Friday, January 22, 2010

Jack Daniels Single Barrel... a nice way to end the day when you feel like a drink after work. I used to drink JD black label (there regular spirits) years ago but I have since matured and mellowed my tastes and now find Irish Whiskey, especially Knappogue Castle Single malt, much more to my liking. That being said and me being in Phoenix, I will add that I haven't had one of my favorites in almost a month now. I simply cannot find it in what pass for liquor stores here in Arizona. These stores have a small to very small liquor selection, a lot of cheap beer and groceries. They are more like a convenience store that sells booze too. I have not been able to find a store specializing in just fine spirits. I am sure they must be here but I don't have a clue as to where to look.

Luckily, I am a Costco member. They have a pretty good selection of liquors and wines. Their selection is better than the 10 or so liquor stores I have visited already. While they did not have Knappogue Castle either, they did have Jack Daniels Single barrel and at a good price. So I picked up a bottle. It ain't bad either. Much more sweet than Irish whisky or even than Scotch, a very oak like taste, with other flavorful input but I'll be darned if I could pick em all out. I don't know if it is worth the extra price over regular Jack D, probably not but it was worth buying just to try it out at least for one bottle's worth.

I'll keep looking for the Knappogue Castle though, it truly is my favorite. If I do not find a source for that, then when the JD runs out, it will be a bottle of Irish of one sort or another. Then again, I may just get another bottle of the Jack Daniels Single Barrel - as I said - it ain't bad!

All the best,
Glenn B