Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did I Piss You Off Or Just Get More Boring Than Usual?

I ask because my readership has fallen pretty drastically over the past two weeks or so. I had been averaging about 110-120 unique visits a day (certainly not a lot but good for my blog). I am down to about 80 a day now. Any suggestions as to which of my interest you would like me to write more about? Please keep it civil if you do make a suggestion.


Raffaele Bendandi - Was He A Seer Of Doom & Gloom

So, back in 1915, the guy supposedly predicts that on May 11, 2011 the planets, stars and whatever else will all be aligned just right causing a major earthquake in Rome, Italy. Today, people in Italy sort of panicked. Parents called in to schools saying their kids would be out today, other people banged in sick at the office (up to 20% of Romes workforce reportedly stayed out of work today), others slept outside or in campers to be away from buildings - all just in case. You see, the last time this guy had predicted an earthquake, that preceded his prediction for today, there was an earthquake where he predicted it but two days late. The thing is though, there is supposedly no proof he actually predicted a quake for today but for some reason people in Rome think he did so. See:

Regardless of whether or not he actually made such a prediction, guess what - no earthquake in Rome today and guess what day is in two days if he really did predict one and it comes late - Friday the 13th. Of course, maybe this time his prediction is not two days off the mark but two countries off the mark. There were two earthquakes in Spain today. They caused scores of injuries, some deaths and structural destruction on a pretty wide scale in the area they hit. Coincidence or did he (or the rumor) hit it just right??? See:

I report, you decide.

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