Friday, July 26, 2013

So My Son Asked To Borrow A Few Long Arms Tonight...

...and of all the ones we have, which did he just borrow? He took the Winchester model 37 (shotgun), one of our Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles and my Mosin Nagant M44. Now while that is alright with me, someone will have to explain to me why he fuck it is that, of the three he chose to take along, two of them are ones I just got done cleaning a couple of nights ago and the other one was clean, as in spotless, and was all ready to go with me on my trip next week to the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot. Shit, now I have to clean them again once he gets home with them (yes me because I am pretty sure he will conveniently forget to clean them just as he always forgets to do his own dishes). 

I was so stressed out by this that I opened up a bottle of German lager (not really German, that is just the name of one of Kirkland's beers - sold at Costco) and I also ran upstairs and grabbed a chocolate chunk cookie to enjoy with the beer while I calmed myself down. Now, I have to admit, this was less stressful if only because he did not take too much of my ammo; had it been more stressful I would have grabbed two cookies;>).

Since I thought he was only going to take the M44, I offered him 40 rounds of 7.62x54R (non-corrosive just in case he really does not clean them right away). Then he decided to take both it and one of the 91/30s. Regardless of him having two guns that fired said caliber round, he opted to merely take the 40 rounds even though I offered to give him more of it. Smart kid, he values his right shoulder. I don't know how much shotgun ammo he is taking, he said he had enough and did not need any from me. I just reminded him not to shoot slugs through the Winchester and to only use lead gameloads or buckshot in it (no steel). For all I know, he may have also taken his Mossberg shotgun.

Both Brendan and Haylie, his girlfriend, are going up to her parent's place in upstate NY. I guess he has off tomorrow. Too bad he could not have arranged to have next Saturday off instead of this Saturday, that way he could have made the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot; I know he wanted to go badly. Haylie, his girlfriend, also could have come along, she is always welcome in whatever we do. I must admit, he has a winner in her. She loves shooting as much as we do from what I understand but even if she did not she would be first prize for Brendan. She is a nice young lady. It has been my loss that I have never had the opportunity to shoot with her. Well, whatever, this trip is about them not me. I hope they have good safe shooting fun whatever guns they have and  am sure her family has others upstate.

Oh well, I suppose I have more gun cleaning in my near future, unless of course Brendan steps up to his responsibility and gets it done. He may just do that, as I recall, he has done it once or twice before when it came to gun cleaning guns he borrowed from me.

As for me, I have work tomorrow and, on Sunday, I have more gun cleaning lined up, maybe Monday too. I am going to have clean and well lubricated guns with me at the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot if for no other reason than when there last year it rained and our guns got wet. I don't need no stinkin' rust and neither do my firearms.

All the best,
Glenn B

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