Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hunting Site Sought

I as seeking permission to hunt on private land during the upcoming squirrel, turkey, deer and bear seasons. Anyone out there have a decent hunting spot available in NY state, southern zone, preferably Broome, Delaware or Chenango Counties? We are willing to try the Finger lakes area and some others also.

Willing to pay a reasonable fee per day/week of hunting for my son and I. We are responsible, law abiding, hunters, do not leave messes, observe your rules, are respectful of landowners and other hunters and so forth. We are serious about firearms' safety too.

I used to hunt my uncle's property near Windsor, NY but he sold out about 7 years ago and we have hunted state without much luck. I am trying to get away from the crowds on state land to a safer and quieter hunting area.

All the best,
Glenn B