Saturday, October 20, 2018

I'm Sittin' Here By Meself...

...thinking bout the Mexican food I had earlier at a nice but what I had thought was an imitation Mexican restaurant. Now, I must admit, there was a Mexican guy there, accompanying a singing guitar player, playing a small harp. Got to talking to him a bit and he knew Mexicali, Calexico and El Centro where I spent 4 years of my life - and he traveled to Las Vegas from Chicali as I often did with my buddy (at the time) George W - while and agent in the Border Patrol. So, maybe the restaurant is not all that unauthentic a Mexican joint after all - but I digress.  
Anyway, I am sitting here now surrounded by the warm invisible clouds of wafting aromas emanating from within me. While doing so - and at the same time whilst hoping to destroy the demons brewing hellfire in my bowels - I've been enjoying a couple (so far) of tequila shots (well a few now). I'm also listening to Terrapin Station by the Dead.

Have not sat down with a lemon, a bottle of tequila and the Grateful Dead in way too long. I guess it was the combination of things - the somewhat overdue but eagerly anticipated birthday present I got from my son today (and he sends good ones for sure), that Mexican food I ate earlier & talking to a genuine Mexican and having those demons in my bowels brewing noxious concoctions of brimstone and hellfire - that surely put me in the mood. No salt mind you, it's bad for the blood pressure ,but the rest of it is good for the soul if not all of it for the digestion (anyway the tequila and lemon will help there).

Now someone has to straighten out that these t-shirt designers of today when it comes to what Grateful Dead covers actually looked like but I love the shirt regardless of the artistic license taken with it. After all, it's the thought that counts and the fact of who gave it to me. Thanks my boy - loving it.

All the best,
Glenn B

If You Can Spare A Couple Of Bucks...

...and you don't buy a ticket for the upcoming Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night - you are out of your mind. The prize right now is reportedly 1.6 billion dollars, read again: 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS. Yes, just in case you missed it, that was:


I am going to buy one or three or ten tickets (that is about my limit). I would take care of the family first and foremost; then I might buy a new car, buy a couple of new guns (very expensive ones), travel to a few places and give a bit more than a smidgen to charity should I win. Then I could... A man can dream, can't he!

All the best,
Glenn B