Friday, July 26, 2013

The Pitfalls of Socialized Medicine...

...are no better illustrated by the case of the Canadian man who was born blind and after 68 years of blindness is finally able to see because of an operation given to him under socialized medicine in Canada. What was that I just said - am I faulting socialized medicine for performing an operation on this man that allowed him to see the world for the first time in his 68 years of existence? You be I am doing just that.

You see, as reported:

"When Pierre-Paul Thomas was born blind 68 years ago, there was nothing medical science could do for him. Two years ago, the Montreal man fell down a flight of stairs, fracturing facial bones, including those around his eye sockets. During the recuperation process at Montreal General Hospital, plastic surgeon Lucie Lessard asked a casual question: "Do you want us to fix your eyes, too?" Two simple cataract removal operations later, Thomas could see." (Source:

Did you get that, do you understand it. Help to resolve his blindness was not available 68 years ago but all it took were two "simple cataract removal operations" to grant him his sight. You can rest assured that cataract operations have been available for many years of those 68 years that he was blind. Why did no one in the socialist medical system of Canada ever ask him before his recent bone fracture injuries if he wanted to have an operation that would allow him to see. Treatment or lack of it, just like this, is what you can expect under Obama- care. Imagine, it took whatever period of time in those 68 years that they ran the medical system for the government to offer him the cure for his blindness. You see, cataract surgery has been performed since way back in ancient India and has been improved repeatedly up through current times, so it is not like the corrective surgery was unavailable. What a shame it took socialized medicine so long to offer him a cure and his vision.

More of the story here:

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Glenn B said...

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Seriously?! Why not place the blame on the man himself and/or his family and caregivers for not taking personal responsibility for seeking treatment much sooner? If an individual truly wants something, they need to put forth the effort--and at times, it may take a considerable amount of effort. Our society offers each child twelve years of free socialized education, yet not every person chooses to participate and complete their education. Just as we blame the dropouts for not taking advantage of what they're offered, how about blaming this man and his family for not researching and pursuing all options of treatment?!

Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

Are you seriously thinking that this man did not get any prior medical care within in his 68 years of life in Canada? Sure it is possible but not probably by a long shot. Even during after his injury, it was not the E/R doc who asked, it was not the eye doc who asked, it was not a nurse who mentioned it could be done, it was not a GP or intern, nor an orthopedist - it was the plastic surgeon.

REMEMBER: This man and his family were told that his condition was not repairable and he would be blind for life (guess who told him that). You would think, that an ethical doctor would have told him years ago this surgery was available but no they did not and my guess is because they are slaves of socialism and zombies of the Canadian government. Any doctor who treated him had to know he was blind and know his medical history if the doctor was worth even a plugged wooden nickel and not only could have but should have told him there was a simple cure. Amazingly the plastic surgeon had some chutzpah and asked - what a stupid question to need to ask though - don't you think. Any other doctor who has seen this man ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Nothing personal and not directed at you but just thinking of this again makes me have to say: Fuck socialism, fuck socialized medicine and fuck Obama and Obamacare.

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