagant M44. Now while that is alright with me, someone will have to explain to me why he fuck it is that, of the three he chose to take along, two of them are ones I just got done cleaning a couple of nights ago and the other one was clean, as in spotless, and was all ready to go with me on my trip next week to the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot. Shit, now I have to clean them again once he gets home with them (yes me because I am pretty sure he will conveniently forget to clean them just as he always forgets to do his own dishes). 

I was so stressed out by this that I opened up a bottle of German lager (not really German, that is just the name of one of Kirkland's beers - sold at Costco) and I also ran upstairs and grabbed a chocolate chunk cookie to enjoy with the beer while I calmed myself down. Now, I have to admit, this was less stressful if only because he did not take too much of my ammo; had it been more stressful I would have grabbed two cookies;>).

Since I thought he was only going to take the M44, I offered him 40 rounds of 7.62x54R (non-corrosive just in case he really does not clean them right away). Then he decided to take both it and one of the 91/30s. Regardless of him having two guns that fired said caliber round, he opted to merely take the 40 rounds even though I offered to give him more of it. Smart kid, he values his right shoulder. I don't know how much shotgun ammo he is taking, he said he had enough and did not need any from me. I just reminded him not to shoot slugs through the Winchester and to only use lead gameloads or buckshot in it (no steel). For all I know, he may have also taken his Mossberg shotgun.

Both Brendan and Haylie, his girlfriend, are going up to her parent's place in upstate NY. I guess he has off tomorrow. Too bad he could not have arranged to have next Saturday off instead of this Saturday, that way he could have made the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot; I know he wanted to go badly. Haylie, his girlfriend, also could have come along, she is always welcome in whatever we do. I must admit, he has a winner in her. She loves shooting as much as we do from what I understand but even if she did not she would be first prize for Brendan. She is a nice young lady. It has been my loss that I have never had the opportunity to shoot with her. Well, whatever, this trip is about them not me. I hope they have good safe shooting fun whatever guns they have and  am sure her family has others upstate.

Oh well, I suppose I have more gun cleaning in my near future, unless of course Brendan steps up to his responsibility and gets it done. He may just do that, as I recall, he has done it once or twice before when it came to gun cleaning guns he borrowed from me.

As for me, I have work tomorrow and, on Sunday, I have more gun cleaning lined up, maybe Monday too. I am going to have clean and well lubricated guns with me at the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot if for no other reason than when there last year it rained and our guns got wet. I don't need no stinkin' rust and neither do my firearms.

All the best,
Glenn B

President Obama Rewrites History Of Ho Chi Minh

It has been 38 years since the end of the Vietnam War and 58 years since that war began. In all of my 57 plus years on this earth, I have never heard one person, not even the most liberal of leftists, ever once suggest that the ruthless murdering tyrant Ho Chi Minh had been inspired by the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution or Thomas Jefferson - that is until today. It has been reported that Obama recently said the following in reference to the murderous communist dictator Ho Chi Minh:

“...we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.” (Source)

It has now become obvious to me that the man is either a communist supporter (at the very least), a full fledged communist or a raving lunatic - or all three. Either that or he is about the most poorly informed student of history ever to have lived. The next thing you know is that he will be saying that Stalin and Hitler were inspired by those same documents and by our Founding Fathers and the moral principles by which they lived. How he can be that ignorant of the truth or how he can be so blatant as to knowingly alter the truth with such a fabrication about Ho is beyond belief. What an insult to every patriotic American, more so to every American who ever served in our armed forces and especially so to they who served in Vietnam.

All the best,

Glenn B

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One of My Female Bearded Dragons Dropped 18 Eggs In Her First Clutch

The male is the one strutting his stuff next to one of the females. The
other female is hard at work laying eggs under the laying box. Note the
male's stub tail and the missing toes on the right hind foot.
I got two free female bearded dragons awhile back from one of my son's friends. Wasn't thinking all that much about breeding them although I had toyed with the thought of buying a male to join them. Then, a few weeks back, on July 1st, I got a free adult male. They were not in the tank together very long before he started mating with them.

She sure looks like she is down to serious business.

One of them dropped 18 eggs tonight. I put together a nice laying box for her, full of a mixture of potting soil, sphagnum moss (long cut) and black garden soil (consisting of composted weeds, grass, leaves and such).

Click on it to enlarge it and look closely,
you can see three of the eggs.
 She dug in it a few times, then decided she wanted to dig out the sand from under that box and lay under there. Go figure. Luckily the box did not slip down onto her or the eggs after she dug out enough sand to make a nice laying chamber.

All done laying, she is coming out from under. Once
out, she turned around and used her snout and front
legs to start pushing sand back under the box and over
the eggs. I took them out before she finished and put
them into an incubator for proper temps and humidity.
I am guessing, since she laid tonight, that the other one can not be more than a few days to a week from doing so herself. Time will tell. I did not palpate either one to feel if they were gravid but she, like the one that laid tonight, put on a some weight and heft so I imagine she is also going to drop soon.

I foresee there will be thousands of 1/8 and 1/4 crickets, chirping away in my basement, in my near future - about 70 days. Hopefully, I will sell or trade them all before I have to move up to 1/2 inch crickets or larger.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Cool Outside Today But I Am Almost Boiling Over

Not because its hot inside my house and not because I have a fever but because I have been waiting for a Verizon technician to arrive and fix my set-top television box and my Internet router. I had an appointment for between 0800 and 12 noon, the guy has not showed up yet at 1528!

Later 4 you
(or should I say for me),

My Wife Left Me A Basket Of Laundry...

...and I was a little surprised to see what she included in with the dirty clothes.

While the clothing may make a soft bed, I would think that A B Normal (aka: Abby) could have found a better smelling place to sleep. Then again, I imagine that the scent, of we humans in her pack, gives her some comfort even if it is on the clothes needing to be washed. I almost hated to have to wake her to get the wash done, not because I woke her but because doing the wash means I'll have to fold it later and that sucks.

All the best,

Sometimes Tragedy Seems Ordained

It almost seems as if their deaths were predestined to have taken place in Maine at the time they died. See:

Out of respect for the families and loved ones of the victims, I will not comment more, other than to say that, everyone who drives should be familiar with how to get out of a submerged vehicle and should at least mentally go over the steps to take every now and again.

All the best,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally Got In Some Gun Cleaning

Without a working television, last night, I got in a decent amount of gun cleaning. I gave a good cleaning to one of my Beretta 92FS pistols and to: two (2) Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles, my (or my son's, since I bought it for him to shoot as a youngster) Armscor 14Y, my Winchester Model 37 (shotgun) and my Remington 870. I also wound up cleaning 41 pistol magazines and 5 rifle mags. The only other gun I had out but that did not get cleaned was my S&W model 17 revolver, that will have to wait until next time. A job well done but it still leaves me an awful lot of seasonal maintenance in the form of checking and cleaning the rest of my firearms and magazines but at least I have gotten it started.

I will say it was a mess but one that I kind of enjoy even though there is not quite the same atmosphere as when I used to use Hoppe's No. 9 gun cleaning solvent. I use Gunzilla now and it does not have the aroma of Hoppe's but it seemingly gets the job done better. Still, it was an enjoyable and peaceful task, one that always gives me a sense of satisfaction after doing it well. Could be that the sense of satisfaction was helped by the reward I gave myself once finished - a couple of cold ales.

All the best,
Glenn B

Cabela's Added to My Shit List - SGAmmo Comes Through Again (so far)

I have shopped at Cabela's for years. Granted, I was not near being their best customer, probably a mediocre one at best. I would visit their stores whenever I was in the neighborhood of one. I guess I shopped most at the one in PA. I also have done some shopping with them online. My shopping with them has come to a screeching halt.

I recently ordered 10 boxes (500 rounds) of PMC Bronze, 115 grain, FMJ, 9mm ammo from them. They showed the item as in stock, received my order while it was in stock and sent me a confirmation email saying it was in stock when I ordered and it would be delivered by July 30th. Then a few hours later they sent me another email, splitting my order into two parts. Part one consisted of 6 boxes of that ammo and part two consisted of the other 4 boxes. In that second email they said that part one was not available as it was sold out for the season and that part two was on backorder and not expected to be back in stock until July 3oth. That second email to me from Cabela's also seemed to indicate that even though the new price would be about $100 less than the original order, the payment was still the amount from the original order!

I called their customer service and the customer service representative was very surprised to see what had happened since the first email confirmed my order but the second one had split it into two parts, which he said he could not understand. Now I happen to have checked on that ammo again after I had ordered it, not because of that second email, I did not open that one until today thinking it was a duplicate of the first one confirming the order (shame on me). I checked on the ammo again because I was thinking of getting more of it.  Well, when I checked, less than a day after placing my order, it was not sold but there had been a major change in price. It had gone from $14.99 per box to $21.99 per box. See my previous blog post about this:

They certainly have not explained this satisfactorily to me and I emailed and spoke to them about it. One of their reps told me it still sells for $14.99 per box even though they had plainly changed it to $21.99 just hours after I had placed my order at the lower price; of course, she also indicated it was out of stock. I think they must have listed the wrong price when they had it for sale at $14.99 per box. I think they did not want to honor sales of it at the lower price, except a maybe few token boxes, like the 4 they said were on backorder for me - if the backorder would even ever be filled. I think they were baiting and switching. Of course, those are just my thoughts but based on my thoughts and what they wrote and told to me, I have decided not to shop there any longer unless they come up with something amenable to me to correct the situation. If they don't and I am pretty sure they will not, I will just have to say: Fuck Cabela's.

The story has a happy ending though, at least so far. This evening, I found out that was offering the same ammunition by the case for a penny and a half less per box. At first, when I placed the order with Cabela's a couple of days ago, I had not wanted to buy a case of it mostly because of the cost. Even the price of a half case was a bit much for me but I had a friend who was going in on it with me and he was taking 200 rounds and we were going to split the cost accordingly. Tonight though, when I saw the same ammo offered at virtually the same price, but only being sold by the full case, I decided to go for it anyway regardless of whether or not it is going to empty my pockets of more than I wanted to spend. Hopefully my friend will still take at least 200 rounds and who knows maybe he will go for 500 instead and there won't be as big a bite out of my budget. Either way, if he takes any or not, the way ammo has remained overly high priced, this is a good deal right now.  I know one thing for sure, if I wind up keeping all of it, it definitely is not going to go to waste - the Sixth Annual Bloggershoot is forthcoming. I can only hope that the order with SGAmmo goes to fulfillment as my past orders with them have always done.

Oh, one other thing, don't get your hopes up. It is already sold out. I posted about it on a local gun forum and the very first person to reply, about 26 minutes after I placed my order,  said it was sold out.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Lynching - of George Zimmerman

Wow, that was telling.

A hat tip to Irish.

All the best,
Glenn B

No TV Until At Least Thursday... least down in the man-cave basement. The TV and set-top box were acting up down there and they sent me a replacement last week. The replacement is working less well than was the original. Now I have no television at all in the basement except for a blank screen.

Of course, bad things don't travel alone and my Verizon Internet is not working properly either. The router seems to be having a problem. I also spoke to them about that last week and the technician did some of this and some of that and had me do some o whatever and it seemed to get somewhat better and then got worse again. Now, instead of my connection being extremely slow, I intermittently lose the signal altogether.

When I went over the television and Internet problems with the technician tonight, he told me that pixilation problems I have had watching on demand movies is due to the Internet router as the movies come over the Internet. Go figure, I would have thought they came over the fiber optic cable. He said the other problems I have been having are due to the set-top box.

He made the soonest available morning appointment for me, to have a technician come to my house, and that will be on Thursday morning. No TV until then unless I watch upstairs in the living room which may or may not happen. because that is the domain of she who must be adored. Hopefully my Internet service will not go completely out too - that would drive me to do something like cleaning guns, as I did tonight because the TV was out, and I only have about a day's worth left to clean. If I run out of them to clean I may have to fix something in the house - perish the thought.

All the best,
Glenn B

Winchester Model 37 Shotgun Disassembly Attempt

I planned on disassembling my Winchester Model 37, single barrel shotgun, tonight but was stopped short because I did not have a long enough screwdriver to remove the stock and its inner workings. Oh well, time to buy a longer screwdriver.
I did take it down enough to take of the forend and remove the barrel for cleaning. When doing so, I found out that it is missing the Forend Shoe Retainer Plunger Pin. No big deal, all that meant is that I had to use a substitute to be able to compress the Forend Shoe Retainer Plunger in order to remove the remove the Forend Shoe so that I could take the barrel off. I used a tiny Allen wrench through the pin opening. Worked okay but I ruined the Allen wrench. If you would like to see a video of disassembly, there is at least this one on YouTube:

The pin only facilitates disassembly and does not hold anything in place so, I did not need to replace it but I decided to anyway. Thanks to Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, I was able to find a replacement for it. The good news was that it only cost $2.35. The slightly annoying news was that shipping for it went for $4.95 and tax was another .63 cents bringing the total to $7.93 for a $2.35 part! Oh well, I imagine such is life.

I cleaned up the shotgun as well as I could without doing a total detail strip and I think that will be more than good enough for now. I am probably going to bring it to the Sixth Annual Bloggershoot on August 3rd and have some fun wit it there.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 21, 2013

PMC Bronze 9mm, 115 grain, FMJ Ammo At Cabela's @ $14.99 Per Box

PMC Bronze, 9mm 115 gr. FMJ Ammo for $14.99 at Cabela's. Certainly not a historically good price but better than there has been as of late for brass cased 9mm.

UPDATE ADDED On 07/22/13 at 1645: While this ammo was selling at Cabela's, last night into early this morning, for $14.99 per box, it is now being sold by Cabela's for $21.99 per box. Go figure, that is a 47% increase within less than one day. I picked up 500 rounds  at the lower price because I knew it was the best deal on brass cased 9mm ammo I had seen a in awhile. I hope you did likewise if you needed any 9mm. Even though lots of ammunition is now available, the prices are staying way too high.

NY Safe but still shooting,
Glenn B

Possibly The Best Song Ever About Whisky and Love!

These guys have got it right about love and whisky (correct spelling for Scotch Whisky). I will admit, I wondered about why they recorded it in a field full of sheep but who gives a shit when you get as plastered as the likes of what he was singing about (and maybe that is just why they added it - because they got that drunk). What a love song! Turn up the sound and enjoy.

A hat tip to Audra for linking to it on Facebook.

All the best,
Glenn B

Maybe Disrespectful to Campbell's Soups - But Oh How True

I don't know who created that one, I found it in a web search accidentally while looking for something else. I have to admit, even while I was brought up eating the stuff and loving it (the soup not Obama's bullshit), that is one great piece of political satire and says it all about Obama and his shtick even if possibly while being less than respectful of Campbell's Soup's image of being good for you.  I suppose since it is political satire it can be posted and the artist not get sued. As for me posting it, I mean no disrespect to Campbell's Soups - good stuff as far as I am concerned but you have to admit that Obama doles out the crapola in about as high a quantity as Campbell's did their cream of whatever soups.

I have nothing to add to the soup or the text in the pic as it says it all, at least about Obama!

All the best,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Representative Bridenstine on Obama's Incompetence

The title of this video suggest that the representative in it "questions" the competency of Obama as being fit to lead. It does not question his competence at all - it totally debunks any notion that he is competent and yet, it only covers a few of his and his administration's failings in doing so and makes it painfully obvious, at least to me, that not only is Obama incompetent, he is a probably a criminal too.

A hat tip to Jim Mc for the video.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Hope They Sell Non-resident Drone Hunting Permits... a reasonable cost because if they do, I'm buying one. Yes, I realize that the licenses only would be a symbolic means, by one small town, of protesting the federal government's use of drones. I know it would not actually permit me to shoot them down. All I will say about that is, too bad for the wannabe drone hunter.

Seriously though, it simply boggles the mind that the feds cannot understand that the whole license thing is in essence a political statement and had to come out with a warning against shooting them down. The license simply is not to be taken seriously as allowing a hunting season on drones but the government cannot see that, at least not the FAA who issued the warning (source). It is also baffling that the government is totally out of control when it comes to violating the rights of Americans. All the surveillance they are performing and plan to perform on U.S. Citizens and legal residents who are not even suspected of a single criminal offense is flabbergasting. This is not the America in which I was raised nor is it the America that the Founding Fathers nor the Framers of the Constitution thought of when forming this great nation. It is certainly much more akin to nations under the rule of leaders like: Hitler, Stalin, Pot and Mao.

If a revolution does take place, I would bet that the same arsehats in power, as those pushing for all this spying on Americans (telephone records, Internet records, surveillance cameras in town and cities, license plate readers everywhere, drones in our skies, the Patriot Act making it easier for the government to  surveil, search and arrest without warrants and all the rest), would actually be stupid enough to wonder why and how it came about . They would say that they merely had been protecting Americans and the American Way when truthfully what they have been doing is implementing tyranny by way of a slow and sure  and progressive infringement of each and everyone of our rights.

It is about time someone in government, at any level, called bullshit on them. Yep, if they come out with those licenses for non-residents, I think I'll have to get one to keep the government on its toes. One has to wonder if someone will think of issuing hunting licenses for the politicians as well, what with the way they have been fucking things up lately. I'd get one of them too just to help send the message that they need to get things right for a change.  Then again, bounties on them might be a more effective strategy;) - one can dream, can't one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Finally Went Fishing Last Night

I don't fish anywhere nearly as much as I used to do. Heck, even when I lived in El Centro, CA in the middle of a godforsaken desert, I fished more than I have in the past few years back in NY. Well, as I said, I went last night. I took the Super Hawk out of Point Lookout, NY for Ling. We traveled south for about an hour and a half and then started fishing. After just a few minutes I hooked up and as I was reeling in I felt a second bump on the line. I knew what that meant and it did not mean that my fish had been taken by a bluefish or shark. When I had reeled in so that I could see the ling (red hake), I was elated to see what I had caught and shouted out "watch your heads, double header coming over the rail".  I thought that was a harbinger of the good fishing to come but it wound up the fishing was only so-so. In all, I hauled up 9 ling from pretty small ones to medium sized one. Not a bad catch but not a good one either - a bit less than mediocre at best. I am not complaining though, just stating fact; I have been out where I have caught absolutely nothing and some fish are definitely better than no fish even though they cost me $9.22 apiece with the fare, poll money and tip.

I used a fairly heavy rod, one of two I brought along. Seems I did not learn from making that same mistake on my last trip out - last summer. Near the end I switched over to the lighter action rod that I had and I caught 5 ling in about a half hour. I decided to make the switch after losing several baits without ever feeling a tug on the line. With he lighter rod, I felt every little nibble and it was enough rod for ling. One thing I did learn well, many year ago, was not to place both hooks down on the bottom. One of the mates set up my hooks and sinker and did just that. I asked him to change to put one hook about 18 to 24" above the other. He told me that would be pointless since ling only feed on the very bottom. I insisted and he did it for me, setting the top hook about 18" above the bottom one. I caught 6 fish after he changed the set-up for me, 5 of the 6 were caught on the high hook. Hopefully he learned something from an old coot like me and will change how he sets the hooks for ling in the future.

Speaking of mates, I am none to sure I will use the Super Hawk again. The mates were pleasant enough but when one of them starts fishing before even all of the fares have been set up to fish - something stinks and it's not fish coming over the rail. Two of them were fishing right next to me leaving only two others to help the fares. I usually go out on the Captain Al, from the same dock but it has not been doing any night fishing for ling. They go out for striped bass at night. I will probably go with them, the Captain Al next time. The crew on the Captain Al is usually much more attentive to the paying customers. Now, I do have to say that the two mates who did not fish were pretty attentive but one was much better than the other. The better one was the guy who did my hook set-ups. The other guy came over and helped clear a few tangles but when he did so, all he did was got the two lines untangled from one another and then handed the remaining tangled up line back to each fare to undo themselves. Very unprofessional. They work for tips and while I gave the guy who did my set-ups a very nice tip (that I imagine they share), he was the only mate who was worth any of it. Mates can make the whole trip a good one instead of bad by being courteous, attentive, untangling lines, gaffing big fish, and giving tips to people about how to hook the fish for which they are fishing. Not once did I see any of the mates correct one of the fares, who was close to me, and who kept jerking the hooks right out of the fishes mouths and who also often slacked up after a bite that said person lost several fish. The mates were not paying attention to things like that but had thy been doing so, there would have been ore fish in some buckets - including mine. One of them should have told me my rod was too stiff for ling. Instead, when I got aboard, I asked if that rod would be good. The mate, without even glancing at my rod, said: "It will be fine". It wasn't and as I said above, I caught 5 fish in half an hour after switching to the lighter rod. Oh well, I will remember that next time out.

I should mention that one of those first two that I caught missed be the pool fish by a very small margin, too bad because winning the pool would have paid for the trip plus some. As for size, I am guess that most, if not all, of the ling that came over the rail were between one and two pounds. A three pounder would have been huge for this trip. Other fish that I saw caught were a sand shark, a skate and a couple of eels.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ammo Almost As Old As Me

In my last post, there was a pic of some ammo that I may or may not have bought recently, here it is again.

One of the types of ammo pictured is 7.62x54R, a good sized Russian rifle round for the Mosin Nagant rifles. Military surplus of that ammo is available at decent prices regardless of the current ammunition shortage and ammo buying frenzy. I guess that the Soviet Union and other ComBloc countries must have produced millions or tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of rounds of it; I say so because there almost seems to be a never ending supply of old military surplus stock of it out there for sale.

You can see three ammo cans of it in the center of the above photo. They are the green cans, center of picture. Each of those cans should hold 440 rounds. To your left, as you look at the photo, there is another can, kind of silver in color but with a good amount of white corrosion on it - it is plainly marked 7.62 on its top. That is also a 440 round can of 7.62x54R ammunition. The amazing thing about that can of ammunition is that it is only about two (2) years younger than me and the gunpowder used in the ammo is only about one (1) year younger than me. I have no idea if the ammo inside the can is still good after being in storage for about 56 years but I intend to find out. No, I am not admitting it is mine or that I bought it, just that I will have a chance to test it in the not too distant future.

The Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot is going to be held on August 3rd somewhere in New England. (It will be held at a secret location, not because anything weird or extreme will take place but in order to honor the land owner's privacy.) I intend to take that can of ammo with me, and if I can figure out how to open it, without it taking up all of my shooting time, I'm going to try to get every round of it shot that day. Nope, I don't mean Brendan or I will shoot it all, 220 rounds of 7.62x54R apiece would more than certainly put a hurtin' on our shoulders that would preclude us shooting anything else for awhile. Instead, we (or I if only I attend) will shoot as much as we can and I will also give out a good amount of it to anyone else who wants to shoot it out of their Mosin Nagant rifles. It should be a blast. If I remember right, last year, someone had a machine gun that fired this caliber. If it is there this year, I could donate ammo to be fired through it (so long as I get to shoot some of it). Whatever, it will be fun shooting it up - if it still fires and my guess is that it will do so nicely. It has corrosive primers and they seem to last forever in relative terms to other ammo.

Getting back to that ammo can and how I know it is almost as old as me. As can be seen in the lower of the two pictures that accompany this blog post, the ammo can has markings on it. The top line shows the caliber is 7.62. The bullet type is seen in the next marking - the thing that looks like nnc; if I am not mistaken that symbol means the bullets in this ammo are light ball. The three symbols after that, looking like a lower case r followed by a ) and that followed by a K, denote the case type; which in this instance means bimetallic copper washed steel case. On the lower line, the first marking on the left (your left) is the cartridge lot series and lot number. That is followed by the number 57 which is the year in which the cartridges were produced, so this was made in 1957. Then there is the number 188 - there is some controversy as to what this number means - some say it is the factory identifier and others say it is the day of the year that the ammunition was produced. If it stands for the day of the year that the ammo was manufactured then it was produced on July 7, 1957. I tend to believe though that it is the factory designation as that would be more important in identifying the ammo in the event of problems with it. The next symbol that looks like a broken rectangle is of unknown significance but may indicate the bullet tip color (which indicates the type of bullet when the bullet is no longer in the sealed tin, like when you have it in clips) - such as light ball, heavy ball, armor piercing or incendiary. The letters after that indicate the gunpowder type. The two numbers appearing one over the other with a line between them, like a fraction, indicates the lot number over the year of production of the gunpowder. In this case the year the gunpowder was made was 1956. That is followed by the letter T that indicates the source of the gunpowder.

If you think I am making all of this up off the top of my head, or that it is all bogus, let me just say that I am not. I found the info on the Internet so how could it be wrong! Seriously, it looks to me as if someone did a lot of research to come up with exactly what the codes mean as can be seen here at the source I used: I would be willing to bet it is more fun shooting it than researching it; so, my thanks go out to whoever did all the research.

The other thing that I hope will be fun, and not a pain in the butt, is opening the ammo can in question. It certainly is not much like the typical Russian 'spam' cans and thus the can opener I have for them will obviously not work on this can. There is what appears to be a pull tab on the can (lower right hand corner as you view it). With any luck, I'll just have to grab that with a good pair of pliers and lift and pull it all the way around the can. If not, then I suppose the my K-Bar fighting knife will come in handy. Once I get it open, the real fun will commence.

All the best,
Glenn B

An Ammunition Buying Hypothetical - Or Is It? I'm Not Telling.

So, if I told you that I bought all the ammunition pictured since November 2012 and most of it since January 2013, would you think I have a problem. I am sure some arsewipe of a politician would have one. The only problem I could see with buying it would be how much it would cost me to get it. Ammo prices are way too high but in my defense I would have to point out I only would have bought it when the prices had fallen to within reason considering the current unreasonable ammo buying frenzy and ammunition shortages. I am not a rich man money-wise and can't afford to spend, let's say, the recent price gouging amount of $1,000 for a thousand rounds of 5.56x45mm that some retailers were offering. Granted, had I bought it all and this not been a hypothetical, the price I would have paid would have amounted to about $425 to $450 a thousand rounds for the ammo shown in that particular caliber (there would be 700 rounds of it in that picture, in cartons under the blue Colt ammo boxes to your right if it was all real). That would be a much better price than what had been offered not too long before now. While that would be better than previously priced in the not too distant past, it would still be too expensive. Same goes for all of it, it would all have been too expensive as compared to what it had been going for a couple or few years ago - heck even just prior to last fall. 

Why would I (or anyone) buy ammo that I (or anyone) thought was being sold at too high a price? Well, I live in NY and the NY SAFE Act will require me and other new Yorkers to jump through hoops to buy ammo in NY in the future and will wind up eliminating any chance I, or any other law abiding NY resident, has of ever again purchasing it online (unless the law is repealed - and one can hope). So it would be prudent for a New Yorker like me to stock up on as much as possible so long as the price, would be kind of, sort of, almost reasonable for the current situation and  not at the high end of price gouging.

Did I ever say if I actually bought all that ammo (my guess would be that there are about just over 7,000 rounds of it pictured) or if it is even mine. No, I didn't! I am not going to either. Don't ask - don't tell or something like: 'It's none of your business Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand or Representative McCarthy'. Come to think of it, it's none of your business either petty tyrant Bloomberg - especially since I do not live in NYC.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paula Deen versus Robert Byrd

I am not a Paula Deen fan, I do not think I ever heard of her (and if I had then I forgot all about her) before the recent blow-up over her having used the word "nigger". When I saw the accompanying poster, the comparison of her to Senator Robert Byrd, I had to share it because it shows the hypocrisy of those who make a big deal over such things along political lines. When it suits them to keep someone on that they like, then so be it regardless of their transgressions. Yet, when they want to drag someone down and figuratively press the life out of them, it becomes just like the Salem Witch Trials. Once accused by the mob - you are guilty and without chance to repent or save yourself and you are doomed to a terrible end leading to oblivion. It is a sad world in which we live when speech, maybe in anger, in jest or just in bad taste speaks louder than our accumulated actions of a lifetime.

Think of it - no matter how many times she said such an offensive word, was it worse than Senator Byrd being a member of the KKK and recruiting others to join it. Not only was he a member and recruiter for the KKK, he reportedly was elected to be his chapter's top officer. See:

Did Paula Deen's success deserve to be destroyed while the libtards kept reelecting Senator Byrd and praising him as a great and wonderful Senator. The discrepancy between how both were treated is astounding. Thus, I agree with Michael Savage: 'liberalism is a mental disorder'.

All the best,
Glenn B

Normal LGBT Community Folks We Are Supposed To Tolerate???

I'm sorry officer, was I dressed inappropriately in public!
There are, I think, way too many examples of absolutely horrendous freaks people, like these pictured, who live and play among the LGBT community and who get that community's full support and acceptance as normal. If this is what we, heterosexual folks, are supposed to tolerate as normal in our lives, as they parade around out in public like that, then I think we are long overdue for a cleansing Apocalypse of sorts to straighten things out. Of course, I could be wrong, the one on the left could be a real woman (ROTFLMAO).

Photo blatantly lifted from:

A hat tip to Wirecutter for posting that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot - Late Start But Our Planning Has Begun

Last year, Brendan and I attended the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot at a zooperzeeKrit location in New England. About a week or two ago, I sent Jay G and email to inquire when the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot would be held. Apparently I missed his first two blog posts about it in early June and early July (I do not know how as his blog MA-rooned is probably tied with Knuckledraggin My Life Away as the blogs most read by me). He told me it is set for August 3rd.

Of course, being The Great Procrastinator, I put it on the back 
burner and forgot all about it. Today, I checked out Jay's blog and saw that he had a reminder and update about the bloggershoot and suddenly I smelled something burning in the kitchen. Yep, that pot full of hurry up wait to make a hotel reservation, that I had put on the back burner, was smoldering and boiling over. So I decided to get it done and made a reservation for a hotel up near the site of the shoot. In most years gone by I probably would have chosen a Motel 6 for a trip like this, but since we will be staying just one night I figured why not do a little better and made a reservation at the same place as last year in a Holiday Inn; that way I will add points to my IHG Club account (formerly Priority Club).

Now, I have got to decide what to bring along the line of boomers. I guess a lot of that will depend upon of which ammo I have an abundance. With ammo prices the way they are and with the evident shortages of ammo, I will have to be frugal as to what ammo and how much of it we shoot. Someone asked other blogshooters to bring any surplus .40 S&W. I think I have some extra that I can afford to trade, so I will bring it along. I am none to sure yet as to what I will bring along to shoot. I am pretty sure though that the boomers will include a Mosin Nagant or two, my Remington R1 1911, my Glock 26, an SKS and an AK and at least one of my son's ARs and his Mossberg 500. Then there will b the mandatory 22 pistol and or rifle from our collection. I guess it is high time to start doing an inventory of the ammo locker and to inspect and clean our weapons. A maintenance cleaning is overdue anyway.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Obama and Other Democrat Graphics

I report, you decide. Would you vote another democrat into office - not me - not ever (not that I ever have). A hat tip and my thanks to Peter Q for sending me the email with these graphics even if thy are some of the most disheartening pictures I have seen of the current economic state of the USA.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, July 15, 2013

So The BSA Will Apparently Accept ...

...a scout into their ranks who sucks on the private parts of 10 twinks a day but not one who sucks down 10 Twinkies a day. Well, that is how it appears to me anyway. I think there is truly something wrong with the BSA when they not only accept gays into their ranks but seemingly will tolerate gay scouts in the tents with other young boys (starting next January) all while not allowing obese scouts to participate in their current jamboree.

Putting gay boys in with other boys may well encourage more cock sucking and ass pounding sex between underage minors - not exactly why I would want to send my son to a scout camp but I suppose different strokes for different folks. Preventing the obese from participating in physical events may well only help demoralize them and thus probably help expand their waste lines.  Don't we want the obese to exercise - or have I been confused by all the stuff I have heard about them needing to do just that. Maybe it is that the management of the BSA would prefer these boys lose weight by sucking twinks instead of cutting back on sucking down Twinkies and getting some good wholesome exercise at their jamborees; that would say more than a mouthful about them - don't ya think!

If I understand these BSA policies correctly, then I think that those in charge of the BSA, who voted in these policies, should be ashamed of themselves and should resign.


A Totally Flabbergasted,
Glenn B

It's Not Just Obama...'s all of the politicians who want to legalize them that suck. Yet, since Obama is at he helm, I must say, this billboard is excellent. Fuck Obama.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fruit of the Week - 4th Edition (as well as a bonus 3.5 Edition)

There was a good deal of fruity goodness in the house this week, as opposed to last weekend when I had to use fruit juices. In fact, this week, I did not wait until the weekend to mix up one of my concoctions. I started a bit early on Thursday because I went to Costco and added some fruit to the shopping cart that day. I wound up with a fresh pineapple, and 2 pounds of cherries, to add to what my wife already had at home.

So, for Fruit of the Week - 3.5 Edition, I pitted about 20 cherries (nice dark red Bing type cherries), cut up a nectarine, peeled a couple of bananas and cut up the pineapple. I'd guess that a cup and half to two cups of pineapple went into the blender with two bananas, 20 cherries, a nectarine, half a cup of OJ and 8 or 9 ice cubes. I added 4 ounces of Appleton's Rum and it was exquisite even if the pineapple was on the tart to pretty darned sour side.

Tonight, for Fruit of the Week - 4th Edition, I used up more of the pineapple (and it sweetened over the few days the chunks were in the fridge), a nectarine, a huge plum, about 2/3 a cup of blueberries, and a banana to which I added about 1/2 a cup of Crystal Lite lemonade (the blender will not turn the fruit into a smoothie unless there is some liquid in there first). I also added the squeezings from half a lemon and about 8-9 ice cubes. This was truly excellent by itself but after a taste or three, I added about 4 ounces of potato vodka. Delicious is not good enough a word to describe it.

Wow, I sure have been eating more fruit than usual for me, as of late.

All the best,