Monday, March 30, 2020

So I Had To Go To Walmart Last Night... pick up some medical stuff I needed right away. Anyway, when I get to Walmart, some guy - standing outside and whom I heard was talking to another guy about tractors - rushes over to me and gets right in my face 💀 his face less than a foot from mine 💀 (I took a fighting stance and almost belted him I really thought he was about to hit me or something along those lines the way he rushed at me) and he blurts out that the store is closing in 9 minutes and I have to get all my purchases to the register before then. Here I have been, trying to be the good citizen, keeping a 6 foot or more distance between myself and others, interacting with people as little as possible, staying home with few exceptions other than taking out Skye for her walks and this asshole is getting right in my face, with a moronic look on his, while giving me the Walmart the store is closing spiel. I complained to the greeter inside, probably to at least some avail because the guy was still at the door outside when I left and I noticed he told a guy walking toward the store that they were closing but did it from a good distance that time. If I come down with Corona, he is going to be the number suspect on my list for having given it to me and number one on my shit list!😡 

Seriously, being I am 64, that crap was a bit concerning. Mind you, only a bit, but the truth is that people have been doing some irresponsible things and others some plain full out crazy and potentially virus spreading shit on purpose. Yesterday, I heard a news report on the radio about an Amazon delivery guy in CA who spit into his hand and then wiped it all over a package he was delivering. The homeowner realized the package was wet and checked his security camera only to see what I just described. Amazon reportedly fired the guy (source). A woman was arrested in PA for alleged terrorist threats after coughing on food in a supermarket, she also reportedly tried to steal a twelve-pack of beer (source). The management there said they had to destroy $35,000.00 worth of food because of her actions. I have heard rumors that some younger folks are hoping to pass the virus onto older folks to kill off the generation or at least that that will be the result of the pandemic! My guess is there are many more examples of things like these being perpetrated by nut-jobs. If shit like this keeps up and the virus keeps spreading - I think someone out there is going to kill, or at least beat senseless, someone they think is a potential and purposeful imminent threat as a vector for passing the virus onto them. I am surprised it has not happened already with the current panic.

Me, I think I will just stay home even though this does not seem anywhere as bad as the flu but when it comes to the flu at least I had the quad-polyvalent inoculation. There aint a thing to prevent COVID-19 except maybe social distancing, handwashing, sanitizers and so forth. I wonder if getting sloshed at home helps. Whatever - just stay healthy.

All the best,
Glenn B