Monday, October 13, 2014

The Sorely Obvious Answer Is: No!

That question was the headline of a Fox news article: "Can All USS Hospitals Safely Treat Ebola?" I think the answer should have been obvious to you long before you even read the article and that answer is a resounding - No!

I think the answer was obvious but I also think that no US hospital can safely treat every case of Ebola. The odds are just against it as can be seen by the two Ebola cases in Dallas already. One was a botched diagnosis that led to an exam and release of the patient. Then, once he was finally admitted and treated for Ebola, what happened but that a nurse who treated him came down with Ebola too. Of course they want to blame it on the nurse, or at least the head of the CDC wants to do so (source), but I blame it on pompous arsehats like him who have that certain affliction that doctors get. You know it don't you? It is what is commonly referred to as he God Syndrome - the one by which doctors think they are infallible and that it is anyone else's fault but their own if a patient succumbs or if a disease spreads.

They may get lucky and beat Ebola but folks, I fear we are in for a bad time with it before it is over and that is especially true as long as we have doctors who know it all but nurses (by the doctors' thinking) who do not. One has to wonder, if the docs know it all, then whose fault is it that they have not properly trained the nurses!

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So What Did I Miss Blogging About - How About The Potential World Record Boner

Besides not blogging for about a week, the past week also had me not paying much attention to the news. Still though, I would have thought that I would have noticed this one because of its potential for being a world record. Reportedly, a 23 year old man in England awoke with what is typical for men in good health - a hard-on. It is usually a sign that things are good for the man both mentally and physically; however, in this case, after several hours of having a boner, the guy figured something was wrong and told his buddy who in essence fell to the floor in laughter. Soon though, they realized it was not a laughing matter. He was treated, some 17 hours later, by doctors who reportedly drew two pints of blood from his throbbing member and also injected it with with erection reducing medications some 24 times. Can you say ouch; the guy said it was pain that was a 10 out of 10. (source)

I can think of other ways I would have tried to tame it other than the ice bath he reportedly tried. A warm water bath to open the flow instead of constricting it with ice comes to mind as does a more pleasurable method involving a willing female. If I had one, I somehow do not think I would have necessarily asked my male roommate for help.

Anyway, I am thinking that a 17 hour boner may well get itself into the Guinness World Records as the longest maintained (time-wise) 

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Glenn  B

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I Know I Haven't Blogged In About A Week

Had nothing last Wednesday since I was getting sick of blogging about Ebola, the Muslims trying to conquer the world (and apparently succeeding for now), U.S. Politics and the hypocrisy of it all, guns (that I can't spare the ammo to shoot much), ammo prices that are still sky high and ammo that is still scarce (no doubt in my mind because of government purchase contracts), the government over taxing us, the tyranny of local, county, state and federal governments, the militarization of police and whatever else it is that I have blogged about in recent months.

I also had to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and was just too pooped when I got home to bother with blogging. On Saturday I think I did nothing except some going though of family photo albums and yesterday I went upstate with my son to scout deer and kill busy-tailed rats. As for that last, he got in a shot at one and saw it fall out of the tree like a ton of bricks but then was not sure which tree (yeah he was pretty sure, as in almost certain, but not quite 100% sure which tree). We searched for it for over half an hour and could not find it nor any blood. He looked more after that too, no luck though. I figure he winged it and it got up and took off for parts unknown. Oh well, at least he got off a shot. He did find a ringneck snake and a red back salamander though. It was only in the low 60s but they were out regardless. Nice looking ringneck snake, good size, going into a shed from the look of it. He checked it out and let it go in the exact spot he found it. Never even picked up the salamander, just gave it a good looking over. He always has been lucky at finding herps, if only some of that would rub off this hunting season for deer all will be well.

Anyway, no sign of deer except some trails. I mean no spoor, no rubs, no hair, no nothing for the most part. Spoke to a bird hunter later on, down where our car was parked, and he said that that particular area was heavily hunted and here were not many deer. I concur after the scant sign we did find (the deer trails). He gave us some clues as to better local spots an I will check them out in the coming weeks.

More blogging to commence tonight or tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B