Thursday, March 2, 2017

An Extremely Bittersweet Day For Me

Today I did something that made me feel just about the saddest I have ever felt. I saw Brendan off as he left home to relocate to Benton, Arkansas. Of course, it was also one of the proudest and happiest moments for me because he has set off on his own out into the world. He did that even though he has no real job prospects and no apartment or house lined up down in Benton. I suppose such is youth, willing to take risks that things will work out and I also suppose why not do it that way. As for why he picked Benton, it's because a good friend of his lives down there and he visited him before and liked it there.

As far as why he has moved; well, besides being sick of living at home and wanting to make it on his own - he was, as am I, sick of New York State, its high cost of living, its extreme liberalism and the over abundance of what amount to tyrannical regulations, restrictions and laws imposed on residents of this state. In essence, he has moved on to what he hopes will be a freer state and one with decent job and living opportunities. Since he has been a truck driver for the past couple or so years, I think he will do just fine in the employment department. As for living accommodations, he will live with a friend of his down that way until he gets his own place. As for transportation he has his car and I am formerly gifting it to him since it is currently registered and titled in my name.

I am hoping, and dare I say even praying (in my own manner), that he will - as Mr. Spock used to say on Star Trek - live long and prosper. To that I will add - in good health and happiness. I miss him dearly already; he was and remains my best buddy.

All the best,
Glenn B